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Junior School

September 6, 2019

Year 4 – 6 North Balwyn District Athletics Carnival

On Thursday 5 September, 20 students from Years 4 – 6 represented CGGS at the North Balwyn District Athletics Competition at the Tom Kelly Athletics Track in Doncaster. It was a full day of events with 14 schools competing. It was such a great achievement to be chosen to represent the school and congratulations to all students who made the team this year. Special mention to Christina Weickhardt and Anika Selvaratnam who qualified for the next level at Division. This event will take place next term and we look forward to following their results.

Overall our students showed great enthusiasm when competing and were very proud to represent CGGS. Here were the selected students:

Year 4
Selena Chen
Anthea Vais                           
Allegra Reedman

Year 5
Sofia Giannicos
Selina Guan               
Angel Quah
Madeleine Wood        
Anika Selvaratnam
Anneka Sinnappu
Emily Lioe
Charlotte Hayes
Christina Weickhardt

Year 6
Sarah Zhou                            
Ency Chen     
Samantha Chua
Mia Chapman
Jessica Wu
Monique Desai
Aliyana Rajakulendran
Chloe Liang
Debbie Guan
Amy Cao


Foundation – Year 6 Mountfield Maestros Concert (Music)

I would like to congratulate the students that performed in our annual Mountfield Maestros (Music) concert in the Junior School Hall. It was wonderful to observe so many talented young musicians playing a musical instrument or singing a song. There were so many highlights throughout the concert, congratulations to the following performers:                                     

Chelsea Wang – Piano
Annabelle Zhang – Violin
Emma Adel – Piano
Ellie Li- Violin
Gina Yu – Violin

Year 1
Elfie Fan – Piano
Audrey Nemtsas – Piano
Madeleine Law – Piano
Zoe Raspin – Piano
Angela Lin – Piano
Estella Ouyang – Piano
Irene Li – Piano
Cynthia Li – Piano
Elaine Li – Piano

Year 2
Iris Lu – Piano
Aaratrika Kadam – Piano
Georgia Papadopoulos – Violin
Ellie Zhang – Violin
Kathleen Lin – Piano

Year 3
Genevieve Khaw – Piano
Nicole Zhang – Violin
Alisha Lagana- Violia
Sophie Wong – Flute
Rudra Santhosh – Violin
Mo Lin Yu – Cello
Nina Gan – Piano
Zara The – Piano
Jasmine Xie – Piano
Asha Bhattacharjee – Piano

Year 4
Sophie Peake – Violin
Cosette Tsjin  – Violin
Charlotte Chong – Violin
Emily Foo – Voice
Chloe Lau – Cello
Selena Chen – Piano

Year 5
Madeleine Huynh – Violin
Rithanyaa Prakash – Violin
Raina Gopal – Voice

Year 6
Isabel Chen – Piano
Suwedha Ranjith – Piano
Jasmine Rees- Piano
Deana Tang – Violin
Ency Chen – Piano
Coco Tao – Piano

Thank you to our Junior School Music teachers Nichole Adams and Penny Byrne for all their work in planning and preparing this important event. Also, I would like to thank our two student Music Leaders Ency Chen and Deana Tang for introducing and concluding both events. Finally, I look forward to watching the progress of the above students when performing in front of school audiences in the coming years.


2019 Ormiston Art Show a HUGE SUCCESS!

The 2019 Ormiston Art Show was a spectacular event, as it is every year! When it officially opened, it was cold outside and the rain poured down, yet inside the gallery was full of bright colours and an atmosphere of joy. Students from EL3 to Year 6 were able to showcase a range of artworks, from painting, drawing, printing, collaging, digital art, sewing, weaving, sculpture and ceramics, displayed across the Junior School. There were three collaborative pieces – Seasonal banners of Summer, Autumn and Winter, where students worked together using paints and images in colours to match each season. A hanging sculptural piece, constructed by Years 4, 5 and 6, hung between the walls of the Hall and which gently swayed as students ran underneath it. The most exciting part of the Art Show was the ‘dark room’. It was filled with enormous paintings of insects, painted in glow in the dark paint. The room was lit up with UV lights, making the insects glow. Excited squeals and slightly frightening screams came from the dark room, as students encountered the artwork inside. The students should feel very proud of their achievements and be inspired by the talents of their friends.

Fiona Gibson
Junior School Art Teacher

Foundation – Year 2 Sports Carnival

Last Monday 26 August, the Foundation – Year 2 students competed at the House Sports Carnival. It was such a fun-filled day and a spectacle for all the parents and families who came to support them. The students showcased their athletic skills in many events including shotput, long jump, running, sprints and hurdles, working hard to get points for their House. Well done to all of those who participated!

Liana Kitsou
Junior School Physical Education Teacher

What can you do in ten minutes?

Over the past few weeks through our Digital Wellbeing articles, we have brought you, the parents CGGS, on a journey with ourselves and the students. This journey is to help understand how digital technology is being and can be used in our school community to facilitate optimum learning for all. Recently, we promoted our Digital Wellbeing Survey and we are grateful to those families who have been able to complete this already.

We ask, if you are yet to take this survey, that you spend ten minutes to share information about your and your daughters’ technology use.

Your participation is encouraged as it will help us to develop a deeper understanding of our current community trends, concerns and needs. We are also surveying teachers and students after which point, we will conduct focus groups to help guide future CGGS Digital Wellbeing initiatives. It is our intention to work together as a community to support and encourage the discerning and positive use of technology.

The survey should only take approximately ten minutes to complete and is accessible for all CGGS parents via this link. It will remain open until Friday 13 September.

Felicity Carroll (Digital Literacy Coordinator JS & SS)& Paul Donohue (Head of Junior School)


Year 4 – 6 Netball

The netball season has come to an end, this saw the Ormiston teams compete in a finals series.

The Year 4 teams have learnt many new skills and have developed some tactics they can apply in matches.

The Year 5 Opals played their first semi-final last Saturday, CGGS came out very strong and scored the first 3 goals of the match. Genazzano came back and defeated CGGS by only 2 goals.

The Year 5 Jets are now playing off in the Bronze 5A division Grand Final this coming weekend, Jets have been working very hard and are wanting to take home the trophy.

A highlight throughout the season for the Year 6 Topaz team, was winning 3 matches in a row, the CGGS team was on a role and unstoppable.

Congratulations goes to all netballers on a terrific Winter Season.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach

Next Friday 13 September, Term 3 concludes for all students. I wish all Ormiston families a restful three-week holiday. I look forward to welcoming students and families back on Monday 7 October.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School