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Foundation Murrundindi Visit

On Tuesday 4 September we were lucky to have Murrundindi visit Foundation to teach the students various Aboriginal dances. They were interested to hear about Indigenous culture through dance and this was a continuation of the work the students have previously done with Murrundindi, including the performance in Ormiston Creates. The students have written the following reflections pertaining to their experiences:

On Wednesday, Murrundindi came to teach us three Aboriginal dances. I liked the creation dance best because it had our Aussie animals we were studying!!! I was very surprised because I had not done it before. When we did the picking berries dance I was the leader with Estella. ~ Claudia Huang

When Murrundindi was dancing with me I felt excited because he taught me the creation dance, the wonderful welcome dance and the best collecting berries dance. We were pretending to be Australian animals. I was a kangaroo and Chloe was a koala, Erica was a brolga, Ivy was Bunjil the Eagle, Luci was a galah and lots of other people were Australian animals like koalas, eagles and kangaroos. ~ Elaine Li

On Wednesday Murrundindi came. He taught us the welcome dance and the creation dance. I liked it, it was fun because he included us. I liked the creation dance best. ~ Lucinda Reedman

Murrundindi taught us three songs. I thought I would do something really right but it was tricky instead but Murrundindi and my friends helped me because my friends were doing it too, so I wasn’t scared any more. I liked the creation dance because it was fun and I liked it and I liked it because it was easy. I liked the welcome dance because it was fun and I liked the berry picking dance because it was fun. ~ Cynthia Li

When Murrundindi was dancing we were dancing too. Murrundindi was teaching us the Welcome song and the creation song. The last song was the collecting berries song and I felt excited. ~ Elfie Fan

When Murrundindi came we did the welcoming dance outside. I felt excited and happy! When I did the creation dance in the hall I felt worried and scared because it was a tricky dance. When I did the collecting berries dance it was so fun that I was going to laugh. ~ Annabelle Teh

When Murrundindi taught the creation dance it made me excited! I liked pretending to pick some berries in the basket. I liked being the leader with Audrey and Erica because we were the loudest. ~ Molly Iervasi

On Wednesday I had a session with Murrundindi. I liked doing the creation dance because I got to do the special MOVES!!! Creation DANCE!!!! ~ Ivy Xie

Murrundindi taught us three dances. One was the creation dance, the creation dance was fun. The other one was the picking berries one. I felt happy because it was fun. ~ Angela Lin

Early Learning – Year 6 Ormiston Art Show

In Week 7 of Term 3 the Junior School was turned into an Art Gallery. There were more than 1,000 pieces of Art work displayed, both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional, from EL3 to Year 6 students. The students grew with excitement as the Hall, Great Space, Art Room and corridors were transformed into very colourful and creative displays, showcasing the artistic talent of all students.

This year there were many art projects that were incorporated into classroom lessons and other specialist classes. These included ‘My Super Learning Girl’ textile dolls in Year 1, ‘Who is Bernie?’ narratives in Year 4 and The Chinese Dragon Dance, by the Year 3’s. There were also examples of the progression of skills, particularly in drawing, painting, ceramics and textiles, from the younger to the older levels. The students were asked to be critics of the artworks, voting on the following categories: most beautiful, interesting, colourful, curious, unusual, peaceful, delicate and fun. The results will be announced next term. Thank you to all the students, staff members, parents and visitors who took their time to attend the exhibition and looked so carefully at all that was on display.

Fiona Gibson
Junior School Art Teacher

Years 4 – 6 District Athletics Team

On Thursday 6 September, 25 students from Years 4 – 6 represented CGGS at the North Balwyn District Athletics Competition at Reischiecks Reserve in Doncaster. It was a full day of events with 15 schools competing.

Overall the students showed great enthusiasm when competing and were very proud to represent their school. Congratulations to the selected students:

Year 4
Amber Chia
Anika Selvaratnam
Angelique Quah
Anneke Sinnappu
Alyce Law
Christina Weickhardt
Isabella Madden

Year 5
Samantha Chua
Ency Chen
Monique Desai
Amy Cao
Sabrina Bignold
Sarah Zhou
Ayla Chetty
Mia Chapman
Mut Yi
Jessica Wu
Ellie Cowell

Year 6
Matilda Chan
Ella Traiforos
Emily Price
Georgia Langley
Sofia Sanfilippo
Clarissa Wong
Kiki Page

Firstly, a special mention must go to Anika Selvaratnam of Year 4 who came first in her two individual running events that included the 200m and 800m. We wish Anika all the best when she competes at the division level in Term 4.

Secondly, congratulations to Matilda Chan of Year 6 who was able to make the final for her two running events that included the 100m and 200m. Matilda acquitted herself very well in both these finals and came seventh and eighth respectively.

