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Junior School

Foundation – Year 6 Junior School Assembly

Over the last two weeks, the theme for our weekly Junior School Assembly has been ‘gratitude’ and the key question was ‘What do you feel grateful for?’ Numerous students have been involved in our assembly conversations and all students had the opportunity to reflect on their own life and their experiences at Ormiston. Here are some of answers to the question:

A safe land to live in.’ – Chloe Hall in Year 5R

‘A roof over my head.’ – Aayzah Khan Year 5R

‘My family.’ – Audrey Rees Year 4G

‘Hot and cold water.’ – Chanel Ghostine Year 4G

‘My school.’ – Ria Wong Year 2B

‘My teachers.’ – Lily Thomas Year 6R

At the end of the assembly, many students understood that our School Motto, ‘Utlis In Ministerium’ is all about helping others in need and being thankful for what they have today. Some students also said that if people appreciate things around them, then they will live a happier life. This was a wonderful way to finish off the assembly.


Year 4 – 6 District and Division Swimming Competitions

On Monday 25 February, seventeen CGGS students spent the day at the Boroondara Sports Complex to compete at the District Swimming Carnival. Overall, our school came third out of the 16 local schools. Of the 17 students who competed, 11 qualified for the Division Swimming Carnival, where they competed on Tuesday 5 March at Monash Aquatic Recreation Centre. All students gave their all and were also very encouraging of others’ achievements. Congratulations to all of the participating students on being such fine ambassadors of the school. A special congratulations to Jasmine Li, Year 4 who will be representing CGGS at the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Competition on Friday 15 March.

Liana Kitsou
Junior School Physical Education Teacher & Sport Coordinator

Year 5 – Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC)

This term Year 5 have been exploring the question “What is our place in space?” as part of our Inquiry unit. On Monday 4 March we visited the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) to further explore our understandings of the Solar System and the possibility of humans living on Mars in the future.

Students participated in two sessions during the excursion. The first gave them an opportunity to demonstrate their understandings regarding the size of our solar system. Students participated in hands on activities that required them to use mathematical skills, such as estimating, measuring, reading data, and calculating ratios and averages.

For the second session students (and teachers and parent helpers!) became astronauts working in the Mars Australian Research Station (M.A.R.S). This scenario-based activity engaged the students in a wide range of science activities. They used computer and communications technology and needed to work collaboratively within their teams. All students had an opportunity to work in both Mission Control and at the M.A.R.S. Base.

This excursion gave student an opportunity to use their prior knowledge gained during our Mars Mission project and to explore how to transfer these understandings to problem solve in new and challenging scenarios. They were given an opportunity to reflect on their experience when they returned to school:

‘We used a Growth Mindset, trial and error and persistence to problem-solve during activities.’Penelope 5DK & Amber 5R

‘We learnt that to get the same amount of air you get by taking one breath on Earth, you would need to take 1000 breaths on Mars.’ –  Alyce & Sophie 5DK

‘The excursion was very informative, engaging and fun – we learnt a lot.’ –  Azyzah & Sharvi 5R

‘The mission control activity was good because it felt like we were really communicating with people on Mars.’ –  Sophia Z & Anika 5R

‘We enjoyed comparing the Earth and Mars dirt samples in the laboratory.’ –  Millie & Maddie H 5DK

‘We learnt how to operate a robotic arm and how to identify Mars rocks.’ –  Anneke & Trinity 5DK

‘Even after we filtered and purified the Mars water it remained acidic.’ –  Victoria & Vivien 5R

‘We used pH sticks during the science experiments to help us problem-solve.’ –  Madison & Lynn 5DK

Anjali de Quadros & Liz Ruffles
Year 5 Class Teachers


Year 1 Excursion – Werribee Mansion

On Tuesday 5 March, the Year 1 students visited Werribee Mansion. With the support of two generous parents, the students were able to explore the gorgeous gardens and exquisite rooms that accommodated the Chirnside family approximately 140 years ago.

The excursion was an opportunity for the students to step back in time and compare their own lives with the lives of the Chirnside family and the servants of the mansion. The students were particularly impressed by the bells in each room that would require a servant to care for the occupants of the mansion!

Another feature of the excursion was the Nursery room, where students explored the lives of the children. From the bedding to the chamber pot, the school table for learning ‘God Save the Queen’ to the tiles used for writing in class, this room had it all. Artefacts, such as the cane, within the building were to be used to illustrate the changes society had experienced over time. Later this term, students will make comparisons between the technology of the past and today’s modern appliances.

Students also visited the original bluestone laundry building, where they hand washed clothing and used equipment pertinent to the period. It was a thoroughly educational day which has enabled the students to better understand the past and the changes from then until now.

Miranda Jackson & Craig Goodwin
Year 1 Class Teachers


Year 6 School Event – Fizzics Education

On Thursday 28 February, the Year 6 students went to the Maker Space in Senior School to participate in a video conference with Fizzics Education. The group saw many different ways to create energy. The Year 6 students were really engaged during this experience. Responses from two students are below:

‘Seeing how an expert can relate to energy sources really expanded my knowledge. The experiments Stephanie, the expert, showed us were really cool. One of them in particular was the solar panel experiment. It was when a solar panel powered a working fan.” – Amy Cao 6C

‘Stephanie, our educator explained to us all the different parts and showed us how the energy is turned into electricity to power up something. After seeing it, I had a better understanding of how a magnetic field works because she showed us clearly all the parts of it. For example; copper wire and magnets. We also compared and got to see the way different light bulbs can give you different types of light. The ones we compared were a swirly kind of light bulb and an old fashioned light bulb.’ – Aliyana Rajukalendran 6R

After the incursion, the Year 6 students had a much better understanding about energy sources.

Elysia Wang & Raynee Wong
Ormiston School Captains

Year 2 visit Pinwheel & Co at Senior School

In Year 2, the students have been learning about ‘What Contributes to a Healthy Life’. One aspect we have been investigating is how eating a balanced diet helps our bodies to learn and grow. We decided to visit Nathan at Pinwheel & Co in the Fig Tree Café at Senior School to find out some information about the different foods they use in our lunches.

We asked him questions such as:

What types of vegetables do you use in sandwiches?

Where do you get your ingredients from?

What types of bread do you use?

What foods are the healthier ones for us to eat?

What is the process for thinking about what to buy?

How do you stay safe in the kitchen when you are cooking?

Do you ever run out of ingredients for foods?

The students thoroughly enjoyed visiting the café and learning about the different ways our fantastic chefs order, prepare and store our food.

Kathryn Brandt & Fiorella Soci
Year 2 Class Teachers


Foundation – Year 6 Nude Food Day

This week Ormiston participated in Nude Food Day. Nude Food Day allows students to make conscious choices about what they eat and encourages them to think about their impact on the environment. Students were asked to bring their morning tea and lunch in reusable containers and not in their original plastic packaging. It was fantastic to see all the reusable packaging that the students packed their food in and so many colourful vegetables and fruit in their lunchboxes.

Most classes had over half of their class bring Nude Food which was fantastic and a really positive start to our Nude Food campaign. Year 6R were the winners and will receive some plants to go in their classroom which they will care for throughout the year.

Rebecca Leondidis
Year 3 Class Teacher & Sustainability Squad Coordinator


I would like to thank our Ormiston families who attended our two important events over the last two weeks. Our Meet the Teacher Evening and our Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations. I hope all parents received plenty of information about their child’s class program and how they have settled into a new academic year.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue

Head of Junior School