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Term 3 has absolutely flown by!  A friendly reminder that Sports Camp Australia are offering two fantastic School Holiday Programs for Foundation – Year 6 students. The first program is a Netball Camp, click here to book. The second program is a multi sport program, click here to book. These school holiday programs are a wonderful opportunity to challenge, educate and excite young minds in a safe and friendly environment. The first day back for all students is Monday 9 October. In the first week back, we have our Year 3 camp to ADANAC in Yarra Junction, so I hope all our Year 3 students begin to get ready for camp over the school holidays.


Dorothea MacKellar Poetry Awards 2017
This year, two students from Year 6 were awarded prizes in the prestigious National Dorothea MacKellar Poetry Competition. The students were Zara Pearson and Lucy Torre. Both poems were outstanding and the Judges’ comments were very positive. Lucy’s poem was titled ‘Leaf’ and Zara’s poem was titled, ‘Granny’. Zara was awarded first prize first in her category and Lucy came second in the same category. Last week, the national awards were officially announced and both students received money, an individual prize and a certificate. I would like to congratulate both students on their outstanding efforts and I would like to thank Katrina Cheong, Year 6C Class Teacher for supporting our students and for all her work in organising the competition this year. If you would like more information in regards to the competition, please go to the website http://dorothea.com.au/Poetry-Archive.

Year 5 Inquiry Exhibition

How can Ormiston students and their families make a difference in our local community?

When we think about being a Global Citizen, often we want to make big changes on a global scale. What if we used our global citizenship to make a positive difference in our local community? By making small changes, we could have a big impact.

This term, Year 5 worked in small groups to explore their choice of an issue that affects our local community. They researched what the problem is and explained how Ormiston students and their families can make choices that help to improve the issue.

On Tuesday the students showcased their research and solutions at an exhibition. Each group presented information in a variety of formats to demonstrate their understandings. Exhibits included persuasive letters, iMovies, interviews with experts, brochures, quizzes and games created with Scratch and Ozobots.

It was wonderful to see the Year 5 students share their knowledge with the staff, students and parents who attended the exhibition. The feedback received highlighted the effective way each group delivered their research and the practicality of their suggestions for Ormiston families.

My favourite part was researching about the Bag Ban. The Bag Ban was about a group of countries that have started a policy where you can’t use plastic bags due to the serious damage plastic does to wildlife. One of the things I found really interesting while researching, was how Australia is not part of this ban. It made me think about how much cleaner the world would be if Australia was participating. ~ Matilda, 5B

The most challenging task was coming up with ideas for our iMovie because there was a lot of information and some research had to be done. Next time I could use time effectively and use books as well as websites for more useful and knowledgeable insights. ~ Zoe, 5R

I really enjoyed being creative when we made the quiz, researching the information and the group work. I learnt a lot about fashion waste and how we can help. ~ Georgia 5B

My group researched plastic waste. Some ways families can help is reusing plastic bags and making crafts with plastic bottles. They can also remember to use the recycle bin and not put everything in the waste bin. ~ Dora, 5R

The most challenging part of the investigation was the session where we chose what game to make for the expo because it was really hard to think of an original game idea. Then all of a sudden we got all these ideas and we had way too many so it was really hard to chose what game to create. We overcame this challenge by using the process of elimination and picked the idea that worked best. ~ Sienna L, 5B

My favourite task was researching air pollution. I liked learning facts such as air pollution is the fourth largest threat to human health. ~ Clarissa, 5R

~ Mrs Liz Ruffles & Mrs Kath Buckingham, Year 5 Teachers

Walk To School Project
During the month of October, VicHealth, a Victorian Government Agency encourages students to get active and walk to school. The Walk to School program promotes regular physical activity with Victorian primary school students. It helps children and their families establish active routines for life and can improve the wellbeing of young people in our community. The project also supports primary schools, local councils and communities to make active travel easy, safe and accessible. This project will be introduced to our students during Term 4 Week 1 and I look forward to seeing students and families participating in this activity.


Boroondara Active and Safe Schools Program
Last year, Ormiston established an important partnership with Boroondara Council to improve road safety around Ormiston and increase students walking and riding to school to assist in reducing traffic congestion. Some of the results from the program included 33% of our Ormiston families live within a 2km radius of the Junior School. This is one third of the Junior School population that has the potential to walk or cycle to School. Additionally, a further 13% live within 3kms of Ormiston and these families have the potential to drive part way, park and then walk the rest of the way to School each morning.

During the first week back next term, a brochure will be handed to all families to outline the location of Tracks to School. I am sure some parents would have seen these tracks outside the Junior School front and back gates. The tracks give students and families the opportunity to walk, ride or scooter directly to Ormiston without getting lost.


