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Years 3 & 4 Grandparents and Special Friend’s Day
For our second Grandparents and Special Friends event this year, we once again attracted a large crowd of more than one hundred visitors across both year levels. As with each of these events, it was a wonderful opportunity for our students to say ‘thank you’ to their grandparents and special friends for all their help and assistance in looking after them, whether at school or at home. As we know, grandparents and special family friends contribute so much to a young person’s life during both Junior and Senior School. Our Principal, Debbie Dunwoody talked to our visitors about the importance of a close School community and providing an education that gives back to others, especially important family members and close friends. The highlight of the morning was our students going through the activities they completed which involved mathematical problem solving, art and craft, robotics and coding. I would like to thank our four Year 5 students Jasmine Rees, Samantha Chua, Monique Desai and Elysia Wang for leading the event by taking photos and making speeches.


Year 4 Excursion to National Gallery of Victoria
This week the Year 4 students were incredibly fortunate to visit the National Gallery of Victoria: The Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square to explore how we can learn about Australian history through art. As part of the experience, students explored Frederick McCubbin’s works and Indigenous Australian artworks including the Frontier Wars exhibition. The experience helped students to work through our shared Inquiry of how we learn about the past if we weren’t there. Students used the “I see.. I think.. I wonder..” thinking routine to systematically analyse artworks and identify the perspectives of the past being presented in each. They were then able to discuss the artworks in more detail through conversations and presentations by NGV educators. Some student reflections on the learning experience were:

“I learnt that in the Tiwi Islands the size and number of funeral poles is linked to the person’s contribution and importance in their community. They take 8-9months to create and the patterns and images are linked to their family, community and life story.” ~ Zoe

“From the ‘Imperial Leather’ artwork of soap faces on a read Union Jack, I learnt that the Europeans were trying to wipe away the Australian Aboriginal people. That made me feel angry and disappointed because the Aboriginal people were living here in Australia before them.” ~ Imogen

“It was really interesting the artist who created the Nganga artwork believes that when the painting turns white, aboriginal languages with cease to exist. It made me think that we need to keep the aboriginal languages alive as they are an important part of our history. ~ Anneka S

Years 5 & 6 Camp Information Briefing
After school on Tuesday, Shane Maycock the Deputy Head of Senior School – Co-Curricular Programs took an outdoor education session with the Years 5 and 6 students and parents to provide more information in regards to the new approach to our camp programs for both year levels. This year, the Years 5 and 6 students will go to the same campsite but will complete two separate outdoor education programs. The Year 5 program will encourage and build skills to enable the students to prepare themselves for the Year 6 camp, and the same approach will take place for the Year 6 students going into Year 7 next year. A comprehensive camp booklet was distributed to families during the session and if parents have any questions in regards to the upcoming camp, please contact Shane Maycock maycocks@cggs.vic.edu.au.


Year 2 Service Learning at Hedley Sutton
It’s been an exciting couple of weeks of Service Learning opportunities at Junior School. The Year 2 students ventured back to Hedley Sutton, a local residential aged care community in Camberwell, to read stories and discuss with the residents how school has changed over time. This is the second year that the Year 2 students have been volunteering at Hedley Sutton as part of an ongoing community engagement initiative. The program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to have hands on experience with serving their local community; the goal being for both students and residents to learn from one another and to build a more connected, respectful and empathetic community. ~ Michelle Kalus, Year 4 Class Teacher and Junior School Service Learning Coordinator

Foundation – Year 6 Planting in the Veggie Patch (Sustainability Squad)
“I’ve found it fun because all the planting gets me excited.” Chloe Chan, Sustainability Leader Semester One

“I think it’s great that everyone in the Sustainability Squad gets along well.”Madeleine Goodman, Sustainability Leader Semester One

On Tuesday 1 May, the Sustainability Squad teamed up with our expert gardener, Deanna D’Rozario (mother of Aaliyah D’Rozario in 3L), to plant some new seeds in our Veggie Patch.

The Sustainability Squad representatives could be seen digging holes for peas and flowers, sprinkling onion and carrot seeds, covering the seeds carefully with soil and watering them. Some other vegetable seeds we planted were spinach, silverbeet and beans. In addition, we also added coriander to our well-established herb family, which includes rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, parsley and oregano.

I would like to invite all families to use our herbs from the Veggie Patch should you require any  for weekly dinners or weekend lunches. Please feel free to cut some yourself or ask your daughter to ask her Sustainability Representative for some on a Tuesday, as this is the day we work in the Veggie Patch.

We would like to thank Deanna D’Rozario for her kindness, expertise and generosity in terms of time and help over the past few weeks. I would also like to extend a big thank you to the Sustainability Squad who consistently show wonderful teamwork skills and who come to our weekly meetings with passion and readiness. We can’t wait to see our seeds grow! ~ Katrina Cheong, Year 1 Class Teacher and Sustainability Squad Coordinator

Foundation – Year 6 Lettuce Cele[ry]brate! (F-6 Vegetable Eating Competition)
“All Australians are encouraged to eat two fruit and five vegetables daily.” – www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au

Enter our exciting new initiative that was introduced by Chloe Chan, one of our Sustainability Leaders, in Assembly on Wednesday 9 May.

