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Welcome back!

It has been a very exciting start to Term 2. We have had four new students commence and these students have settled in very well this week. The students are:

> Aurora D’Assisi, Early Learning 4

> Ruth Whelan, Year 2S

> Yasmine Lintott, Year 2S

> Christelle Chin, Year 3C

A highlight of our first full week back at Ormiston was our weekly assembly with Year 3 running assembly and sharing important information about ANZAC Day. This was a wonderful way to conclude their Term 1 Unit of Inquiry titled ‘Why Do People Celebrate and Commemorate Significant Events?’ I would like to thank both the class teachers Mrs Columbine and Miss Leondidis and the Year 3 students for all their hard work in presenting such an informative and reflective assembly.

Additionally, there have been a number of other highlights throughout the week. Today our Foundation students travelled to Healesville Sanctuary to work alongside our school friend and Tribal Leader of the Wurundjeri people, Murrundindi, to learn more about our beautiful native Australian animals.

Tonight, we are looking forward to the Year 6 Learning Exhibition where the students will be able to showcase their Unit of Inquiry learning from Term 1. Students will discuss with family and friends the project they completed in relation to their Unit titled, How Can Our Knowledge of Energy Sources Help to Create a More Sustainable Future?’


We found a turtle in the playground!

Last Friday at lunchtime, Shreya Swaminathan of Year 2S found a small turtle in our school playground. It was found next to the cubby house! Its shell had a diameter of 13cm and after doing a considerable amount of research, came to the conclusion that it was a Fresh Water Turtle.

However, after further investigation, they thought it was actually an Eastern Long-Neck Turtle. The students also felt that it was a male because:

> The turtle had an olive-green shell colour.

> It had a distinctive flattened edge around the outside of its shell.

> It had a cream underside with black lines that show the thirteen segments

> The turtle had webbing in between the toes

The Year 4 students thought the turtle could be at our school because, Eastern Long-Necked Turtles live in the Eastern part of Australia. This includes Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Additionally, these types of turtles eat fish, frogs, tadpoles and crayfish as they can tear creatures apart with their claws.

We are pleased to report that this turtle was taken to a local vet and later collected by Wildlife Victoria to be returned its natural habitat.

Inquiry Learning  

A key focus of teacher professional learning at Junior School this year has been expanding and refining our inquiry learning pedagogy. Each year level participates in different shared inquires across the year. These inquiries are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and integrate Humanities, Technologies and Science skills and understandings with literacy and numeracy, and personal, social and thinking skills. Each inquiry is planned using a guided inquiry approach to learning. The approach of inquiry learning we are using at Ormiston is the CGGS Shared Guided Inquiry Framework.

We have developed this framework to encompass key aspects that include the Inquiry Cycle, The 5Es, Design Thinking and the Guided Inquiry Framework. As students are supported through each inquiry, they complete tasks that help them to deepen their knowledge, skills and understandings.

The guided inquiry in each year level is structured to enable students to:

Engage – connect with the focus of the learning and develop their wonderings

Explore – explore concepts and ideas linked to the inquiry questions

Explain – articulate their understandings clearly for themselves and others

Elaborate – explore their own wonderings and ideas linked to the key inquiry question

Evaluate – students reflect on their learning growth and the process of inquiry

Enact – students use the knowledge and skills gained in the inquiry to take action and help inform the wider community

Enacting knowledge is a vital component of any inquiry as this ensures that the learning that has come before it is purposeful to students’ lives. We have had many rich examples of students enacting their learning from Term 1, and these included:

> Year 2 created information posters to display around the school about how to keep healthy

> Year 3 designed and presented an ANZAC memorial assembly to the whole Junior School community

> Year 5 designed their own models of possible Mars Colonies that will be presented as a gallery for the school community

> Year 6 are hosting an innovation evening tonight to showcase how we can use sustainable energy

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School (Teaching and Learning)


Year 3 ANZAC Memorable Assembly

This week, Year 3 concluded their Inquiry investigation which focused on celebrations and commemorations by hosting a commemorative ANZAC Day assembly. The students were given the opportunity to apply their knowledge by researching and compiling information about the significance, history and symbols associated with ANZAC Day. The assembly provided a wonderful opportunity for the students to share their knowledge with a broader community and develop their oral language and presentation skills.

