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Welcome back, I hope that all Ormiston families had a lovely break and are ready for another exciting Term at CGGS!

OGA (Old Grammarians Association) Public Speaking Competition
I would like to once again congratulate the Year 3 – 6 students who participated in the OGA Public Speaking Competition this year. We recognised the efforts of all students at our assembly this week and I would like to especially congratulate the students that came first and second in each division. The winners were as follows:

Year 3 & 4
Winner – Natasha Cameron (Year 3)
Runner Up – Mara Vais (Year 4)

Year 5 & 6
Winner –  Anneke Bray (Year 6)
Runner Up – Sienna Lonetti (Year 6)

I look forward to this new competition taking place again next year.

Year 3 and 4 Camp Briefing
There was a large turn-out of families at our Year 3 and 4 camp briefing last week. This session was an excellent opportunity for parents to understand our new model for Education Outdoors at the Junior School. Shane Maycock went through the camp program for both year levels. Many parents asked questions and our Year 3 and 4 students are looking forward to the experience towards the end of Term 4.


Year 4 – 6 Adolescent Health Parent Information Evening
On Tuesday, we had a Parent Information Evening to support parents in having productive conversations with their child after their classroom health and development workshops. Michele Yeo, a Paediatrician in the Department of Adolescent Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital, conducted the evening about what changes to expect in children as they move through adolescence and how to help children through this challenging period in their lives. The session explored the key components of adolescence and how elements of it have both changed and remained the same over time including:

> Puberty
> Brain development
> Social and emotional changes
> Common parental concerns
> Common adolescent concerns

For more information about what topics were explored and the best ways to support your child during adolesce, click the link below.

If you would like further advice and support for yourself or your children as they move through adolescence you are encouraged to talk with your child’s teachers, the School Counsellors or your G.P.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School (Teaching and Learning)


Book Launch with Author, Davina Bell 
There was a very happy vibe in the Senior School Library on Tuesday morning as Early Learning and Junior School students, staff and parents, shared in the joyous launch of Davina’s two most recent books, Lemonade Jones and All The Ways To Be Smart. 

Lemonade Jones is a feisty and creative girl, who quite enjoys being the centre of attention. She is also a bit naughty sometimes! When Davina asked what the naughtiest thing we had ever done, the responses were gleefully shared and could well provide inspiration for another story!

Davina spoke of the need to include rising tension in story writing, as well as adding some real life and imagination and squishing them together to create a great story.

All the Ways To Be Smart, as the name suggests, celebrates the myriad of ways we can be smart. Building, painting, showing kindness, asking questions, taking chances and storytelling. Being smart is not all about getting the best NAPLAN score or spelling test result, but includes the small everyday things we achieve, like playing an instrument, doing a puzzle and creating a new game.

After launching these beautiful books into the world, Davina ended the session by reminding us that we are all smart in our own special way. Her favourite words from the book are, ‘nobody will ever do the very same smart things as you.’

As always, Davina has left us with a spark in our bellies. Our imagination and sense of wonder were fed and the joy we experienced through the sharing of these stories was a true gift.

Jo Whiffin
Junior School Teacher Librarian


Year 5 and 6 Science Talent Search 2018
This year, 18 students in Years 5 and 6 entered the Science Talent Search, a national competition which promotes engagement in Science. This is an optional activity where students can choose to explore Science through experimental research, working models, Science photography, creative writing and other formats. Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and perseverance. Seven students were awarded minor bursaries, with the other eleven students earning certificates of distinction, merit or participation. All students will be awarded their certificates at assembly in Week 4 (31 October) and those students with minor bursaries will attend an award ceremony at La Trobe University on Monday 29 October. All the students should be very proud of their efforts. It is hoped that they will continue to develop their interest in Science as well as their participation in the Science Talent Search in future years.

Minor Bursaries:

> Amelia Graham and Clarissa Wong: Working Model – Nuclear Power Plant

> Isabella Wood and Sofia Sanfilippo: Experimental Research – Does bathing suit material affect speed?

