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Junior School

At our Meet the Teacher events this week, Craig Goodwin our Deputy Head of Junior School – Student Wellbeing announced our new Junior School theme for this year. The theme, or big question is ‘What does learning look like at Ormiston?’ As a School community, we look forward to exploring this question deeply with all stakeholders at weekly assemblies and major school events.

Foundation – Year 6 Ormiston Assemblies – Term 1
All families are invited to our weekly Ormiston assemblies. The assemblies are held each Wednesday, commencing at 8.40am and concluding at 9.15am. Our Principal, Debbie Dunwoody or Deputy Principal, Cathy Poyser regularly attend. I look forward to seeing many families in attendance this year.

21 February  / Focus = Communication
28 February / Focus = Collaboration
7 March / Focus = Collaboration
14 March / Focus = B.R.A.V.E.
21 March / Focus = B.R.A.V.E.
28 March / Focus = Ormiston Spirit Awards


Leadership Induction Assembly – Semester One
It was a pleasure presenting the leadership badges to a number of students in Year 6 and across different year levels at our Leaders Assembly this week. Students in Year 6G were awarded their Semester One leadership badges and students from Years 1 – 6 were awarded their Semester One Student Council badge. Congratulations to the following students:

Student Council
Year 1
Ellie Zhang & Aaratrika Kadam

Year 2
Asha Bhattacharjee & Genevieve Khaw

Year 3
Anthea Vais & Allegra Reedman

Year 4
Emily Lioe & Yasmin Taghdir

Year 5
Ency Chen & Amy Cao

Year 6
Matilda Chan

Year 6G Leadership Positions
School Captains
Ava Lillehagan & Anneke Bray

Art Leaders
Dora Hu and Heidi Lim

Assembly &  Events Leaders
Nancy Ma & Katherine Mason

Lawrence House Leader
Sienna Lonetti

Taylor House Leader
Isabella Wood

Singleton House Leader
Zoe Brisk

Schofield House Leader
Madeleine Yim

Library Leaders
Alisha Catena & Jessica Zhang

Music Leaders
Katrina Tong & Sofia Sanfilippo

Social Service Leaders
Yilia Qian & Emily Growse

Sustainability Leaders
Madeleine Goodman & Chloe Chan

Wellbeing Leaders
Ella Xue & Xixi Yang

Foundation – Year 6 Safer Internet Day
Last Tuesday 6 February our students participated in Internet Safety Day. This day is an annual worldwide event, which focuses on encouraging students to create a better Internet. Each year level participated in different activities that highlighted how our students can be respectful online and how we can teach others to do the same.

Students in Years 2 and 3 explored what being respectful online looks like, whilst also completing their own digital citizen certificate which demonstrates they have an understanding of using technology safely and responsibly and knowing they can reach out to a trusted person.

The Years 4 and 5 students participated in interactive webinars conducted by the eSafety Commissioner, which identified the benefits of being a part of online communities and how valuing diversity and being respectful both online and offline contributes to the wellbeing of any community.

It was wonderful to have all the students participate in our assembly where they were able to demonstrate their knowledge around cyber-safety, discussing questions such as, ‘what does a suitable password look like?’ and ‘do we share our personal details online?’

At Ormiston we understand the benefits and implications of using technology and that teaching the skills to appropriately use technology is ongoing and not simply over the course of a day or a single lesson. We endeavour to educate and empower our students to become respectful, safe and responsible users of technology and invite all families and the community to do the same. Some useful links are below: 


Years 4 – 6 iPad Information Sessions
I would like to thank our Year 4 and new Year 5 and 6 students and families that came along to our iPad Information Sessions last week. Emma Hinchliffe, Michelle Kalus and Kathryn Brandt presented up-to-date information in regards to cyber-safety and best teaching practice when using iPads in the classroom. All students have been set up to use our School Network and Years 4 – 6 families have been asked to work closely with the School to ensure their child’s iPad use is safe and appropriate both at home and at school.


Foundation – Year 6 Meet The Teacher Evening
Both Meet the Teacher events this week were very well attended by Ormiston families. Parents received information in regards to our Junior School focuses for 2018 and specific year level information from class teachers. Our Junior School focuses this year will be:

  1. Communication
  2. Cyber Safety – Keeping Safe Online
  3. Learning Enrichment
  4. Education Outdoors
  5. Student Wellbeing

If any Ormiston families would like more information in regards to their child’s year level or the above Junior School focuses, please contact: Justine Clancy or Marianne Parma juniorcoordinator@cggs.vic.edu.au

Early Learning 3 & 4 – Start of Year Transition
Transitions are times when children move between and adapt to different spaces or places and with different people, experiences, expectations and routines. In Early Learning, transition to school is not just something that happens on the first day of EL3 or EL4, it is a process that happens over time and usually begins in Term 4 of the year before the children begin, with an information evening for families, an afternoon school visit for children and a scheduled ‘conversation’ between teachers and parents.

At Camberwell Girls, we understand the importance of being sensitive and supportive to children and their families as they transition from their home to a school environment. In Early Learning, we implement some important but practical things to ensure that each child and family will not only manage and cope with these adaptations and changes, but will flourish, develop their resilience and experience a sense of belonging and community.

Although it is only week 3 of the school year, it is so positive to see the EL3 and EL4 children settled and developing relationships with their teachers and other children in their class. The children are certainly developing a sense of belonging and are beginning to feel safe and secure in this new environment. It is also wonderful to see the children enthusiastic about learning, eager to engage with play experiences and curious to explore different aspects of the indoor and outdoor environments.

As the weeks progress, the children will become familiar with teachers and students from the wider school community through specialist classes and the introduction of programs such as Play Learn Discover and Chapel.

In Early Learning, we look forward to continuing to develop a partnership and working together with families so we can ensure further growth, development and learning in each child.


New Students
In Week 2, our Ormiston School community officially welcomed our Foundation students and new students starting in Year 1 this year. We also had one new student starting in Year 4. Each student was awarded their Ormiston badge by our Principal, Debbie Dunwoody. Congratulations to the following students non officially joining the Ormiston community:

Foundation Scarff
Cisska Chen
Erica Dimitropoulos
Elfie Fan
Angela Hu
Claudia Huang
Elaine Li
Irene Li
Estella Ouyang
Lucinda Reedman
Connie Yuan
Chloe Zhang
Victoria Zhou

Foundation Coom
Laila Beiruti
Phoebe Goodman
Amelia Gu
Serena Hu
Molly Iervasi
Madeleine Law
Cynthia Lu
Angela Lin
Audrey Nemtsas
Zoe Raspin
Annabelle Teh
Ivy Xie

Year 1C
Semaya Kaur

Year 1J
Chloe Hu
Aiying Wang

Year 4K
Amelie Greenbank


I would like to wish all our Ormiston families a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration today and over the weekend, the year of the Dog.

Gǒunián jíxiáng (Good luck for this Dog year).


Yours sincerely,


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School