Throughout the unit, the students were fortunate to have Mrs Karin Lemanis, a Senior School History teacher who has visited Gallopoli, share her experiences and her knowledge of ANZAC Day. Miss Andrea Wood, a Professional Services staff member in Senior School also spoke to the students about her time serving in the New Zealand Air Force and she gladly showed the students her medals and answered their questions.

We were exceptionally proud of the curiosity, commitment and maturity all Year 3 students demonstrated through the unit and the quality of work they produced and presented.

Below are the thoughts of some Year 3 students about presenting in the ANZAC Day assembly and the knowledge they have gained throughout the unit.

It was good that we still remember the ANZACs and we could talk about history and information and what happened in the past – Rudra

It was cool that the Year 3s could run assembly because we have never done it before – Nina

I thought we were lucky to be hosting assembly because Year 3 have never done it before. I was really nervous, and I thought in my brain that I was really out of my comfort zone, but I liked it in the end because we learnt a lot and it wasn’t so scary – Rita

I enjoyed having an opportunity to lead and speak in assembly because I had never talked in assembly before. I needed bravery, courage and perseverance – Madeline

Before the assembly I was really scared, but after I read, I felt much better because I didn’t need to worry any more. I liked learning about ANZAC day because I didn’t know much about ANZAC Day at the start, but I now I know a lot more – Eleanor

Really enjoyed the visit from Mrs Lemanis and Miss Woods we learnt a lot of great information – Amy

Speaking in assembly improves everyone’s presentation skills, I think everyone did a great job – Asha

Angela Columbine and Rebecca Leondidis
Year 3 Class Teachers

Year 4 – 6 Cross Country Race

On Tuesday, April 30, students in Years 4 – 6 competed at the House Cross Country. The girls spirits were high, the sun was shining and it was such a fabulous day. All of the students competed with perseverance and worked their hardest to achieve their personal best. Overall, Lawrence recorded the most points and took out the title as the champions for the 2019 House Cross Country.

The overall results were as followed:

1st Place – Lawrence

2nd Place – Schofield

3rd Place – Taylor

4th Place – Singleton

Well done to everyone! And a big thank you to all of those who volunteered their time to help out on the day.

Liana Kitsou
Junior School Physical Education Teacher


NEW Year 2 and 3 Netball Program!

The new Year 2 and 3 co-curricular Netball Program commenced this week and saw 22 students across the two year levels trying netball for the first time. Netball is very popular amongst the older year levels at CGGS, the school has nineteen teams competing in the Boroondara Netball Association Competition. Just this week, Sport Australia has announced, netball has been voted the most popular female sport in Victoria.

The Years 2 and 3 students will learn many ball skills throughout the program and these skills will transfer across a number of sports. It is fantastic to see so many young students involved in the new co-curricular activity. The students are all very eager and excited to learn the great game.

Year 4 – 6 Netball     

The Winter Netball Competition has kicked off for all Years 4 to 6 teams. CGGS have entered five Junior School teams in the Boroondara Netball Association Competition. The Year 4 Rubies and Garnets played their first game for the season last Friday afternoon, both teams played well but lost.

The Year 5 Opals have started the season on a high, they are currently in third place on the ladder and had a fantastic win over CSNC Blitz 8 – 4. The Year 5 Jets played a fast paced game last Saturday, the CGGS team were great in attack but MA Rockets were too good on the day.

The Year 6 Topaz were up against tough competition, playing MA Phoenix who are on top of the ladder and undefeated, all CGGS students gave their best and managed to score some goals.

Congratulations goes to all teams and good luck for the next round.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach


I would like to wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School