> Aliyana Rajakulendran: Creative Writing – After many trials…

> Kiki Page and Ava Lillehagen: Science Photography – Science of Small Scale Water Bore

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Junior School Science Talent Search Coordinator


Year 6 Virtual Debating Team
This week, the Year 6 students represented CGGS in the 2018 ISDCN National Virtual Debating quarter final. The topic for debate was ‘Do Disney movies send the wrong message?’ In this stage of the competition, the quality of the speeches on both sides is extremely high and the teams were praised by the adjudicator for the huge range of issues and perspectives the debaters considered in their arguments. These included: gender stereotypes, what classifies entertainment, moral dilemmas, relationships, prejudice, positive role models, body image, self-esteem and conflict resolution. The Ormiston team won this debate for the negative side and they were commended for their mature justification of their viewpoints and their exceptional public speaking skills.

We congratulate Isabel Betts, Sienna Catalogna, Sienna Lonetti and Sofia Sanfilippo on their tremendous achievement in this competition. This Ormiston Team is now one of four remaining teams in the whole of Australia! We wish them all the best for their semi-final debate against Ruyton Girl’s Grammar School in the coming weeks.

Nancy Robottom
Year 6 Class Teacher


Year 3 Excursion – Eureka Tower and Melbourne Landmarks
This term, the Year 3 students are developing their knowledge of Australian geography and exploring the question, “What makes Australia the lucky country?” To enhance the students’ understanding of local landmarks in the city of Melbourne, they took part in excursion to the Eureka Skydeck and CBD area. The students were educated about the features of the Eureka Tower and then walked along the Yarra River to Federation Square where they identified and sketched common manmade and natural city landmarks.

During the excursion the students learned some fascinating facts about the Eureka Tower:

> It has 24 carat gold on some of its windows and it has 92 levels

> It took over 4 years to build and cost $500 million dollars

> There are 1500 residents who live in the Tower

> It is 297.3m tall

> On a windy day the Eureka Tower can sway up to 600mm, so the glass does not shatter

> It was named after the Eureka Stockade

> Once a year the Eureka staircase is opened for a race up to the top to raise money for charities

The students were keen to share their thoughts on the day:

Elise – “It was fun to go on the balcony area because I was really scared of heights, but it was so fun and I wanted to do it fifty times!”

Aekam – “I liked the activity where we looked through the viewfinders because it fun to find them using the viewfinder and was really interesting finding landmarks.”

Preesha – “I liked driving to the city as we got to see some landmarks, and when we were walking back we got to recap what we had seen.”

Sophie – “I like going in the lift because it went so quickly and wasn’t like a lift in a shopping centre. I turned my back for a moment and then we were at Level 56!”

Jasmine – “I like the walk to Federation Square and I liked looking at the buildings. I also liked working with my buddy discovering distances from one place to another.”

The overcast day didn’t dampen the students’ spirits and they thoroughly enjoyed learning about features of Victoria’s capital city.

Angela Columbine & Rebecca Leondidis
Year 3 Class Teachers


Year 4 Excursion – IMAX and Melbourne Museum
On Monday, the Year 4 students ventured to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX to learn more about their Inquiry Investigation, ‘Who is responsible for the future of planet Earth?’ Students enjoyed exploring a diverse range of exhibitions, discovering more about Victoria’s mountain forests, Indigenous culture and connection to the land, how the Earth was formed and continues to change and the properties of rocks and minerals.

A highlight of the day, was visiting IMAX to watch ‘A Beautiful Planet’. During this film, Year 4 travelled to a NASA Space Station and learnt more about how the astronauts aboard live and monitor the changes occurring on Earth. Seeing footage of the Earth from outer space taken over a period of time, allowed students to see the impact of human activity on our planet. One of the astronauts made the point that humans must view themselves as ‘crew members of Earth’, rather than as passengers – “nobody gets a free ride” she said. This has provided a compelling prompt to discuss sustainability further over the course of the term.