Old Grammarians Association – Public Speaking Competition
This week, four Years 4-6 students were selected to participate in the Final of our Public Speaking Competition here at Ormiston. The Final competition took place this Wednesday at lunchtime. The students had the opportunity to develop their communication skills and confidence while presenting in front of an audience. It was wonderful to have our Senior School students helping with the competition while promoting creativity, communication and project management with our students. The participants were:

Year 4 / Zara Verghese
Year 5 / Amelia Graham and Nathasha Haputhantrige
Year 6 / Haripriya Pathmaraj

The winner of the Final was Nathasha Haputhantrige. The topic was ‘Female Role Model’ and many students selected their mother. Once again, the standard of the speeches was outstanding. I would like to congratulate Nathasha Haputhantrige for doing so well throughout this competition, as well as Zara Verghese, Amelia Graham and Haripriya Pathmaraj. I would also like to thank Kath Buckingham and Emma Hinchliffe for all their work in judging the final speeches on Wednesday afternoon. This was a very difficult task.


CGGS Netball Club (Years 4-6)
Once again this term, our Ormiston netballers have participated with lots of enthusiasm and perseverance. The feedback from students and coaches has been very positive and in Term 3, there have been some excellent results. The Year 6 Sapphires went down to MGGS in the Grand Final on Saturday, the CGGS girls were a couple of goals behind at three quarter time but MGGS were unstoppable in the last part of the match. All Year 6 students put in 100% and showed great sportsmanship. I would like to thank Lexie Joyce and the netball coaches for all their time and efforts this year when coaching our students. Our CGGS Netball Club is a very important part of our sporting program here at Ormiston and I look forward to hearing how our Year 3 students perform next term. Also, the upcoming CGGS Netball Presentation night will be held on Tuesday 17 October so please keep this date free.


Early Learning 3 – Year 6 Ormiston Art Show
This year’s Art Show was a great success. I particularly enjoyed how this year’s Show included interesting and unique elements that we, as students could contribute, such as finding Bob, working out the mystery word, guessing the teacher’s art work and the beak transformation in the Art Show Opening Assembly. I think by getting the students to contribute more in the Art Show, it made it more fun and meaningful. During the week I could see everyone trying to find Bob and having fun. Obviously, the art works are the main part of the Art Show. As usual, the art works are always creative and imaginative. This year, there were more sculptures and displays, and I also liked the idea of having teachers participate as well. ~ Iris Yang, Year 6 Art Leader

The 2017 Art Show was another great success. Some of the students and staff helped to put up displays, giving the students a sense of ownership, responsibility and decision making. Once all the work was on display – in The Hall, The Art Room, The Great Space and Reception area, the students, families, staff and visitors marvelled at the work – the colour, the range of materials being used, paint, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, and being able to see the progression of skill level, from EL 3 year olds to Year 6 students, along with palette knife artworks by the Junior School staff members.

The students were excited to find their own artwork and to study that of their classmates and students from other classes. The students were able to vote for their favourite artwork from each year level and the winners were announced in assembly.

Congratulations to all the students at Ormiston and the staff, parents and visitors for their positivity, support and encouragement. ~ Fiona Gibson, Art Teacher

Year 1 Service Learning – Hedley Sutton Visit
Since June, the Years 1 & 2 students have been taking part in an ongoing buddy program with the residents of Hedley Sutton, a residential aged care community in Camberwell. The program is designed to give students an opportunity to have hands on experience in engaging with and serving their local community. Their time with the residents involve sharing their learning and listening to stories; the goal being to provide both students and residents with an opportunity to learn and feel empowered. We hope that our time at Hedley Sutton invigorates and energises the older residents and helps to build a more connected, respectful and empathetic community.

On Monday, the Year 1 students visited their friends for the second time. Here are some of their thoughts on the program:

“I am thankful for my buddy because she is very kind and she helped me to learn.” ~ Amy Q

“I care for my buddy because she is nice to me and showed respect to me when she listened to my story.” ~ Maddeline M

“Hedley Sutton is a lovely place where you can learn from older people and get great ideas about older peoples’ lives.” ~ Genevieve

“I like Hedley Sutton because the people there are friendly and kind. I feel safe and happy when they say nice things and listen to us.” ~ Zara

“I like my buddy because he is funny. He asks a lot of funny questions like ‘did I know this story?’. I was a little bit nervous about knocking my older friend but I didn’t and I was surprised.” ~ Amy Y

“When I go inside the building I feel very excited to see my buddy. I think that all the old people at Hedley Sutton are kind because they always listen to us and don’t try and argue with us.” ~ Asha

~ Michelle Kalus, Year 1 Class Teacher

Years 4-6 ‘Keeping Safe in the Game’ Video Conference
Last week Years 4 – 6 students participated in an interactive webinar called “Keeping safe in the game”. The presentation was run in conjunction with National Child Protection Week.