Lettuce Cele[ry]brate encourages Foundation to Year 6 students and teachers to eat more vegetables, as vegetables provide our bodies with important vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development. It also links to the Victorian Curriculum content descriptions found under Health and Physical Education, specifically those pertaining to food and nutrition.

What to remember: Try to bring at least one serving of vegetables to school every Wednesday. (Note: A serving should fill up the palm of your child’s hand.)

Prize: The winning class for the week will get some reusable signs to post on their classroom door. They will also get a class picture taken (with their vegetables) and this will be shown in Assembly.

We are hoping this competition generates excitement and conversation around vegetables at school and at home. Students are encouraged to eat a rainbow of vegetables (different colours and varieties) and to have fun discovering new vegetables and dishes they didn’t know they liked!

If you are a parent who finds it challenging to get your child to eat her vegetables, here are some ideas you can try at home:

  • Conduct a taste test of different vegetables to see what your child likes. Involve her in the preparation of the vegetables.
  • Keep vegetables visible in a bowl on your kitchen table or cut up and ready-to-go as snacks. These can be for your child to snack on in the car when she’s picked up from school or they can be placed in the fridge for when she gets hungry.
  • Add vegetables to your child’s smoothie without it affecting the taste! Spinach provides a vibrant green colour but is tasteless while a small amount of avocado or frozen cauliflower gives your smoothie a creamy texture.

*Important note: Don’t hide the vegetables or keep them a secret. Your child needs to know that the smoothie she loves has vegetables in it!

Please feel free to share stories of your child’s journey with vegetables (any breakthroughs or challenges!) with each other. In addition, I am always happy to hear any stories. My email is cheongk@cggs.vic.edu.au

Here’s to supporting one another and ensuring our students and children develop good habits early on so they can grow and develop into strong, healthy young women. ~ Katrina Cheong, Year 1 Class Teacher and Sustainability Squad Coordinator


Foundation – Year 6 Fancy Shoes Day
On Wednesday, Foundation to Year 6 students and teachers sported ugg boots, light up sneakers, sparkly ballet flats and brightly coloured runners as part of the Fancy Shoes Day fundraiser for Ormiston’s World Vision sponsor child, Nyasha! The theme of the day was empathy and perspective – the students were challenged to consider what it would be like to ‘walk in another person’s shoes’. During Assembly, we discussed the different contexts in which we and Nyasha live and learn. One key difference which stood out was Nyasha’s access to water. In her community in Zimbabwe, children have to walk up to 3km one way to get water during the school day. Mr Craig Goodwin demonstrated the time and effort which this would take by walking 3km prior to and during Assembly!  ~ Michelle Kalus Year 4 Class Teacher and Junior School Service Learning Coordinator


Early Learning 3 and 4 – Creating change through Mother’s Day in Early Learning
Within our program and as stated in our philosophy we value developing connections and fostering relationships between families and our school community; and understand the important role that families play in a child’s learning, development and wellbeing. In Early Learning we plan events throughout the year that provide families with an opportunity to spend time within our classroom and the school community to develop and foster these connections and relationships.

This week the parents in Early Learning, in particular the mothers, had an opportunity to spend time with their child and share different aspects of our learning community. The children and their parents engaged with various experiences such as attending an art class with Fiona Gibson, sharing a story that expressed words of appreciation for their mother and engaging in different classroom based experiences.

In our school community, Mother’s Day is an important event because it is a time when we can recognise and celebrate the important role that women play in a child and family’s life.

It is also a time when the children can express their gratitude for their mother. In Early Learning the children have expressed their gratitude by:

  • creating cards
  • drawing portraits
  • cooking treats to eat

The children have also felt gratitude as they shared and documented the different things their mothers do, for example, read stories, take them to the park and cook delicious food.

This year our Early Learning Mother’s Day celebrations also focused on making a difference to women and girls in our global community. We asked each family to contribute a small gift to our Mother’s Day stall and asked each child to bring in five dollars to purchase a gift. The money raised will be donated to the organisation Days for Girls and will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of young girls and women.

We would like to thank our EL families for their ongoing support and commitment to service learning. It is through these real world experiences that our Early Learning children become empowered and develop an understanding about how they can create change and make a positive difference in our community.

This is certainly a reflection of our school motto Utilis in Ministerium (Usefulness in Service). ~ Angela Follacchio Early Learning 4 Teacher and Early Learning Team Leader

Year 5 Student Achievement in Chess – Lucy Ciro
Just over two weeks ago, one of our Year 5 students Lucy Ciro participated in the Balwyn North Primary School All Girls Chess Tournament. During the tournament, Lucy won five of her seven matches and achieved an equal third position at the conclusion of the tournament. This result by Lucy is one of the best results by an Ormiston student participating in a chess tournament outside of the Junior School. I would like to wish Lucy the best of luck for any other upcoming tournaments in the future, including our own Chess Ideas All Girls Chess Tournament coming up on Friday 20 July.

I would like to wish all of our Ormiston mothers a delightful Mother’s Day this Sunday. I hope everyone has a relaxing day with family and friends and I look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday morning.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School