Lastly, a special mention must go to Ency Chen of Year 5 who came a very close third in her 800m event. Ency was only two or three centimetres away from qualifying to race at the division level. We look forward to following Ency’s progress next year.

Years 3 – 6 Snowsports

Two weeks ago, a group of five Years 3 – 6 students competed at the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships at Mt. Buller. Two students were interviewed by Angela Columbine in regards to their experience.

Zara Cheung (Year 4):

Q: What were your favourite moments at Interschool Snowsports?

A: My favourite parts of Snowsports were skiing down the course and discovering new parts of the mountain.

Q: How did you feel during your races and the Interschool Snowsports?

A: I felt nervous at start because didn’t know how all the other schools would go and whether my time would be quick enough. But then, when I got to the bottom I felt proud of myself. I didn’t need to worry about my time.

Q: What are you looking forward to next year?

A: I am looking forward to next time at Interschool Snowsports, seeing new people and trying to beat my time.

Angelique Quah (Year 4):

Q: What were your favourite moments at Interschool Snowsports?

A: I enjoyed the good challenge and I met some new people. It was a really great experience because I got to go through new courses. We also got to go in reverse order.

Q: How did you feel during your races and the Interschool Snowsports?

A: I felt nervous at first because I didn’t know what to do. I thought I might fall. I didn’t really need to worry, and I just stabilised myself. I got a fast time on my run and I felt more comfortable on the courses.

Q: What are you looking forward to next year?

A: I am looking forward to being more comfortable on course. The opening ceremony and fireworks were fun and I liked spending time with my friends.

Years 3 – 6 Old Grammarians Association (OGS) Public Speaking Competition

This week, a small group of Years 3 – 6 students put themselves forward to participate in our annual Public Speaking Competition here at Ormiston. With the help from Alanna Chew Lee from Senior School, the competition took place on Wednesday at lunchtime. The participants were:

Year 3
Sophie Peake
Emily Wong
Natasha Cameron
Maya Waide-Hee

Year 4
Rithanyaa Prakash
Mara Vais
Isabella Madden
Imogen Tjia

Year 5
Anneke Cook
Jessica Wu
Suwedha Ranjith
Simrah Ahsan

Year 6
Anneke Bray
Sienna Lonetti
Georgia Langley
Amelia Graham

The standard of the public speaking was excellent and all students spoke with a loud and clear voice with rhythm and poise. The topics were:

Years 3 & 4 – ‘What makes a good friend?’

Years 5 & 6 –  ‘What makes Ormiston special to you?’

Year 5 Excursion to The Australian Centre of Moving Images (ACMI)

This term Year 5 have been exploring the question “How do we tell stories?” as part of our Inquiry unit. On Tuesday 4 of September, we had the pleasure of going to the Australian Centre of Moving Images (ACMI). We experienced a variety of ways to tell stories, from green screen filming to attending the Screen Worlds exhibit where we explored moving images, Indigenous Australian involvement in film and how colour, sound, shadow and light enhance stories.

During the green screen filming we were able to dress up the curious characters you know from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and a few more, as we created the amazing sequel called “Adventures in Wonderland”. During our adventures we were shrunk to a tiny size, met the Cheshire Cat and were attacked by a giant hand. We all loved this part of the excursion as we also had a turn at being part of the production crew. We used a clapper board, a professional camera and even talked to the editor through a special head-set!

In the Screen Worlds exhibit we explored Indigenous movie history, viewed the zoetrope three dimensional animation, tried virtual reality and made shadow monsters with a light box. Overall this was definitely one of Year 5’s favourite excursions as we had a lot of fun learning about different ways to tell stories.

Cate Mead & Jasmine Rees, Year 5

Early Learning 4 – Year 6 Student Wellbeing

Term 3 has been an opportunity for the Ormiston students to explore coping styles during their B.R.A.V.E. – Building Resilience And Valuing Everyone program. Some of the coping strategies that staff and students explored were energetic activities and the wellbeing benefits of exercising, dance and active play. The performing arts for Ormiston Creates complimented this focus as students could focus on the joy of participation and becoming involved.

An understanding that students can have different coping strategies has been a focus this term. Whilst some students may prefer energetic activities, some students find it easier to cope when they perform self-calming activities. These might include reading, drawing, listening to soothing music, walking the dog or just being in a quiet place.

Another coping strategy the students identified was connectedness. This is particularly important as children may imitate the coping strategies that they see modelled in their families and amongst their peers. Students can use social activity to talk things over and to connect or spend time with others. We want to upskill the students so that they use social activity for purposeful ‘help-seeking’.

Therefore, in Term 4, the community will build upon positive coping by looking to enhance student understanding about problem solving. Competencies and skills in problem solving help students develop their creative and critical thinking skills. Thinking routines and graphic organisers will be used to allow students to strive for understanding and to hunt for workable, creative and compassionate solutions. This is also an important facet of wellbeing.

