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Junior School

August 9, 2019

Year 1 – 6 Student Leadership Assembly

I would like to congratulate the students below who were awarded student leadership positions for Semester Two. Congratulations to our Year 6R students who are finishing their time at Ormiston being school leaders. The Junior School staff and I look forward to working with each student throughout Semester Two.

The Year 6R leadership roles are as follows:

Leadership Positions                        

Chloe Liang & Debbie Guan

Assembly and Events
Isabel Sootoh & Sabrina Bignold

Phien Nguyen & Monique Desai

Sarah Zhou (Lawrence)
Yu Jiang (Taylor)
Jaslyn Chao (Singleton)
Coco Tao (Schofield)

Deana Tang & Ency Chen

School Captains
Samantha Chua & Aliyana Rajakulendran

Jasmine Rees & Anh Pham

Sarah May & Hanna Wang

Mia Van Damme & Ruby Tu

Year 1 – 6 Ormiston School Council

Congratulations to the following students who were voted by their peers to represent their class at Student Council in Semester Two.                                     

Year 1G
Estella Ouyang

Year 1J
Zoe Raspin

Year 2Z
Sienna Jack

Year 2S
Amelia Adel

Year 3C
Jasmine Xie

Year 3L
Zara Teh

Year 4H
Emily Foo

Year 4G
Annabelle Nemtsas

Year 5D/K
Madeleine Wood

Year 5R
Christina Weickhardt

School Captains
Ailyana Rajakulendran & Samantha Chua

Year 1 – 6 Sustainability Squad

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to represent their class as part of the Sustainability Squad for Semester Two.

Year 1G
Connie Yuan

Year 1J
Annabelle Teh

Year 2Z
Ellie Zhang

Year 2S
Sophie-May Ronzani

Year 3C
Rita Wong

Year 3L
Alisha Lagana

Year 4H
Charlie Russo

Year 4G
Sarah Lu

Year 5D/K
Abbey Marcou

Year 5R
Emily Lioe

Sustainability Leaders        
Mia Van Damme & Ruby Tu


All Girls Chess Tournament

Recently, our annual All Girls Chess Tournament took place in the Junior School Hall with many Government and independent schools from across Melbourne in attendance.

Throughout the day, over 80 participants took part in the competition. Congratulations to the thirteen students that represented CGGS on the day. These students represented the school superbly and were all wonderful ambassadors for Ormiston. A special mention must go to Lucy Ciro, Christine Moi and Jessica Wong for receiving medals for being the top three performers for CGGS. The students who participated were:

Lucy Ciro

Ency Chen

Usha Nadarajah

Charlotte Chong

Selena Chen

Preesha Navaneetharaja

Zara Teh

Jessica Wong

Chrstine Moi

Irene Li

Ivy Xie

Cynthia Li

Estella Ouyang


Early Learning 3 & 4 – Afro Beat Drumming Workshop

Within our Early Learning community, we plan experiences and provide resources that broaden the children’s perspectives and encourage an appreciation of diversity. Last week, the Early Learning children participated in an African Drumming Workshop with Bouba. This was a hands-on interactive workshop in which the children had their own drum and Bouba taught them techniques to create different rhythms and sounds with their hands and fingers.

During the workshop the children discovered the importance of working together as a group as they cooperated to create specific sounds with Bouba. This involved their aural and visual skills as they discovered how to listen to and respond to Bouba by repeating specific sounds and rhythms on their own drum. This required an ability to observe, listen to and process information.

Throughout the workshop the children also developed skills related to coordination. They were required to use either their left or right hand or both hands at the same time to create sounds on their drum and the drum of the person sitting next to them. This was challenging and involved concentration and skill.

This was a highly energetic, fun and engaging workshop that was enjoyed by the children, teachers and parents. It was positive to see how the children enthusiastically participated and demonstrated their ability to be confident and involved learners. The workshop provided time for the children to engage in physical activity that impacted positively on their health and wellbeing – a time to be ‘present and in the moment’ so they could create and feel the music and respond to this through dance and movements of their body.

