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Junior School

It’s been a busy past fortnight at Ormiston with final rehearsals in full swing for Ormiston Creates and our Semester Two Leadership Assembly.

Year 1 – 6 Student Leadership Assembly
I would like to congratulate the students below who were awarded student leadership positions for Semester Two. The Ormiston staff and myself look forward to working with each student throughout the remainder of the year.

Kelly Liang & Isabel Betts

Assembly and Events
Amelia Graham, Clarissa Wong & Georgia Langley

Eva Papadopoulos (Lawrence)
Mia Paulse (Taylor)
Genna Sim (Singleton)
Ella Traiforos (Schofield)

Matilda Chan, Kiki Page & Laura Tong

School Captains
Sienna Catalogna & Emily Price

Fiona Zhu & Lisa Li

Nathasha Haputhantrige & Hayley Price

Mia Chang & Suri Chen

Year 1 – 6 Ormiston School Council
Congratulations to the following students who were voted by their peers to represent their class at Student Council in Semester Two.

Year 1C
Sharon Zhang

Year 1J
Ailey Poon

Year 2B
Madeline Mason

Year 2R
Molin Yu

Year 3C
Emily Wong

Year 3L
Aekam Gill

Year 4H
Imogen Tjia

Year 4K
Zara Cheung

Year 5D
Aliyana Rajakulendran

Year 5R
Mia Chapman

Year 6G
Alisha Catena

School Captains
Sienna Catalogna & Emily Price

Additionally, in this week’s Junior School Assembly, Katrina Cheong recognised the wonderful efforts of the Sustainability Squad from Semester One. At the assembly each student was awarded a badge to place on their blazer and I would like to acknowledge the Year 6G Sustainability Leaders Madeleine Goodman and Chloe Chen.

Congratulations to the following Sustainability Squad members for Semester One:

Year 1C
Nan Cao

Year 1J
Laura Wan

Year 2B
Rudra Santhosh

Year 2R
Jessica Wong

Year 3C
Sophie Peake

Year 3L
Maya Waide-Hee

Year 4H
Sophia Zeitoune

Year 4K
Christina Weickhardt

Year 5D
Anneke Cook

Year 5R
Laura Eigenraam

Foundation – Year 6: Open House Musical Performances
To showcase the creative musical and theatrical talents of our students and highlight the process of student learning, we opened up many of the Junior School instrumental rehearsals for visitors during Week 4 of this term. The week commenced with some members of the Super Strings Orchestra welcoming our young students and families to school on Monday morning performing a selection from their repertoire. On Tuesday, our audience was blown away by huge numbers of Years 4, 5 and 6 students performing on their recorders and brass instruments. Bernie and the Crew thrilled onlookers with a sneak peek on Wednesday when they rehearsed extracts from the Ormiston Creates production. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the Junior Strings, Chamber Strings and Quartets showcased their talents.

Well done to the large numbers of students who rose to the challenge of presenting a solo performance on their instrument in concerts throughout the week. A special thank you to all the Ormiston Staff who made these performance opportunities possible for our Ormiston Students’.

Nichole Adams & Penny Byrne
Early Learning – Year 2 Music Teacher & Year 3 – 6 Music Teacher


Early Learning 4 – Much More Than A Cooking Experience
Cooking provides an authentic opportunity for the children to learn and apply their understandings of mathematical and literacy concepts. This is done throughout the cooking experience in the form of measurement of ingredients and counting; and speaking, listening, reading and comprehension, all related to the recipe and labels on the ingredients. As the children combine ingredients they notice and observe the changes that occur to the texture, colour and smell of the mixture, these changes harness their curiosity, thinking and problem solving skills. This hands on experience also develops social skills as the children interact with each other, wait for their turn and share the different tasks.

In Early Learning 4, we were fortunate enough to share a cooking experience with three of the EL4 parents. Yalda, Penelope and Laxmi were eager to spend time in the classroom and initiated a cooking experience that involved the children making chocolate coconut balls. This experience provided many learning opportunities but it was also about engaging in learning with members of our community. It was a beneficial experience for both the parents and the EL4 children. Yalda, Penelope and Laxmi provided feedback about their experience with the children.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity for me to spend time with Aurelia and her peers in the classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The children were extremely engaging and enjoyed working in a group. They enjoyed splitting the tasks between them and were good at waiting patiently for their turn. It was wonderful spending time with my daughter in the classroom environment. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her interact with her peers and observing her eagerness to learn.”  – Penelope (parent of Aurelia)

“Spending time with the Early Learning 4 class was delightful, fun and a truly uplifting experience for me as a parent. It’s special for me to see my child in her element interacting with her peers and eager to learn. Seeing her sharing and getting along with her peers was delightful and reassuring for me as a parent. It was also lovely to spend time getting to know her classmates and friends. Thank you for the opportunity to make these lasting memories I will always cherish.”  – Yalda (parent of Emma)

“It was such an enriching experience to spend the morning cooking with Early Learning 4. They are an enthusiastic little bunch – it was great to see their innate desire to learn purely driven by curiosity, and their attention to detail and their open-mindedness and attitude for caring and sharing with their colleagues. Thank you for allowing me to spend the day with you.” – Laxmi (parent of Neesha)

In Early Learning we value parent participation and we welcome all families to contribute to our program. If you’re interested in spending time in your child’s classroom, I encourage you to speak to your child’s teacher so that a time and a learning opportunity or experience can be organised.

Some suggestions:

> Reading a story

> Playing a musical instrument

> Talking about your profession

> Teaching a song or dance

> Doing some gardening

> Sharing a skill or interest

The possibilities are endless…

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning Team leader & Early Learning 4 (Full Time) Teacher


Foundation – Year 6 Scholastic Book Club
This year, Ormiston has started offering families the opportunity to purchase books through the Scholastic Book Club, which has evidently been a success! Due to student book orders in Semester One, the Junior School Library has extended its collection with 84 new titles.

It is so exciting to see what books the students are interested in and this feedback helps to determine future book additions to the Junior School Library. Thank you to everyone who ordered books.

Catherine Daniel
Library Technician


Year 3 – 6 Book Clubs
This term in Book Club, the newly appointed ‘Book Ninjas,’ are getting creative! They have been writing their own short stories and pairing them with original illustrations of their main characters. Whilst most students are working on stories individually, we do have a couple of wonderful collaborations. Stay tuned for a three-piece saga! We aim to have our first anthology of short stories on display in the Library to go alongside the fresh release of ‘Day Dreaming Stories for CGGS Girls,’ (signed by the authors) quite soon!

Ren Pennesi
Library Development Assistant


Junior School Netball
> The Year 4 Opals had a fantastic game last Friday afternoon, Opals drew to Genazzano Geitz.

> Year 4 Jets went down to Ruyton Reindeers, but never gave up.

> Year 5 Topaz defeated Genazzano Bell 8-4, Topaz played a great constant team game.

> Year 6 Quartz played the top team KD Fireworks last Saturday morning, our CGGS students played well but KS Fireworks barely missed a goal.

Congratulations to all Junior School netball teams and best of luck for the next coming rounds.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach / Year 4 Student Teacher


I look forward to seeing all Ormiston families at our performing arts production next Wednesday and Thursday evenings in Barbara Sutton Hall.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School