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Foundation – Year 6 Assembly – Setting Goals
Last year, a change to our Student Reports lead to the introduction of Learning Goals for both Literacy and Numeracy. Many parents approached me to communicate that they liked these goals and that they gave them some important information in regards to their child’s future learning.

During our last Junior School Assembly, the focus was on setting goals and students had the opportunity to discuss possible learning areas they could set goals in. For example, some areas included stretching your brain, thinking outside the box, resilience, teamwork, maths, painting in art, handwriting, manners and time management. A small group of students set one learning goal each at assembly and we will be revisiting these goals again towards the end of this term.


Year 6 Learning Exhibition – “How can we use energy in a sustainable way?”

On Friday 3 May, the Year 6 students shared their ideas about how to tackle this question and issue. Students presented their own models that either showed something using energy more sustainably or something that used a more sustainable source of energy. The school community as well as the Year 6 families saw how the initial plan of their designs were often different to their final working model. A key part in each Year 6 student’s process was talking to a range of peers and getting constructive feedback on their designs. Classmates often found something they hadn’t considered or questioned something they hadn’t given much thought. Students then explored different ways they could solve some of these potential challenges and factored this into their design.

What was clearly evident in this learning exhibition was the jumbled nature and process of learning. Learning is not linear. Learning is made up of making attempts and also and also failing.  It’s about having the courage to try again. It’s about reflecting on why something’s not working or why something did work and it’s about persevering. At each learning station, our school community got to witness things that worked well and things that didn’t work as well as the Year 6s had hoped.

However, ultimately, we hope that the showcase made you think about how we are currently using energy in today’s world and whether this is, indeed, sustainable. We know that sustainability will only be an increasing topic of discussion over the next few years and decades. As a Year 6 cohort, this is something we feel really strongly about and we hope that you were prompted to reconsider our role in it. We hope you act to make better choices – whether it’s involving energy, waste or water – to make our world a more sustainable place. Let’s be the change and encourage others to live more sustainable lifestyles.

Below are some student reflections from our unit:

“The Learning Exhibition was really fun because people who visited listened to what you said and gave feedback on it. I learnt to persevere because there were lots of mistakes that were made in our design process but we still persisted and made it kind of work.”– Mut

“From the Inquiry Unit, I learnt that it is not just about being green. It is about being sustainable. For example, this means not wasting energy and materials.”– Lucy

“I enjoyed learning about the environment and the different ways to be sustainable in terms of energy use because it is definitely a recent issue. Learning about the different ways we can make energy and use it sustainably is really helpful and interesting.”– Anneke

“Something I found challenging was trying to get everything to work and making the circuits and finding how much energy was required. I sort of realised that solar panels do not give enough energy for what we are consuming and that during a lot of the days, there was no sun which made it hard for my model to work.”– Monique

“I think that during the experience of our Inquiry project, Jenny and my friendship grew closer because whatever Jenny felt, we kind of had to do it together. It was a team effort. When something didn’t go well, we had to change it together and I also think that Jenny and I – our ideas matched. For example, our game where you had to throw a ball to ask questions was a big hit for the younger children. I also think some of our Tic Tac Toes we chose to present were great for people who came. We found that people liked the interactive items.”– Deana

“What I found challenging was doing the Diamond 9 justification before we knew all of this information about the different energy sources because we didn’t know much information about it. So it’s hard to understand what every single one of the energy sources did. After I learnt more about it, it might still be a little hard because all have good advantages and disadvantages, but now that I know more, it would be slightly easier to do than before.”– Yu

Katrina Cheong
Year 6 Classroom Teacher

Year 5 – Mars Colony Gallery

Last week, Year 5 inundated The Great Space with their Mars Colony creations. During Term 1, the students’ inquiry topic was ‘What is Our Place in Space?’ where they investigated and obtained a plethora of information about the planet Mars. This included key physical features of the planet, atmosphere, temperature, weather, communication between Mars Space Station and Earth’s Mission Control and many other things. The students used their knowledge of Mars to create a human settlement that would meet the following conditions:

> Keep humans alive with access to food, water and air

> Provide shelter from extreme temperatures

> Support human health with access to medical services and exercise

> Support human happiness with solutions for loneliness, homesickness and boredom

We were fortunate to be able to work in the Maker Space at Senior School and access a range of materials to create the models. The students worked collaboratively to create their prototypes and used a range of materials including cardboard, plasticine, foam, wooden corks, wooden blocks, plastic sheets, duct tape, metal buttons and icypole sticks. We were incredibly impressed by the students deep-thinking, creativity, teamwork skills and time -management.