This experience provided another opportunity for our Early Learning children and teachers to come together and engage in shared learning. It is also through these types of experiences that we continue to create a sense of belonging and community as we build connections between children and teachers across the EL3 and EL4 classrooms.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning Team Leader

Foundation 100 Days of School!

Last Thursday the Foundation students and teachers celebrated 100 Days of Foundation for 2019! Everyone enjoyed dressing up as though they were 100 years old! They participated in many activities throughout the day to do with the number 100. A highlight for the students was the ‘100 Party’ as they got to select 100 small items of food to eat. It was a great day and a lovely way to reflect on the growth in the students’ learning during their first 100 days of school.

‘Dressing up was fun!’– Annabelle

‘I am 100 days smarter at Maths because I can do counting in 10s’– Alis

‘I really liked eating the party food!’– Cathy

‘We wrote about being 100 years old. I thought I might have a walking stick and grey hair.’– Aurelia

Selena Reedman & Mikaela Stanaway
Foundation Class Teachers

Year 2’s Visit Como House

This week the Year 2 students visited Como House as part of their unit of inquiry into the past. We have been investigating the question: ‘How can looking at the past help us to understand the present?’

We toured the Armytage Mansion and saw many original artefacts in the dining room, the drawing room and the bedrooms. We followed the Mystery Trail to discover who broke Laura’s porcelain doll during her birthday party. We learnt about the life of the servants; experiencing life in the laundry and the kitchen. We also played 19thcentury games such as Hot Potato, croquet and Drop the Hankie.

The students, teachers and parent helpers all embraced the spirit of the day and dressed up: some choosing to be young ladies or servants.

It was a truly wonderful experience and has added greatly to our understanding of life in the past.

Fiorella Soci & Ellie Zafarty
Year 2 Class Teachers

Year 3 Excursion – Eureka Tower & City of Melbourne

This term Year 3 are exploring the question, “What natural and human characteristics make Australia unique?” To enhance the students’ knowledge of local natural and manmade landmarks in the city of Melbourne, they took part in an excursion to the Eureka Tower. The students were educated about the features of the Eureka Tower and then participated in activities on Level 88 at the Eureka Skydeck, where they identified a number of prominent Melbourne landmarks. All the students braved the blustery and chilly conditions and stepped outside on to the Terrace where they gained a new appreciation for wild and windy weather! The students enjoyed looking at Melbourne’s features from a bird’s eye perspective, then they walked along the Yarra River making comparisons at ground level.

During the excursion the students learnt some fascinating facts about the Eureka Tower:

> It has 92 levels

> It took over 4 years and 2 months to build and cost $500 million dollars

> There are 1500 residents who live in the Tower and there are approximately 500 apartments

> It is 297.3m tall

> On a windy day the Eureka Tower can sway up to 30cm each way, so the glass windows do not break

> It takes 38 seconds to get to the 88thfloor (Eureka Skydeck)

> If it’s hit by lightning, you won’t know as there’s a conductor and the lightning goes into the ground

> On the top 10 floors some windows are tinted with 24 karat gold

> There are two floors that have enormous water tanks to help with the swaying of the building

The students were eager to share their thoughts on the day:

Tiffany- “I liked how we could see all of Melbourne because I now know how a bird would see Melbourne! “

Rita – “I liked how when I went up the Eureka Tower, I wasn’t so scared because normally I don’t like heights. It was interesting because I didn’t know many places in Melbourne, and I could see the landmarks through binoculars.”

Maddy M – “I liked how we got to do a fun activity where we had a sheet and you had to look through view finders and spot the labelled landmarks.”

Asha – “I enjoyed going up really high and seeing all of Melbourne and I really enjoyed going to the Terrace because it was funny seeing everyone’s hair blow in the wind!”

Jessica – “I liked having the experience of going on an elevator that went really fast and made my ears feel funny. I also liked going to the city because it was really busy, and I liked seeing the Yarra River ferries and the Spirit of Tasmania at Station Pier. All in all, I loved the experience of being high in the sky!”

Maddie – “I liked the excursion because we got to look out of many windows from a high level and I got to look through view finders. My favourite landmark was Flinders Street Station because I have been there before, and it looks cool.”

