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Junior School

Welcome back

Welcome to the 2019 school year! I would like to extend a warm welcome to our families with whom we have had a long term association with and to those families who have joined our Ormiston school community for the very first time. A special welcome to all of our new students from Early Learning to Year 6 who have attended school this week and I would like to congratulate our Foundation students who started their official first year of Primary School. Many students have shared with me their exciting stories over the Christmas and New Year period and I was delighted to see so many families and students with smiles on their faces on their first day of school.

New Foundation to Year 6 Ormiston Students

I would like to congratulate and recognise our new students who have settled in so quickly this week, as well as our Foundation students. At our Junior School Assembly this week, these students received their Ormiston badge in front of our school community. Our new students from Foundation to Year 6 are:

Aanya Chopra
Emma Zhang
Kayla Yao
Allison Edge
Cathy Gu
Faye Liu
Aarna Sharma
Lucy Wang
Gina Yu

Year 1
Khusshnaaz Kaur

Year 2
Sophie-May Ronzani

Year 3
Minaaz Kaur
Cathy Wang
Sophie Wong

Year 4
Sarah Lu
Ashley Wang
Emily Foo
Charlotte Russo

Year 5
Sharvi Bansal
Vrinda Dhir
Raina Gopal
Chloe Hall
Grace Wan
Madison Hall
Charlotte Hayes
Abbey Marcou
Tiarni Siaw
Madeleine Wood

Year 6
Coco Tao
Candy Zhu

Ormiston Staffing for 2018

Please refer below for the Ormiston Staff Team:

Early Learning 3  
Angela Follacchio & Joanna Lee

Early Learning 4 (Full Time)  
Anne-Maree Willcox-Morna & Effie Kitsiris/Neroli Bowyer-Smyth

Early Learning 4 (Part Time)   
Lilian Bishop

Early Learning Assistant   
Neroli Bowyer-Smyth                              

Selena Reedman & Mikaela Stanaway

Year 1   
Craig Goodwin & Miranda Jackson

Year 2  
Kathryn Brandt & Fiorella Soci

Year 3
Angela Columbine & Rebecca Leondidis

Year 4
Emma Hinchliffe & Jasvindar Gill

Year 5  
Anjali De Quadros/Michelle Kalus & Liz Ruffles

Year 6 
Nancy Robottom & Katrina Cheong

Fiona Gibson

Scarlett Zhang, Sabrina Zhu & Lin Zhang

Melissa Drentin

Jo Whiffin

Nichole Adams & Penny Byrne

Marianne Rigby-Black

Physical Education
Liana Kitsou & Dot Georgiou

Annabelle Vivarini

Rev Helen Creed

Learning Enrichment    
Lisa White (Coordinator of Learning Enrichment), Dr Charlotte Forwood, Meagan Wilson, Michelle Kalus & Paul Donohue

New Staff at Ormiston

This year we have recruited a number of new staff members for Ormiston. They are:
> Anne-Maree Willcox-Morna in Early Learning 4 (Full-Time)
> Joanna Lee in Early Learning 3
> Mikaela Stanaway in Foundation
> Fiorella Soci in Year 2
> Jasvindar Gill in Year 4
> Liana Kitsou in Physical Education
> Melissa Drentin in French
> Marianne Rigby-Black in Choir

More information on each of these staff members will be presented in future newsletters.


Year 6C School Leaders Assembly and Ormiston Student Council

Every year our Year 6 students get the opportunity to experience a leadership position either in Semester One or Semester Two. For Semester One, Miss Cheong’s class will be taking on the Year 6 leadership positions and the Assembly is organised for Wednesday 20 February at 9.00am – 9.30am in Barbara Sutton Hall. All Year 6C parents are welcome to attend this special assembly.

Additionally, if your child is selected for our Ormiston Student Council, they will also be presented with their badge. Parents of these students will be contacted shortly and will be cordially invited to this Assembly.

CGGS School Uniform

I would like to remind parents that all students are required to wear their full summer school uniform to Ormiston each day. If students are undertaking Physical Education as a specialist subject on the day, these students are permitted to wear the official CGGS Sport uniform for the duration of the day. They do not need to get changed into their summer uniform at the end of their physical education session. If any parents are unsure of their child’s uniform, please read Page 10 and 11 of the Junior School Diary for further information in regards to uniform expectations and requirements. 

Foundation – Year 6 Meet The Teacher Evening

I would like to remind parents that our start of the year Meet The Teacher Evening is coming up in Week 3 on Tuesday 19 February. Both events are outlined as follows:

Foundation – Year 3 
Starts at 5.00pm and finishes at 6.30pm

Year 4 – Year 6
Starts at 7.00pm and finishes at 8.30pm.

I look forward to seeing as many parents as possible at these two important events.

It has been a wonderful start to the 2019 school year and I look forward to seeing everyone at our Twilight Picnic this evening in the Junior School Grounds and Gardens.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School