Craig Goodwin
Deputy Head of Junior School – Student Wellbeing & Year 6 Class Teacher

Early Learning Weaving Project

The Early Learning teachers provided an opportunity for children and families to participate in some workshops after school. Each teacher focused on a different language through which the children and families could engage with:

> The language of weaving

> The language of clay

> The language of natural and recycled materials

There is an understanding that children possess ‘a hundred languages’ through which they can express themselves. The poem, ‘No Way. The Hundred Is There’ written by Loris Malaguzzi states, “children have a hundred hands, a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, of playing, of speaking, of listening, of marvelling and loving.” These words are a metaphor in recognition that children have many ways of expressing their thoughts, their theories and their understandings as they make sense of their world. As teachers, we provide many opportunities for the children to explore and work through their ideas, wonderings, thinking and understandings. They communicate and express these through many languages, for example, weaving, sculpture, construction, nature, drawing, painting, writing, music, movement and imaginative play – to only name a few.

If interested, you can read the poem here http://www.innovativeteacherproject.org/reggio/poem.php

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning Team Leader & Teacher

Year 4 Service Learning at Home – 40 Hour Backpack Challenge

We are Year 4 students at Ormiston House. Our names are Isabella, Sophia and Christina.  We were living out of our backpack for 40 hours to raise funds for refugees around the world. The journey for refugees is often very hard and emotional. We wanted to take part in the 40 Hour Backpack Challenge to understand what it is like to be a refugee and try and support young people who are struggling to find a safe place to live.

Our goal was to raise enough money for people who are unfortunate like the refugees (who are on World Vision’s website) to be able to flee South Sudan to reach safety in Uganda. First off, each of our goals were to raise 500 dollars. After we had achieved that goal with lots of effort our next goal was to reach $1000. We managed to each raise well over our goal of 1000 dollars. We as a school raised over $5500 to help refugees around the world, like the young person who we sponsored, Roda.

To begin the 40 Hour Backpack Challenge, we had to get our bags ready. In our backpack we had to fit clothes, food, water, snacks, sleeping bags/pillows and activities to keep us entertained while we went through a few difficult hours.

As well as living for two days with only the items we had in our backpack, we were also given the opportunity to take part in different challenges. It took 10 to 20 minutes to complete each activity. Our first challenge was to grab our belongings and hide for 30mins. After this, we had to create a temporary shelter for the night. The third challenge was to map out our travelling route for the next day. On Saturday we had to walk for two hours and on Sunday we had to be without shoes for the last hour.

Doing this taught us how difficult refugees’ lives are. We had quite a few different times where one of us was feeling down and upset, each time this happened the other two girls would help the other feel better. Just imagine having to go without food, water and extra clothes for days, weeks, months or even years!

We thought that the 40 Hour Backpack Challenge was a very eye-opening experience and we hope to see some more students participating next year.

Isabella Madden, Christina Weickhardt and Sophia Zeitoune, Year 4

Student Achievements

Emily Price of Year 6 recently completed a number of personal best (PB) performances in a range of swimming events. Here are some highlights of her recent PB performances:

  1. 100m Individual Medley
  2. 50m Freestyle
  3. 200m Freestyle
  4. 100m Breaststroke
  5. 100m Freestyle

We look forward to following Emily’s swimming performances for the remainder of the year.

Peter Kitney
Aquatics Program Manager


Years 4 – 6 Netball

The Year 4 Opals played a terrific game last Friday afternoon, the CGGS team were down by 4 at half time but caught back up to only go down to Ruyton Robots by 1 goal.

Year 4 Jets got off to a great start against Genazzano Geitz, Jets played a consistent game and defeated Genazzano 9-6.

The Year 5 Topaz went down to Strathy Pandas 7-4, Topaz has had a great season, the team has improved out of sight and has had some great wins along the way.

The Year 6 Quartz got off to slow start last Saturday, Strathy Storm were up at half time but Quartz played a terrific third quarter, took the lead and ended up defeating them 8-5.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach / Year 4 Student Teacher

Junior School Disco

Students across many year levels enjoyed the opportunity to sing and dance the night away at Senior School for our annual Junior School Disco. The students in attendance had a wonderful time, including our Principal, Debbie Dunwoody. I would like to thank Susannah Jepson our school’s Community Relationship Coordinator who helped our Junior School Class Reps organise the evening. I would also like to thank the following parents that helped out during the evening:

Meagan Healy
Tammy Sim
Atid Page
Connie Liu
Jennifer Bignold
Cecilia Zhang
Ian Raspin
Hebe Chen
Amy Tjia
Jodi Chapman
Annie Cui

I wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School