Foundation Excursion to Healesville Sanctuary

This term the Foundation students have been focusing on ‘Living Things’ within our Inquiry unit. The students went to Healesville Sanctuary to explore different living things and their habitats. We were accompanied by Murrundindi, who was able to take us through many fun and exciting exhibits. The Foundation students especially loved looking at the Bilbies in their dark environment and Koalas in their gum trees. A big thank you to Murrundindi and our two wonderful parent helpers on the day!

“I liked seeing the Platypus at the show”– Emma Zhang

“Murrundindi showed us special lemon myrtle leaves”– Gina Yu

“I liked seeing the Kangaroos”– Lucy Wang

“Murrundindi got us to sit inside the mega monster egg”– Faye Liu

“We learnt that extinct means that they all died”– Cathy Gu

“It was interesting that Koala’s sleep for a long time”– Aarna Sharma

“I liked seeing the Koalas and learning what they eat”– Audrey Cheung

Mikaela Stanaway & Selena Reedman
Foundation Class Teachers

Year 2 Excursion – Hedley Sutton Residential Aged Care Centre

Last Monday, the Year 2 students embarked on their first visit to Hedley Sutton, a residential aged care community in Camberwell. This visits form part of our program to teach students about service to others. The students planned and prepared their conversation starters as a way to introduce themselves to their new buddies. A favourite story book was also chosen to read to and with them.

Many conversations were evident between the students and their new friends during our visit. The students were extremely excited about this event.

We are very proud of the respectful and engaged manner in which they presented themselves and we are looking forward to our next visit.

Fiorella Soci
Year 2 Class Teacher

Junior School Library – Books borrowed on the increase!

We are delighted to report that our loan statistics in the JS Library have jumped to over 6,300 books per term, an increase of 18%.

This is a timely reminder of the importance of reading and the benefits for children and adults alike.

Research tells us that reading is so important for the brain and also for wellbeing.

The process of reading activates the brain’s major domains – language, selective attention, sustained attention, cognition and imagination.

Reading helps us take the perspective of different characters we normally wouldn’t interact with and gives us a sense of their psychological experiences and how they interact with other people and situations.

Reading improves our vocabulary, spelling and grammar, its helps us describe our experiences and emotions to others in a clear way.

And then of course there is the joy of reading and sharing the experience with each other – a beautiful family time and a break from technology!

CGGS Library Staff


Year 3 Chapel Prayer

Dear Loving God,

Thank you for the opportunity to have scrumptious food on our table and the chance to share it with special friends and family. These gatherings and times together are precious, and they make us feel loved, joyful and grateful.

We realise that many people around the globe do not have the chance to share a hot, healthy meal with loved ones. We pray that their lives may soon change for the better and that they know that someone loves them, and they feel loved.

We hope that in the future we can continue to share meals and special occasions with our loved ones and be thankful for the time we have with them.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord,


By Eleanor Robertson and Jasmine Xie of Year 3C


Year 4 – 6 Netball

The Year 4 netball teams have played against some tough teams but are working hard to improve their skills each week. CGGS Garnets played well last Friday afterschool, but Ruyton Rams hardly missed a goal. CGGS Rubies had a very close game against MLC Black, the team took many opportunities but drew to MLC.

Last Saturday, Year 5 Opals went down to Genazzano Price 5-8, the CGGS team played well together but Genazzano were too good in the last quarter. Year 5 Jets were up against tough opposition, Jets got some goals on the scoreboard and turned the ball over but Ruyton Reindeers were too strong.

The Year 6 Topaz team got off to a fantastic start last Saturday, the CGGS team were strong in defence, keeping Strathcona Skyhawks scoreless. Topaz defeated Strathcona 12-0.

Good luck to all teams competing this weekend.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach


I would like to wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School