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Junior School

November 1, 2019

Foundation – Year 6 Celebration of Sport Assembly

Our Physical Education teachers Liana Kitsou and Dot Georgiou organised a very entertaining assembly to celebrate sport at Ormiston. A major highlight of the assembly was guest speaker Lauren Brazzale from the Carlton Football Club. Lauren spoke to the school community about her own hard work in achieving her own goals in AFLW. She encouraged our students to always give their very best. During the assembly, students that participated in District, Division and Regional, State and National events in swimming, cross country and athletics throughout the year were recognised for their efforts. Also, students who participated in our own swimming squad programs, swim school, snows sports, tennis, netball and basketball were recognised for their efforts in representing CGGS with Participation Awards.

Participation continues to be a key element of our sporting program and it has been very pleasing to see so many Years 2, 3 and 4 students get involved in more sporting activities this year. The amount of sport and physical activity at Ormiston is at its highest level and students have many opportunities to become fit and healthy with sporting activities available to them.

Ormiston Sports Woman Award of the Year 2019

Each year the above notable award is handed out to student who has contributed extensively to the sporting program at Ormiston during the year and reached a high level of sporting participation either at an individual or team level. This year, Anika Selvaratnam Year 5R was presented with the award. We thank Anika for all her efforts in participating in so many different sports and particularly for her individual efforts in cross country and representing Camberwell Girls Grammar School at the Victorian State and National Championships.

Year 5 & 6 Learning Enrichment – Science Talent Search

This year, 24 students across Years 5 and 6 competed in the Science Talent Search. The Science Talent Search is a National competition which seeks to engage students in Science. Our Year 5 and 6 students chose to explore Science concepts through Experimental Research, Working Models, Creative Writing and Science Photography.

> Fourteen students received Certificates of Merit
> Three students received Certificates of Distinction

The following seven students received Minor Bursaries, which were presented to them at an Awards ceremony at La Trobe University on Monday 28 October:

Alyce Law and Maddie Wood
Experimental Research: Which antiseptic or antibacterial is most effective?

Anneke Cook
Creative Writing: The Dark Side of the Moon

Suwedha Ranjith
Creative Writing: Destination Moon

Rithanyaa Prakash
Science Photography: Leaf Patterns

Amy Cao and Samantha Chua
Science Photography: Clouds

All the students are congratulated for the effort they put into their submissions. Thank you to the Years 5 and 6 teachers for their support as well as Ms Nima Reddy, the Lab Technician in the Senior School who helped with sourcing materials and Ms Belinda Kinnane, Senior School Maths and Science teacher and MakerSpace Coordinator who helped with Science concepts and scientific methods.

Thank you to all the parents who encouraged their child behind the scenes and made sure the students were able to attend the judging day to share their work.


Year 5 Beat the Box Event

Last Thursday, six excited Year 5 students competed in a Beat the Box challenge at Methodist Ladies College with students from five other Boroondara schools. Each team consisted of students from three different schools and the event provided opportunities to develop teamwork, critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Each team was required to solve clues to break into three different locked boxes as well as participate in an engineering challenge and trivia quiz. The main theme for the activity was the life and work of Edward Lear, a poet, musician and artist who is perhaps best known for his limericks and nonsense poems such as The Owl and the Pussycat.

The students were wonderful ambassadors for Camberwell Girls Grammar School, being considerate, creative and collaborative in their endeavours. Two of the girls finished the day in the winning team, however, all our students should be congratulated for their efforts.

Beat The Box Limerick:

Rivya Subramaniyan, Alyce Law, Maddie Wood, Rithanyaa Prakash, Emily Lioe and Anneka Sinnappu

There once were six girls in a car
Who didn’t have to travel afar
They puzzled over a box
Trying to solve all the locks
And were pleased to succeed, HOORAH!

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development & Learning Enrichment Teacher

Year 5R Lettuce Celerybrate Competition – Making Beewax Wraps

On Monday 28 October, 5R students went on an incursion to the science food technology laboratory at Senior School to learn how to make a beewax wraps. We got this opportunity because we were the winners of the Lettuce Celerybrate competition, which is all about encouraging students and their classes to eat vegetables every Wednesday throughout the year.

