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Junior School

Foundation – Year 6 Celebration of Sport Assembly
Our Physical Education teachers Claire Macbeth, Dot Georgiou and Nareen Robinson organised an entertaining and interactive assembly to celebrate sport at Ormiston. Students that participated in District, Division and Regional events in swimming, cross country and athletics throughout the year were recognised for their efforts. Students who participated in our own swimming squads, swim school, tennis, netball and basketball were also presented with participation awards. Participation continues to be a key element of our sporting program and it has been pleasing to see so many Year 3 and 4 students get involved in more sporting activities. Sport is definitely on the move at Ormiston and students in Junior School have many opportunities to participate in both sport and physical education.


Junior School Sports Woman Award of the Year 2018
Each year the Junior School Sports Women of the Year awards is handed out to a Year 6 student who has contributed extensively to the sporting program at Ormiston during the year and reached a high level of sporting participation either at an individual or team level. This year, Emily Price in Year 6R was presented with the award. We thank Emily for all her efforts in participating in so many different sports this year and for her individual efforts in achieving Victorian state qualifying times in swimming.


Tabloid Sports
On the same day as the Celebration of Sport Assembly, Claire Macbeth organised fourteen sporting activities that encouraged the use of basic physical education skills. All Foundation – Year 6 students completed each Tabloid sport activity to score points for their House. I would like to congratulate Claire Macbeth in organising the Tabloid sports afternoon and the four student House leaders, Genna Sim, Isabella Wood, Eva Papadopoulos and Ella Traiforos. Here are the final results:

1st – Lawrence

2nd – Schofield

3rd – Singleton

4th – Taylor


Mountfield Maestros – Music
Last week, a very large group of students from Early Learning 4 – Year 6 participated in our second Mountfield Maestros event for the year, where they were able to perform a musical piece in front of a small and supportive audience. This musical event was divided into two sections as follows:

First Section
Early Learning 4 – Year 2: 39 performances in this section

Second Section
Year 3 – Year 6: 28 performances in this section

This Ormiston event encouraged a record of 67 performances to take place. I would like to thank our two Junior School Music teachers, Nichole Adams and Penny Byrne for all their hard work in planning and organising such a wonderful school event for so many students and families. I look forward to seeing many of these performers next year in Semester One.


Mountfield Maestros – Speech and Drama
It was a pleasure to watch so many outstanding speech and drama performances this week as part of our annual Semester Two Mountfield Maestros event. Fifty-two students from Early Learning 4 – Year 6 performed in front of a small Junior School audience and performed individual and small group presentations. A definite highlight of the event was the writing skills of many Year 5 and 6 students who were able to work in small teams to write their own script for their performance. I would like to thank all students that performed and both our Speech and Drama teachers Lucy Mason and Kath Buckingham for organising a very entertaining afternoon of performances.


 Year 4 Video Conference
This week, Year 4 became Citizen Scientists! As part of Earth Science Week and as an adjunct to our STEAM and Inquiry investigations, Year 4 students participated in the Why Frogs Count video conference with The Australian Museum.

During the hour, students learnt more about the key role which frogs play in many food chains, the diversity of frog species (including imitating a variety of frog calls!), the impact of urbanisation on frog populations and, most importantly, how frog populations can provide us with indications of environmental change.

They were also invited to participate in a Citizen Science project – FrogID. Citizen Science projects involve non-professionals taking part in data analysis and data collection (The Coversation, 2013). The idea is to break down big tasks into understandable components that anyone can perform. The Year 4 students were first introduced to this concept during STEAM, when they used Zooniverse to identify zebra and wildebeest in the Serengeti Project.

The FrogID program relies on Citizen Scientists to go out to their local parks, creeks and rivers, and record the frog calls that they hear using the FrogID iPad application. The recordings are then listened to and classified by a herpetologist at The Australian Museum. The program has already found over 150 new frog species located around Australia. Data collected by Citizen Scientists provide important information which supports conservation efforts in Autsralia.

To see more about what Year 4 is curious about, you can visit their reflections using Padlet here:


Michelle Kalus
Year 4 Class Teacher


Year 5 Hands-One Science
On Tuesday 30 October, the Year 5 students had a thrilling incursion about natural disasters from Hands On Science. We learnt lots about how natural disasters form and how they affect the world around us through exciting and fun experiments. We made tornadoes in a bottle, learnt about friction, how earthquakes start and how warm and cold air can mix dangerously and cause huge catastrophes in the air. Year 5 really enjoyed this interactive session and found it lots of fun.

