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Foundation – Year 6 Choral and Instrumental Concert

Our annual Term 4 Choral and Instrumental Concert took place last week and all Ormiston students are to be congratulated for their enthusiastic participation. The concert was a huge success and every student performance from Foundation – Year 6 was a real highlight. During the evening, 215 students performed and 20 music staff and many Ormiston staff had involvement in organising and preparing the students.

A highlight in music this year has been participation in the private Music and Speech and Drama tuition programs. These programs have continued to grow with 115 students from Early Learning – Year 6 participating in private Music tuition and/or private Speech & Drama tuition. This is a wonderful achievement for our Junior School.

Furthermore, our music co-curricular program includes 72 students from Year 1 – 6. They have been involved in a music ensemble that is in addition to their core music classes. Many of these students are involved in more than one ensemble as we continue to make participation a key focus at Junior School. We look forward to increased student participation in our co-curricular programs in the future, particularly next year.

I would like to thank the Music Department for organising the concert, particularly our Music Directors, Kate Savige and Rohan Mack, our Music Administrator, Jane Scott and our Junior School Music and Choir teachers Nichole Adams, Jessica Huggett and Penny Byrne.


Year 3 & 4 Camp

It was a pleasure spending the day with our Years 3 and 4 students at camp ADANAC at Yarra Junction this week. The behaviour of both year groups was exemplary when participating in either outdoor activities or during meal times. Some of the exciting activities included:

Year 3
> Flying fox
> Low ropes course
> Archery
> Canoeing
> Trampolines
> Cage soccer

Year 4
> Aqua ponding
> Disco golf
> Raft building
> Water trampoline
> Archery
> Hut building

Year 1 Curriculum Update

The Year 1 students have had a wonderful term learning about farming practices around Australia. Two weeks ago, the students were delighted to receive a surprise package from Karl Hooke, a farmer from Willera Merinos Farm in NSW. Inside, we found merino wool cuttings and caps, wheat and crop samples, measuring tools and our very own ‘Camberwell Girls Year 1’ printed hay bale bag! The students wrote a collective email to Karl asking details on how long it takes him and his team to shear their 27,000 sheep and whether or not he has the support of one of more sheep dogs.

Following on from this, we had the opportunity to see a sheep dog, Beau, in action at Chesterfield Farm on Friday 1 November. We learnt that studies comparing the most physically taxing careers, show the energy expended in 2 hours of shearing sheep, are equal to a full game of AFL football! The students had a wonderful day exploring the farm, feeding the animals, petting the babies in the nursery and even had a go at milking a cow! We are currently learning the difficulties farmers face in the harsh Australian environments and will soon unpack how we as a Year 1 community can best support the farming industry in Australia.

Miranda Jackson – Year 1 Class Teacher


Foundation – Year 6 Orientation Morning

It was wonderful to see our current students showing leadership skills while helping new students and families that visited Ormiston last week at the 2019 Foundation-Year 6 Orientation Morning. Orientation morning is an excellent opportunity for the 2019 Foundation – Year 6 students to meet as a group and spend time with their new classroom friends and class teacher. During the morning, new families had the opportunity to learn more about the daily operations of the Junior School and to meet and ask questions to Junior School staff. In the afternoon, a communication was sent out to all families listing the 2019 Ormiston teaching staff for Early Learning 3 – Year 6.


Foundation – Year 6 Student Reports

At Ormiston we take a comprehensive approach to student learning and feedback. We strive to provide a well-rounded view of student learning through combining learning conversations with ongoing feedback on SEQTA Engage and end of semester reports. Detailed feedback about specific student achievement against curriculum expectations and work samples in all subjects is provided by teachers on SEQTA Engage throughout the term.

End of semester reports are designed to complement the SEQTA feedback and provide you with an overview of your child’s achievement compared to the Victorian Curriculum outcomes. The reports also provide parents with a reference point for how their child is developing in key independent and collaborative learning skills. The Semester Two Report should be read in conjunction with the SEQTA Engage Continuous Feedback entries from your child’s class and specialist teachers throughout this year in Terms 3 and 4.

The Ormiston Curriculum has been set out using The Victorian Curriculum. The student report provides information about discipline based learning for example, English and Mathematics, and general capabilities and personal skills that are transferrable across different learning areas and subjects. It is hoped that parents and students will discuss the report together in a way that is helpful to improve all future academic, social and emotional learning in the year ahead.


Foundation – Year 6 English and Mathematics Learning Goals

To provide families with more specific feedback on areas of growth for each child, this semester we have added a very specific learning goal for literacy and numeracy to the English and Mathematics reports. The learning goals will be found below the results and progressions tables. These key personal literacy and numeracy learning goals will be passed on to your child’s teacher in 2019 to help support continued learning growth between year levels.

Semester Two student reports will be available for parents to access and download from Friday 7 December 2018.


Accessing SEQTA Engage 

To ensure that you are kept up to date with your child’s learning, teachers are regularly updating SEQTA with examples of student learning achievements and goals across the Junior School Curriculum. Each term teachers of all Foundation to Year 6 classes and subject areas add feedback to SEQTA that highlight student achievements and goals for improvement.

The simplest way to access this information is through the SEQTA Engage App for Apple and Android as you can then be automatically notified when assessments have been released for your child. The app can be download from Apple or Google Play stores, see page 13 of the Engage Parent Handbook or watch the following videos for further instructions.

> How to download and install the Engage App click here

To view feedback samples, once logged in, simply select the Assessments page on the left-hand tool bar and then the subject you are interested in viewing the feedback from. The completed assessment tasks should appear on the right-hand side. (See pg. 5 of the Engage Parent Handbook).

If parents have any questions about how to access or interpret their child’s continuous feedback on SEQTA, please don’t hesitate to contact me hinchliffee@cggs.vic.edu.au

Emma Hinchliffe  – Deputy Head of Junior School (Teaching and Learning)


Junior School Netball

The 2018 Netball Season has come to an end. The Years 5 and 6 teams played their final game last Saturday for the Spring Fling competition and the Years 3 and 4 teams will play a final round robin on this afternoon to end a terrific season.

The Year 3 Rubies have learnt so many skills in a short period of time, and have had many highs throughout the season.

The Year 4 Jets and Opals bring enthusiasm to every game and training session, both teams have improved out of sight and have continued to play a more consistent game.

The Year 5 Topaz team ended the season on a high last Saturday, defeating Genazzano by only 1 goal. This team has had players come and go but always gives 100%.

The Year 6 Quartz had a fantastic Winter Season and had some tough competition in Spring Fling, Quartz went down to Strathcona Storm but played well as a team.

Congratulations to all Year 3 – 6 students who were involved in the Netball Program this year.

Lexie Joyce – CGGS Netball Coach


I wish all our Ormiston families a wonderful weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School