During the session students were encouraged to answer questions, discuss scenarios and participate in polls. They identified ways that strangers may try to seek personal information online and shared safe strategies when gaming to avoid cyberbullying or unwanted contact. Students also learnt about the implications of in-app purchases and were given information regarding where they can seek support if they are experiencing cyberbullying or feel unsafe when gaming.

The feedback we received from the facilitator during the session was very positive in terms of the prior knowledge our students shared. They demonstrated a strong understanding of strategies and options to help protect themselves and their friends when engaging in online activities.

As a Junior School, we are enhancing learning and wellbeing through the use of technology when teaching about cyber safety. Parents can find more information about keeping children safe online on the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website here~ Liz Ruffles, Year 5 Class Teacher

Year 4 Robotics Club
This term we ran an after school robotics club for our Year 4 girls. The students were involved in a ‘maker challenge’ that introduced them to the design process and developing their product to suit a design brief. The brief required the girls to create a form of amour for a sphero robot. The students had to initially start by coming up with a design, followed by creating a prototype and then reflecting and making adjustments where necessary. It was wonderful to see them develop and alter their designs over the weeks to ensure it achieved it’s final goal of participating in a “Robot Wars”. Last Monday was a culmination of the girls’ hard work and effort and it was a fantastic event where all girls were able to produce a final design to compete.

“In Robotics I learnt that you will usually have many tries to get to your final idea. It’s okay if your first idea isn’t what it is supposed to be”. ~ Deana

“I learnt how to drive a Sphero. Robyn and I made our armour out of paper but it was unstable and fell down. The most successful armour was cardboard. I enjoyed experimenting with different armours as you can’t stick anything to the Sphero. Robyn was very good at thinking about new ideas.” ~ Thisaly

“I enjoyed making the armour for the sphero and working as a team with Raynee to make the cardboard armour. I also really enjoyed getting to test the armour with the sphero and changing it if it didn’t work.” ~ Anneke

~ Kathryn Brandt, Year 2 Class Teacher & Digital Learning Leader

Years 4-6 North Balwyn District Athletics Carnival
On Thursday 7 September, 34 students from Years 4 – 6 represented Camberwell Girls Grammar at the North Balwyn District Athletics Competition at Reischiecks Reserve in Doncaster. It was a full day of events with 14 schools competing. It was such a great achievement to be chosen to represent the school and congratulations to all students who made the team this year.

There were many highlights on the day, even though the weather, at times, added another layer of challenge. The outstanding individual performances of the competition were, Ella Traiforos in the Under 11 Shot Put qualified 2nd, Emily Price also in the Under 11 qualified 3rd in the 800m and Jaqueline Zheng also qualified 3rd in the Under 10 Long Jump. These students will progress to the next level of competition early in Term 4. This is an extremely fine achievement as there were many fine athletes amongst the other 13 schools in the competition.

Matilda Chan was also extremely busy on the day, as she competed in five races. Matilda made it through to the final of the 200m and 100m, in the Under 11 age group, which saw the top eight runners out of 32 competitors, race off. Only the top 3 runners progress to the next level. Matilda finished 7th in the 200m and 6th in the 100m. She was also a member of the Under 11 relay team who came fourth in their heat, which was a terrific result.

The 10 Year relay team was also a highlight. Zara Verghese, Sammantha Chua, Ency Chen and Madeleine Yim performed brilliantly to run 3rd in their heat. Lucy Brant also needs congratulated for her outstanding performance in the Under 12 hurdles event. After only just learning how to hurdle, she won her heat showing excellent technique.

Overall the students showed great enthusiasm when competing and were very proud to represent their school. Here were the selected students:

Year 4
Zara Verghese
Ency Chen
Ellie Cowell
Amy Cao
Sarah Zhou
Eliza Bosco
Sabrina Bignold
Jacqueline Zhang
Samantha Chua
Cate Mead
Chloe Liang

Year 5
Madeleine Yim
Kiki Page
Sienna Lonetti
Xixi Yang
Matilda Chan
Emily Price
Ava Lillehagen
Georgia Langley
Isabella Wood
Sofia Sanfilippo
Katherine Mason
Kelly Liang
Elle Traiforos

Year 6
Allanah Lam
Anthea Gazis
Lily Ning
Charlotte Drew
Sally Chen
Ella Hiramatsu
Jasmine Wan
Scarlett Giang
Lucy Brant
Lisa Sharma
Emma Jamieson

~ Trudy Maxwell, Years 3 – 6 Physical Education Teacher


I wish all our Ormiston families a restful school holiday break. I look forward to seeing everyone back at School very soon.


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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