Christine – “I liked today because I got to experience a place that I have never been to before and I also got to see many views and learned many new landmarks such as the Queen Victoria Market, Flinders Street Station and St. Paul’s Cathedral. I was also happy because I got to go out on the Terrace and see how that glass on The Edge slid out and went back in. I’d like do it with my family.”

Elise – “It was fun to go on the balcony area because I was really scared of heights, but it was so fun and I wanted to do it fifty times!”

Aekam – “I liked the activity where we looked through the viewfinders because it was fun to find them using the viewfinder and was really interesting finding landmarks.”

Preesha – “I liked driving to the city as we got to see some landmarks, and when we were walking back we got to recap what we had seen.”

Sophie – “I like going in the lift because it went so quickly and wasn’t like a lift in a shopping centre. I turned my back for a moment and then we were at Level 56!”

Jasmine – “I liked the walk to Federation Square and I liked looking at the buildings. I also liked working with my buddy discovering distances from one place to another.”

The dreary day didn’t dampen the students’ enthusiasm and they thoroughly enjoyed learning about features of Victoria’s capital city.

Angela Columbine & Rebecca Leondidis
Year 3 Class Teachers

Year 6 National Virtual Debate

This week the Year 6 students on the 2019 National Virtual Debating team participated in their fourth round debate. Each round has presented the students with a new challenge and this debate was no exception. The students had to consider their arguments for the topic: ‘That film classification should be removed.’

Cate Mead, Suwedha Ranjith , Sarah Zhou and Aliyana Rajakulandran faced the very strong Taree Christian College team from NSW. Both sides of the arguments were hotly contested. The Ormiston team presented strong rebuttals against Taree’s argument. They acted on the feedback given to them in previous debates about the importance of providing evidence to support their viewpoints. The strength of these rebuttals gave the girls their third consecutive win.

The student’s success in this competition is a result of the collaborative effort of the students. They have worked diligently to research topics and they have consistently written and delivered high quality speeches. We congratulate the team on their outstanding achievement in the National Virtual Debating Competition and we wish them well in the fifth round.

Nancy Robottom
Year 6 Class Teacher

Digital Wellbeing Article #3
Ring, Ring… does anyone ever call anymore?

The ABC conducted a survey about smartphone use as part of the 2017 Australian National Science Week and its results may or may not surprise you, depending upon your age!

Dr Kathy Modecki from Griffith University, states that “the way individuals are interacting with their smartphones across the day, and in their lives and relationships, is very, very different by age cohort” (2017). The younger you are, the more likely you are to use your smartphone as a “mini-computer”. It appears that using it for actual telephone calls and even texting is perhaps old fashioned, with these uses being favoured by the older members of our society. You might like to take a closer look at your family members’ smartphone usage to see how it compares with the survey’s findings.

It is not unusual to want to know what is considered to be the ‘right age’ to give a child or teenager their own smartphone. Whilst the trend is for smartphones to be adopted at an increasingly younger age, unlike driving a motor vehicle, there are no laws or even rules to follow. Having said that, the following guidelines from raisingchildren.net.org on promoting safe, responsible and enjoyable smartphone use may be of assistance to your family.

> Discuss and aim to agree on what responsible and respectful smartphone use looks like for your family, for example, valuing other family members by putting down smartphones when talking to each other.

> Value the importance of sleep by keeping smartphones out of bedrooms either all the time or at an agreed upon time, for example, an hour before children and adults’ bedtimes.

> Role model positive behaviour, for example, not using smartphones during family meal times.

> Find ways to share how different family members are using their smartphones, for example, listening to new music, editing photos, discussing newsfeed items etc.

You may wish to view these and other guidelines including safety, security and managing data costs at raisingchildren.org.au.


ABC. (2017). Smartphone survey: the fascinating differences in the way we use our phones. Retrieved from https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2017-10-13/smartphone-survey-results-show-fascinating-differences-in-usage/9042184

RaisingChildren.net.au. (2019). Responsible mobile phone use for children and teenagers. Retrieved from https://raisingchildren.net.au/pre-teens/entertainment-technology/digital-life/responsible-phone-use

Felicity Carroll (Digital Literacy Coordinator JS & SS) & Paul Donohue (Head of Junior School)


I wish all Ormiston families a restful weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School