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Foundation – Year 6 Choral and Instrumental Concert

Last night, every student from Foundation to Year 6 had the opportunity to participate in our Semester One Choral and Instrumental Concert. It was a wonderful opportunity for our 208 students to perform on a large stage in front of hundreds of people from our school community.

This year the Ormiston Music Program continues to go from strength-to-strength. We currently have 95 students from Foundation – Year 6 participating in private music tuition, this equates to 45% of our students. Over one third of these students learn either a second instrument or participate in our popular Speech & Drama program with Kath Buckingham or Lucy Mason. This is an outstanding achievement and we appreciate the ongoing support from our Ormiston families.

I would like to thank all our private music tuition teachers, the Year 2 Super Strings and the Concert Band teachers for all their work in preparing their students for this biannual event. I would also like to thank and acknowledge our Junior School Music teachers, Nichole Adams and Penny Byrne for their outstanding work in organising the successful evening. We look forward to the Semester Two concert towards the end of the year.


Early Learning 4 – Year 6 Speech and Drama Mountfield Maestros

Congratulations to the following students who participated in our Semester One Mountfield Maestros Speech and Drama event.

Aarna Sharma

Year 1
Claire Zhang, Estella Ouyang, Lucinda Reedman, Audrey Nemtsas, Amelia Gu, Serena Hu, Zoe Raspin, Madeleine Law, Elaine Li, Angela Lin

Year 2
Ailey Poon, Shreya Swaminathan, Chloe Zhang

Year 3
Erena Zhu, Rita Wong, Nina Gan, Tiffany Lau

Year 4
Sophie Peake, Elise Orme, Melody Hu, Elsa Cao, Chloe Lau, Allegra Reedman, Sarah Lu, Ashanti Rajakulendran, Isla Stronell, Annabelle Nemtsas, Charlotte Chong

Year 5
Anneka Sinnappu, Vrinda Dhir, Yasmin Taghdir, Charlotte Hayes, Sharon Tjioe, Larissa Ma, Grace Wan, Sharvi Bansal

Year 6
Cate Mead, Anneke Cook, Sarah May, Aliyana Rajakulendran, Hanna Wang, Sarah Zhou

I would like to thank Lucy Mason and Kath Buckingham our Junior School Speech and Drama teachers for organising a very entertaining event for our School community.


Winter Warmth Appeal

Every year, one of Ormiston’s major Service Learning projects is the Winter Warmth Appeal. Over the past three weeks, students have been bringing to school products that can help families that are struggling at this time of year. This week, at our Junior School Assembly we celebrated The Winter Warmth Appeal. In the Junior School Hall, we had four tables set up, and one by one, classes placed their final items on the tables. It was wonderful to see so many students getting into the spirit of helping others!

I strongly believe that together we can help people in need. When we get hungry, we can easily just go to our pantry and get some food, however for people living in poverty or homelessness, it is very different. The Winter Warmth Appeal is about helping people that are going through a hard time.

I would like to thank the Ormiston Student Council, Miss Kalus and Mr Goodwin for all their work in planning and organising the Winter Warmth Appeal and all our wonderful families who donated items such as boxes of cereal, rice, noodles, nappies and tinned food to name a few.

Year 4 History Learning Exhibition

This term Year 4 have been inquiring into how our perspective influences our ideas about Australia’s past. During the elaboration phase of the inquiry, students worked independently to research an aspect of the settlement of Australia that interested them, linked to Convict Life, Aboriginal Australians, Environmental Impact or Notable Figures. They then had to decide how to create an interactive exhibit to share their learning with the school and parent community. It was fantastic to see so many of our families immerse themselves in the interactive displays and discuss key concepts with students. All students put a lot of effort in to creating an amazing range of exhibit elements that were highly engaging and informative. Some of the elements created by students included:

> Animations
> E-books
> Videos
> Quizzes
> Models/dioramas
> Games and chatterboxes

Some student reflections on the experience were:

I enjoyed how the parents came along and looked at our work and we got the chance to share our learning with others.– Melody

It was great how the teachers tried to challenge us to share our learning without being there, it made us think and use our time wisely.– Scarlett

I really liked how we were pushed out of our comfort zone by presenting to parents we wouldn’t normally see at school or in the classroom– Natasha C

I liked how we were given feedback on our stall because it made us think how to improve next time.– Elsa

I really enjoyed creating all the different elements for my display because it tied art into our inquiry topic– Elise

Everyone put in a lot of effort and it was interesting looking at all the different ideas and what everyone learnt.  – Allegra

Emma Hinchliffe & Jasvindar Gill
Year 4 Class Teachers

The Ormiston Library – Scholastic Book Club

I would like to inform the school community that the Junior School has raised $1,462 for our Library through supporting the Scholastics Book Club. Ms Yeomans is ready to order some wonderful resources for students and staff. I would like to thank Anne Devenish and Catherine Daniel for introducing and organising this popular Book Club.