Students left the day with not only new knowledge, but also, many more topics and ideas that they are now curious about. Here are some of their wonderings:

“I am still curious about how the zero-gravity cup works. This cup was used by one of the astronauts working in the space station during the IMAX film Beautiful Planet.” – Mara

“I am curious about understanding why and how the glaciers are melting in Greenland due to Global Warming. We don’t want it to melt because the sea level will rise.” – Anneka

“I am still wondering about what more changes might take place in the world when we’re adults. Will the world turn into a horrible place? Maybe we should stop buying things that cannot be reused because it makes a big impact on the pollution?” – Yasmin

“I am still curious about how the astronauts grew lettuce in space with no soil.” – Rida

“I am still wondering about how the astronauts exercise and how heavy the weights would feel in space.” – Larissa

“I am curious to see if people will be able to travel to the “Goldilocks” part of another solar system in our galaxy.” – Amber

Michelle Kalus
Year 4 Class Teacher


Year 5 Excursion – IMAX and Melbourne Museum
Boom, crackle! We started off watching a thrilling and educational IMAX movie about natural disasters. It was both tear-jerking and an exceptional story of what has happened to people and how they have suffered through tornadoes and other horrible natural disasters. It was spine tingling the way you heard the ferocious winds and the bursting of the screaming volcanoes. The film was such a good movie to teach us on how scientists have discovered the way tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters happen.

After we had a break, we then ventured through the museum. The exhibitions we looked at were Earth, Bugs and we were all in awe of the amazing jewels and diamonds which are also natural. We were all fascinated by how Earth has developed and evolved over billions of years! Even the fact that Earth was once fully lava was so cool! We were also very thankful to Jennifer Ciro and Jennifer Bignold for coming on the excursion with us and of course the teachers. Overall the whole entire excursion was an absolutely amazing experience and all of Year 5 would love to do it a million times again!

Sabrina Bignold and Raynee Wong
Year 5 Students


Year 6 Fizzics Education
On the first day of Term 4, the students in Year 6 gathered in the Senior School Makerspace for an incursion with Fizzics Education.

The purpose of the incursion was to engage students in science. They were able to experiment with a range of objects, materials, equipment and ingredients to explore concepts around the key features of our Solar System.

One experiment looked at the impact of meteorites. Students were given a baking tray filled with plain flour, some International Roast instant coffee and rocks of different sizes.

Students then posed questions and predicted what the findings of the experiment would be. They documented their ideas to develop their explanation of events and phenomena around meteorites. Upon returning to class the students demonstrated their curiosity by asking additional questions. You may want to visit:

https://www.fizzicseducation.com.au/Free+experiments/space+science/model+meteorite+strikes.html to see what a meteorite strike looks like as it enters Earth’s atmosphere!

Another experiment that the students found interesting was a simulation of what happens to the human body in the vacuum of space. Some of the students went home and followed up this concept with their own research, leading to much discussion in class.

In addition to conducting and presenting science experiments from home, the Year 6 students will utilise the resources in the Makerspace in Weeks 3 and 4 to explore reversible and irreversible changes. In class, the Year 6 students will continue posing questions, planning and conducting research and experiments, recording and evaluating their findings and presenting their understanding in the form of explanation text types.

Craig Goodwin
Year 6 Class Teacher / Deputy Head of Junior School (Student Wellbeing)


Year 3 – 6 Netball
The Spring Fling competition kicked off last weekend and the Year 3 students played their first netball game last Friday afternoon.

> The Year 3 Rubies played a fantastic game against KD Stargazers, the students had majority of the ball and defeated them 2-1.

> The Year 4 Jets got off to great start scoring 5 goals in the first half, Jets continued to play great netball and defeated Ruyton Robots 9-2.

> The Year 4 Opals played the Ruyton Reindeers, but CGGS were outplayed this time.

> Year 5 Topaz went down to MGGS Heat in a close game. CGGS played well but were unlucky and were defeated by 4 goals.

> Year 6 Quartz welcomed new CGGS players to their team. The students jelled well together and played a terrific fourth quarter, although Strathy Strikers were too strong defeating CGGS 15-10.

Congratulations to all teams especially the Year 3 team and all new players.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach / Year 4 Student Teacher


I wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School