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Junior School

Foundation 2018 Information Evening
This week, our annual Foundation Information Evening took place for students enrolled in our two Foundation classes for 2018. At the beginning of the evening, both class teachers were announced to the Foundation families, and I would like to let the School community know that Heather Scarff and Michelle Di Giovanni will be the Foundation class teachers next year. Both class teachers presented a range of information in relation to the Foundation program and went through some tips to help parents prepare their daughters for their first year of formal schooling. I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to the Foundation families that attended the evening and I would like to thank Heather Scarff and Michelle Di Giovanni for putting together such a comprehensive presentation.


Foundation – Year 6 Celebration of Sport Week
It has been a wonderful week of sport and physical education at Ormiston. To celebrate this part of our curriculum during 2017, a number of sporting events were organised to give all Foundation to Year 6 students the opportunity to play tennis and soccer and of course, take part in our annual house tabloid sports event at Senior School.


On Tuesday, our school tennis company Kanga Tennis Coaching took each class for a 30 minute tennis clinic. Each session was full of energy while at the same time, each coach introduced specific tennis skills for the students to try. All students did not stop moving and by the end of the session, each student had improved their level of fitness. I would like to thank Annette Sheppard and Tim Sheppard our Kanga Tennis coaches for supporting our class and co-curricular programs over many years.


On Thursday, Andrea Wood from Senior School Student Services organised the Foxtel Tim Cahill Soccer Academy to visit the School to take individual classes and year levels for  30 minute soccer clinics. Each coaching clinic included movement and co-ordination drills designed to improve soccer skills, along with some friendly competition to improve teamwork and communication. Tim Cahill, Foxtel All-Stars head coach Robbie Anderson (Robbie has coached previously at Everton and Manchester City Football Clubs in the United Kingdom) took the sessions and commented that he was impressed with our students’ endeavour and willingness to listen and perform to the best of their ability. At the end of the sessions, each student received a Foxtel Tim Cahill Academy School t-shirt and Ormiston received a dozen brand new soccer balls and a framed certificate signed by Tim Cahill himself. I would like to sincerely thank Andrea Wood for organising this special soccer day for our students. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Celebration of Sport Assembly
Our physical education teachers Kerry O’Callaghan, Trudy Maxwell and Nareen Robinson organised an entertaining and interactive assembly to celebrate sport at Ormiston. Students that participated in District, Division and Regional events in swimming, cross country and athletics throughout the year were recognised for their efforts. Also, students who participated in our own swimming squads, swim school, athletics club, netball championships, strength and conditioning, diving and water polo were also presented with participation awards. Participation continues to be a key element of our sporting program and it has been pleasing to see so many Year 3 and 4 students get involved in sporting activities. Sport is definitely on the move at Ormiston and students in Junior School have so many opportunities to participate in both sport and physical education.


Junior School Sports Woman Award of the Year 2017
Each year the above award is handed out to a Year 6 student who has contributed extensively to the sporting program at Ormiston during the year and reached a high level of sporting participation either at an individual or team level. This year, Scarlett Giang in Year 6G was presented with the award. We thank Scarlett for all her efforts in participating in so many different sports this year and for her individual efforts in achieving Victorian State qualifying times in swimming.


Foundation to Year 3 – New Addition of iPads
This term, Ormiston received thirty new additions to the early years classes. No, not thirty new students, but thirty new iPad Air 2s, and our students have been over the moon. The new addition of iPads is an upgrade to ensure the technology we are using in our classrooms complements the ever-changing rate of technology in the world. In addition to the iPad Air 2s, our Foundation and Year 1 students currently have shared class sets of mini iPads. Having this technology in our classrooms ensures these digital natives* are being supported in their use and application of devices in a safe and engaging environment. We integrate the iPads across all subjects, not to replace teaching content or to limit the amount of writing and development of the girls’ handwriting, but as a tool to strengthen their learning through creativity. Whether they are writing a narrative and/or coding a story through Scratch Jr or creating a presentation to explain their understanding of addition, our students are fast becoming innovative while developing skills to help in their future learning.