We learned to make beewax wraps and faced a few challenges along the way. They were sticky wax and hot surfaces. However, Miss Wighton made the lesson safe and friendly learning different tactics about being in a kitchen and cooking skills. We had to put wax on a coloured piece of cloth and heat the cloth so the wax melted and spread evenly. We then had to hold it up to dry, waiting for it to be stiff under our fingertips. We learnt that the wax is environmentally friendly, as is the wrap because it can be composted after it wears out. The session was interesting and exciting and we all ended up with our very own reusable wrap for foods, instead of using foil and cling-wrap! I hope this opportunity comes round again next year as I am ready to bring my vegetables!

Christina Weickhardt
Year 5R

Foundation – Year 6 Tabloid Sports

On Tuesday 29 October we had our annual Tabloid Sports Carnival. It was a very warm day, yet the sun did not stop us all from having so much fun! The carnival included athletic and skill-based activities that saw all students experience a variety of physical games. Well done to all of the students who participated and worked hard to get points for their houses.

A big thank you to all of the staff who supervised each activity and group and thank you also to the parents who came along to support their children.

Here are the final results of the day:

1stPlace: SCHOFIELD – 744 points

2ndPlace: LAWRENCE – 731.5 points

3rdPlace: TAYLOR – 713 points

4thPlace: SINGLETON – 573 points

Liana Kitsou
Junior School Physical Education Teacher

Digital Learning

As we start the month of November, we can look forward to the warmer weather and beautiful blue skies that are a part of the Spring season. It may be that your family’s routines change with evening meals enjoyed outside or perhaps you choose to make the most of the increased daylight hours by heading to the local park. Of course, there are many ways to enjoy the offerings this time of the year which is why it might be timely to consider how your family members are managing their screen time.

RaisingChildren.net.au states that screen time and screen use are a “normal part of life for most children and teenagers” (2019) and yet screen time is the number one concern for Australian parents (eSafetyCommissioner, 2019). Our recent CGGS Digital Wellbeing survey results correlate with these broader findings with screen time being rated as the top concern for our students and families.

Much has been published about screen time recommendations which is indicative of international recognition of the importance of this issue for children, teenagers and adults. The eSafetyCommissioner website at https://www.esafety.gov.auprovides a wealth of strategies for having positive online experiences as part of a balanced lifestyle. In particular, a downloadable resource with 7 screen time tips is available. Whilst it provides the following recommendations for parents of children, these also apply for parents of teenagers:

> Be involved

> Work with your child / teenager to set boundaries for screen use

> Be clear about the consequences for not switching off

> Set device free zones and times at home

> Ask your child / teenager to explain their screen use

> Use tech tools to help manage access (e.g. Screen Timefor iPhone/iPad)

> Lead by example

Visit the eSafetyCommisionerwebsite for further details on each of the above strategies. The guidelines provided by RaisingChildren.net.au complement these strategies as they focus on balancing screen timewith other activities and the use of quality digital media.

The next Digital Wellbeing article will explore the potential benefits from establishing a Family Media Agreement.


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Paul Donohue & Felicity Carroll


Early Learning – Year 6 Service Learning (Nyasha Fundraiser)

On Wednesday 30 October, we had a fundraiser for our sponsored child Nyasha. Each class was asked to sacrifice one item that is often used so that we could develop our empathy skills for children that are learning with less privileges than us. Some of the things that classes gave up were electricity, sitting on the floor, whiteboards, tables, chairs and classrooms. Thank you to all of the students, parents and teachers for supporting this fundraiser and making a difference for Nyasha’s life.

Aliyana Rajakulendran & Sammantha Chua
Junior School Captains


Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

As mentioned in the Junior School Weekly, all ELC – Year 6 students are required to be back at School next Wednesday 6 November. Both Monday 4 November and Tuesday 5 November are student free days with Tuesday being a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup.

I wish all Ormiston families a restful long weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School