Eastern Metropolitan (Regional) Cross Country Championships

Two weeks ago we had Anika Selvaratnam of Year 5 compete in the Regional Cross Country Championships in Yarra Glen. She ran a very strategic race and came in first place in front of many elite runners from the Eastern region. Anika has now qualified for the State Cross Country Championships where she will compete against the best runners in the state. We are all very excited for Anika and we wish her all the best for this race which will take place early in Term 3.

Eastern Metropolitan (Regional) Cross Country Championships

Two weeks ago we had Anika Selvaratnam of Year 5 compete in the Regional Cross Country Championships in Yarra Glen. She ran a very strategic race and came in first place in front of many elite runners from the Eastern region. Anika has now qualified for the State Cross Country Championships where she will compete against the best runners in the state. We are all very excited for Anika and we wish her all the best for this race which will take place early in Term 3.

Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6 Basketball – Hoop Time

In Term 3, Camberwell Girls Grammar School will be participating in the Hoop Time Competition. Hoop Time is a developmental program that brings together students from across Victoria for a fun, single-day round robin basketball tournament with qualified referees. It is not only a great opportunity for those with existing skill to showcase and act as role models to their peers, but also for those who are new to the game to learn and develop their skills.

Hoop Time trials were conducted over the last few weeks, with our Year 3/4 team being selected and our Year 5/6 team to be announced next term.

It was wonderful to see so many students try out for the teams. With such a successful turn out, we will be entering more teams in 2020.

Congratulations to the students who were selected for the team and will go on to represent the school.

For more information about this tournament, please visit the website below:


Liana Kitsou
Junior School PE Teacher


Year 4 – 6 Netball

The CGGS Netball teams are half way through the Winter Competition.

The Year 4 teams have had many great wins and a few loses, both CGGS teams are still learning many skills and are improving each week.

The Year 5 Jets have come across some tough opposition, but have been working hard on improving their endurance and consistency for the full four quarters. The Year 5 Opals have had very close games, last Saturday the Opals went down by only one goal against MLC Silver.

Year 6 Topaz are working their way back up the ladder, the CGGS team have won the last two games and kept MLC Kestrels scoreless in Round 10.

Congratulations to all Netball teams on their efforts throughout the first half of the Season.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach

Digital Wellbeing: Ages, Stages and Statistics

There has been a lot of Australian and International media coverage about the changing role of technology within today’s society. This series of articles will explore these changes and their potential impact on our digital wellbeing throughout different life stages. Importantly, we recognise the interrelationship between emerging technologies and our behaviours as technology users.

This week we begin by examining usage trends and guidelines for the youngest members of our CGGS community, pre-school children. The ubiquitous nature of technology means its use by young children has been normalised. You may be surprised by the results of a 2017 poll that shows 36% of Australian pre-schoolers have their ownmobile touch screen device (Rhodes, 2017). We will be able to see how this statistic compares with that of our own community when we undertake upcoming CGGS surveys.

It is widely recommended that children younger than two years be discouraged from using devices other than for video chat, for example using Facetime to connect with family members overseas (Raising Children, 2019).Whilst there is limited research on technology use for pre-schoolers, there is consensus that they may benefit from:

> using the device with their parents, thereby encouraging social interactions

> creating and interacting with content rather than the sedentary consumption of content such as videos

Dr Kristy Goodwin advocates that parents become pilots of the digital plane at this early stage and during later stages of technology use (2017). Piloting strategies and a discussion of screen-time guidelines will be presented in future articles as we explore ways to balance and promote quality technology usage for different ages and life stages.

Guidelines provided within this series have been drawn from a range of authoritative sources, including those listed below:

> Office of the eSafety Commissioner, an Australian government resource

> The Australian Communication and Media authority, Australian government resource

> Raising Children, an Australian resource supported by the Australian government Department of Social Services

> Common Sense Media, an American leading non-profit organisation

> Family Insights Knowledge Centre, an Australian company in partnership with the research body, Telethon Kids Institute

> ThinkUKnow, an Australian website provided by the Australian Federal Police and assorted partnerships


> RaisingChildren.net.au. (2019). Screentime: babies and toddlers. Retrieved from https://raisingchildren.net.au/babies/play-learning/media-technology/healthy-screen-time-0-2-years

> Goodwin, K. (2016). Raising your child in a digital world. Finch: Lane Cove.

> Rhodes, A. (2017). Screen time and kids: What’s happening in our homes. Detailed report. Melbourne (VIC): The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Felicity Carroll (Digital Literacy Coordinator) & Paul Donohue (Head of Junior School)


I wish all Ormiston families a restful school holiday and I look forward to seeing all students back in Term 3 on Tuesday 16 July. I ask parents to please remember that Monday 15 July is a Staff Professional Learning Day with no students.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School