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Junior School

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Supper

It was a marvellous evening on Friday 7 December for all our Year 6 students and families. Our end of Junior School celebration for these students was an opportunity for staff, students and the school community to say ‘Thank You’ for their contributions to Ormiston over many years. A special mention must go to seven students who have been at the Junior School since Early Learning. These students have spent 8 – 9 years of their life at Ormiston which is a very significant amount of time. These students are:

> Genna Sim

> Hayley Price

> Katherine Mason

> Kiki Page

> Emily Price

> Matilda Chan

> Anneke Bray

I would like to sincerely thank our Guest Speaker, Claire Poyser for her inspirational and motivating speech on the evening. Our Year 6 students were very fortunate to have such a positive role model at CGGS to respect and admire. Claire gave the Year 6 students some wonderful tips for Senior School and I look forward to their contributions next year.

Additionally, I would like to thank our Year 6 Class Teachers, Craig Goodwin and Nancy Robottom for all their work in preparing the official Ceremony and supper activities. There was so much work that went into this evening and I appreciate all of their efforts to ensure the evening went very smoothly, after a venue change on Friday to Robinson Hall.

After the Ceremony, the Year 6 students and families were invited to the Lower Woodstock Building at Senior School to have supper with the school community. Once again this part of the evening went very smoothly and I would like to thank Pinwheel & Co for their delicious food and Susannah Jepson for organising a group of Year 5 parents to assist throughout the evening. The Year 5 parents were a tremendous help in making the evening very successful and I thank them for their assistance with food, drink and cleaning up at the end of the night. Thank you to the following Year 5 parents:

> Vicky Wang

> Jennifer Bignold

> Jodie Van Damme

> Teresa Mead

> Cecilia Zhang

> Ling Wang

> Jodie Chapman

> Andy Wang

> Rainbow Huang

> Jenny Wu

> Eva Yu


Year 6 Graduation Luncheon

On Monday, I had the pleasure of being a part of the annual Year 6 Graduation Luncheon in the Junior School Hall. A large group of Year 6 parents decorated the Hall in a style inspired by The Greatest Showman using lots of vibrant colours, covering windows, doors and tables. The luncheon each year is an opportunity for the Year 6 students to get their graduation bears signed by their friends, family and teachers and celebrate their last year at Ormiston. This year, the Year 6 Class Teachers organised for CGGS alumni Millie Leaver to speak about her experiences as an Ormiston and Senior School student. Millie arrived at CGGS in Year 1 and one of her main passions was performing arts. Mille told the Year 6 group of her school highlights in terms of her singing, music playing and stage performances. Millie also strongly encouraged the Year 6 students to set their own personal goals and to challenge themselves in everything they do in Year 7-12 at Senior School.

Very Special Ormiston Farewell – Foundation Class Teacher Heather Scarff

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Foundation Class Teacher, Heather Scarff for 23.5 outstanding years of educational service at CGGS. At a surprise Junior School Assembly last Friday, the assembly was organised to say ‘Thank You’ to Mrs Scarff for all the wonderful experiences at Ormiston. Numerous students across all year levels from Foundation to Year 6 participated in the assembly and made a paper chain scarf for Mrs Scarff, and then both Foundation classes were able to sing their favourite song from Ormiston Creates ‘Bunjil the Eagle’.

Books, poems and rhymes were shared with Mrs Scarff and these pieces of writing brought back many memories for her. Mrs Scarff had some of her family members present at the assembly and they all enjoyed the various student presentations. I would like to personally thank Mrs Scarff for her efforts over the past 23.5 years and the significant contribution she has made to educating students that have gone through Ormiston House, the Junior School Campus of CGGS. We wish her all the best in the future and hope to see back at Ormiston sometime soon.


Early Learning 3 – Year 6 Five Cent Frenzy

Over the past three weeks, Student Council has been running a fundraising initiative called Five Cent Frenzy. We asked Ormiston students to donate their loose change, especially 5 cent pieces, to our sponsor child, Nyasha, and World Vision. We had an amazing result, managing to raise over $170! We’d like to thank everybody who participated in this fundraiser and congratulate them on their efforts. This activity was a new challenge, which everybody embraced, and we’re really appreciative of everyone who tried hard to raise more than a dollar. We have loved the enthusiasm every student has brought to this great challenge and look forward to seeing their efforts in the future.


Early Learning 3 – Year 6 Gift Giving Assembly

This semester we also ran our annual Christmas Gift Giving appeal for Anglicare. We were all encouraged to buy a present for someone in need this Christmas and put it under our Ormiston Christmas tree. There was an outstanding amount of gifts placed under the tree, from books, to board games, to bike helmets! Our Gift Giving Service was a very special, with Reverend Creed coming to Ormiston to run our assembly, with the help of Student Council. Neil from Anglicare was extremely pleased to receive the many gifts, and thanks the school community for their generosity. Overall, we all enjoyed spreading Christmas spirit by giving back to the wider community.

Emily Price and Sienna Catalogna
Year 6 School Captains

Early Learning Nativity Story

This year, the Early Learning Nativity Story was told through dialogue and photographs in the form of a story on a slide show. The children also sang throughout the performance.

In Early Learning we value the child’s voice and their sense of agency, that is, their ability to make their own choices and decisions. To develop this ability the children need to have the opportunities and in Early Learning opportunities for children to make their own decisions and to have choices are provided every day. In the Nativity Story, the children chose the character they wanted to be and this meant there were a number of different children that portrayed Mary and Joseph throughout the story. There was also a working party of children that created the story of the Nativity and the words shared with parents and families were all expressed by the children as they retold the story in their own words. Some children also helped to construct the set, for example, the stable was created by the children with large blocks.

This meant that parents and family members saw the story of the Nativity through the perspective of the children. This was a collaborative effort between children and teachers from Early Learning 3 and 4.

I feel happy about the performance because I saw my mum and she was taking a photo of me. I was singing some songs about Christmas.” – Chelsea

I was a donkey and I had to plod from Nazareth to Bethlehem.” – Sophia

I wish all of our Ormiston families a safe and restful Christmas and New Year, and may this festive season be filled with love, joy, peace and happiness for all.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School