(*digital native) noun – a person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and are very familiar with computers and the Internet from an early age.
~ Kathryn Brant, Year 2 Class Teacher and Digital Learning Leader


Early Learning 3 – Year 6 Student Wellbeing
As Emma Hinchliffe, our Deputy Head of Junior School (Teaching and Learning), mentioned in the last edition of CamNews we at Ormiston strongly believe that personal and academic excellence drive everything that we do. Our wellbeing curriculum draws heavily upon the Personal and Social Capability strands of the Victorian Curriculum.

We take a holistic view of our wellbeing program at Ormiston. There are numerous opportunities for students to develop their sense of self and their respectful relationships with others. Whether it be through the Summer Spectacular, camps, sporting activities, Chapel, Speech and Drama or our incredible music program, students are encouraged to recognise personal strengths whilst also identifying skills that they would like to develop. Students are also supported in coping with challenging situations and to persist with a task. Finger knitting, in Year 1, was one such example as the children learnt that if we persist through a challenge we can improve and find new ‘problems’ less challenging.

To provide you with an example, in Year 6 we are currently working in small teams to prepare an exciting event at the upcoming Summer Spectacular. In preparation for this teamwork project our wellbeing curriculum in Term 3 required the students to identify the characteristics of an effective team and to develop descriptions for particular roles within a group. The students have also learnt to describe their own and their team’s performance, which relies on acknowledging that conflict may occur and possible strategies that can be used to address these disagreements.

Wellbeing is a continuous thread in all that we do.

In a recent meeting the staff touched upon the importance of explicitly teaching particular skills that are outlined in the standards from the Victorian Curriculum. However, I am excited to be leading a team of teachers who acknowledge the need to be flexible in meeting the needs of their cohort. It is easy to place trust in our staff when you see, firsthand, the passion and creativity shown by the teachers to enhance students’ wellbeing. From Year 3 students being involved in ‘Treasured Friends’ – a new initiative from Mrs Columbine and Miss Leondidis – to the Bluearth Foundation working closely with our students and teachers in Year 2, we are constantly reviewing our wellbeing program and looking at how can we enhance our practice.

As such, I would welcome any stories you would like to share of your daughters’ achievements this year. Please contact me on cgoodwin@cggs.vic.edu.au.

~ Craig Goodwin Year 6 Class Teacher and Deputy Head of Junior School (Student Wellbeing)


Mountfield Maestros
Our Music program at Ormiston continues to flourish. This term, our annual Mountfield Maestros event was divided up into two separate events with the first event covering students from Early Learning – Year 2 at 4.30-5.30pm and the second event starting at 6.00-7.00pm for Years 3 – 6 students. In total, a record number of 46 performances took place and I would like to congratulate our Music teachers, Nichole Adams and Penny Byrne for all their work in preparing such a successful afternoon/evening full of talented musical performances. Also, I would like to thank Cathy Georgiev for playing the piano and supporting our students when performing, and it was terrific to see our Acting Director of Music for Term 4, Kate Savige watching our student performances. Congratulations to the following students:

Early Learning – Year 2 Performers

Elaine Li
Sharon Zhang
Iris Lu
Amelia Adel
Jade Wang
Alyssa Li
Joyce Zhang

Year 1
Michelle Zhang
Zara Teh
Genevieve Khaw
Amy Qi
Amy Yang
Asha Bhattacharjee
Yanjun Gun
Mo Lin Yu

Year 2
Maya Waide-Hee
Isla Stronell
Jiaxi Zhu
Annabelle Nemtsas
Cosette Tsjin
Elise Orme


Year 3 – 6 Performers

Year 3
Emily Lioe
Anneka Sinnappu
Sophie Tong
Victoria Mao
Maddie Huynh
Rithanyaa Prakash
Selina Guan

Year 4
Maya Goonewardene
Priyanka De Silva
Anneke Cook
Zara Kadhani
Zara Verghese
Claudia Rigopoulos
Zoe Bokas
Thisaly Navaratne
Jasmine Rees
Hanna Wang
Jenny Wang

Year 5
Laura Tong
Katherine Mason
Emily Price
Clarissa Wong
Sofia Sanfilippo
Lisa Li
Katrina Tong


I wish all Ormiston families a wonderful weekend.


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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