“I thought the incursion was really fun because you could actually see models of natural disasters.” – Amy

“I think this incursion was very informative and taught me a lot.” – Jenny

 “It was good. It was very interesting and educational how Charlie taught and explained natural disasters.” – Sabrina

Thank you Charlie for coming in to teach us through this wonderful incursion!

Monique Desai & Isabel Sootoh
Year 5 students


Year 2 School Event – Yarra Valley Water
Our Year 2s have been learning about weather and the water cycle this term. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Yarra Valley Water to explain to the students how the water cycle works and how our water gets treated so it’s fresh and clean for us to drink. Did you know that Melbourne water is some of the cleanest water to drink in the world?

We also learnt lots of fun and interesting facts about water. Here are some snippets from the girls about what they enjoyed and found interesting about the incursion:

“I thought that it was interesting that Melbourne used to be called Smelbourne because the water was so dirty. They didn’t filter it or use chlorine to clean the water like they do now.” – Maddison

“When we’re dehydrated we can become angry, mad or annoyed so we need to drink water to feel better!” – Jasmine

“If you have a dripping tap and let it drip for a whole week, it can fill up 30 x 10L buckets! That’s 300L of water!” – Audrey

Kathryn Brandt & Selena Reedman
Year 2 Class Teachers


Year 6 – Virtual Debate National Semi-Final
This week, the Year 6 students on the ISDCN 2018 Virtual Debating Team participated in the semi-final of this national competition. This annual event provides students from around Australia a competition whereby school debating teams face one another via video conferencing. Students are able to experience a variety of national competitors from 32 teams and receive excellent adjudication that is enabled by virtual technology. At CGGS, we are fortunate enough to have a TV studio with green screen, that the Year 6 students utilised for each debate.

The topic for the semi-final debate against Ruyton Girl’s School was ‘contact sports should be banned at school’. At this late stage in the competition, the quality of the arguments was outstanding from both teams. The adjudicator praised the students on how polished and professional their speeches were, and made a particular mention on how impressed he was that the CGGS team referred to real world examples to support their viewpoints. The adjudicator admitted that this hotly contested debate was challenging to separate and awarded the win to Ruyton.

Throughout the year the students have been fantastic ambassadors for the CGGS. They have not only demonstrated their excellent debating and team work skills, but the competition has required them to develop their persuasive writing, research, organisation, leadership, critical thinking and evaluative skills. It has been a privilege to witness the collaborative effort of the students and their growth in confidence in their ability to construct their viewpoints. We are extremely proud of Isabel Betts, Sienna Catalogna, Sienna Lonetti and Sofia Sanfilippo and congratulate them on their outstanding achievement in this competition.

Nancy Robottom
Year 6 Class Teacher


CGGS Netball
The Year 3 Rubies were up against tough opposition last Friday afternoon, the Blazing Hearts got off to a great start scoring several goals in the first quarter. The CGGS team scored a goal in the second quarter and kept the opposition to zero goals, but the Blazing Hearts were too strong in the end.

The Year 4 Opals got off to a great start against KD Starlights, the scores were level at half time but the KD Starlights were too strong in the second half. The Year 4 Jets had a very close game against KD Starburst, it was goal for goal but the Jets ended up going down by 1 goal.

The Year 5 Topaz played against Genazzano Ravillion last Saturday morning, the high scoring game made the ball move up and down the court quickly. The CGGS students played well but Genazzano were more consistent throughout the four quarters.

The Year 6 Quartz were defeated by Genazzano Watson 16-6, Quartz got off to a slow start but worked well as a team and managed to win the third quarter.

Congratulations to all teams on their efforts last weekend.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach / Year 4 Student Teacher


Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
As mentioned in the Junior School Weekly, all Early Learning 3 – Year 6 students are required to be back at school next Wednesday 7 November. Both Monday 5 November and Tuesday 6 November are student free days. Monday is a Mid-Term Break and Tuesday is Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday. I look forward to seeing all staff and students next Wednesday.

I wish all our Ormiston families a restful long weekend.

Yours sincerely,


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School