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Junior School

Old Grammarians Association – Public Speaking Competition
This week, a small group of Years 4 – 6 students put themselves forward to participate in the first ever Public Speaking Competition at Ormiston.  With the help of Janice Soo from Senior School, the competition took place on Wednesday at lunchtime. The participants were:

Year 4
Aliyana Rajakulendran, Cate Mead, Zara Verghese, Zoe Bokas

Year 5
Emily Price, Nathasha Haputhantrige, Amelia Graham, Anneke Bray

Year 6
Riley Olsen, Haripriya Pathmaraj, Lily Diaz, Scarlett Giang

The standard of the public speaking was excellent and all students spoke with a loud and clear voice with rhythm and poise. The topic for this Round was ‘CGGS Community’ and four students were selected to progress to the next Round. These students were: Zara Verghese (Year 4), Amelia Graham and Nathasha Haputhantrige (Year 5) and Haripriya Pathmaraj (Year 6).

I would like to thank the parents that came along to support this activity and as a Junior School, we look forward to seeing these four students in the next round before the end of term.


Foundation to Year 6 Junior School Assembly
This week’s Ormiston Assembly explored the question, ‘What is the world you want to create?’

Mr Goodwin presented this question to Foundation – Year 6 students and asked them to consider this in light of wanting to help others in our community. There was a lot of discussion about learning to persevere with things that are challenging, and the need to respect and get along with others in life.

One of our School Captains Charlotte Drew, read out her thoughts about the above question and also, what she would bring to her world. Charlotte had some very strong messages that she shared with the Junior School. Here is her writing piece:

What is the world you want to create?
The world I want to create is a world where people are law abiding and accepting of one another. Where we all work together toward a fairer and just world. Where you don’t have to worry about anyone judging you. Where people get along and are able to compromise and have patience. A world where people are kind and respectful and where we listen to one another. Where people are supportive and notice each other’s strengths.

A world where people are brave and not perfect.

What will you bring to it?
I will bring passion and perseverance. I believe that these are two important strengths that I have that will help me create the world I’d like to live in. These strengths will help my goals to become a reality.

You need passion so you can achieve to the best of your ability. It’s more achievable to complete goals or tasks when you are passionate about them because you are invested emotionally and it is a pleasure, not a chore to work hard and see through your journey.

When things get challenging, perseverance is key because it is so important not to give up. There will be times when your goals will become challenging, overwhelming even scary but you have to keep your mind focused on the end result and keep working toward that. Even the smallest achievements are a step in the right direction so all steps should be acknowledged and celebrated in order to persevere.
~ Charlotte Drew, Year 6


Early Learning – Year 6 Ormiston Art Show Opening
The Ormiston Art Show opening is on Wednesday 6 September. The students have been working very hard to produce a range of artworks, from small to big, from paintings to textiles to sculpture and more. The artworks will be displayed in the Hall, Art Room, Reception and The Great Space. There will also be a gallery area inspired by David Hockney, where you can sit down and look closely at the Art. The students will also have the opportunity to vote for their favourite artworks and search for ‘Bob the Artist’ who will be hiding amongst the artworks. We really hope you are able to attend the opening, or to pop in. The Art Show I’ll be open from 2pm – 6pm on Wednesday 6 September and also on Friday 8 September.
~ Fiona Gibson, Art Teacher

Year 2 Excursion – Melbourne Cricket Ground Sports Museum
Year 2 have been learning about being active and living a healthy life. Last Friday, we went on an excursion to the National Sports Museum at the MCG. It was an exciting adventure because we caught the train there and back! Everyone showed zest throughout the day. We played sports like netball, football, archery, bike riding, soccer and cricket.

“I recommend the cricket section because it was really fun to use your throwing muscles to get it where you wanted it to go.” ~ Natasha Oakley

“I really loved the archery section because it was fun to try and pull the trigger to get it in the centre of the target.” ~ Maya Waide-Hee

“I really liked the horse section in the museum and I found out a preserved horses’ heart weighed 5kg.” ~ Scarlett Sim

“I really liked going to the museum because it had a lot of different sports and I like playing them.” ~ Anthea Vais

“My favourite part of it was watching the video clips about sports.” ~ Audrey Rees

It was a fantastic trip because we were moving the whole day! Everywhere you looked, there was something new to learn about. The whole of year 2 had a great experience and highly recommend everyone goes and visits the National Sports Museum.
~ Kathryn Brandt, Year 2 Class Teacher


Book Week: Escape to Everywhere, 21 – 25 August

Book Character Dress Up Parade
Monday began with a magical influx of book characters arriving at school, escaping their books for the day. There was great excitement as the characters met and introduced themselves to each other.

Then the opportunity arrived that we had all been waiting for. It was time to parade in the hall.

EL3 – Year 2 classes were first up. There was a fabulous carnival feel with teachers leading their book characters around the hall, while everyone was grooving to the funky tunes of Kids World Party music. There were percussion instruments and waving hands and even a freeze-dance at the end.

The Year 3–6 students followed and shared their own party atmosphere. Some nameless staff members morphed right into their characters (think Mr Goodwin, Mrs Ruffles and Mrs Columbine!) and led their groups with huge enthusiasm.

We had so much fun and the following comments were made by some of the students in Year 3:

‘It was fun and inclusive.’ ~ Usha Nadarajah

‘Everyone looked happy in the parade.’ ~ Alyce Law

‘It was very exciting for everyone.’ ~ Amber Chia

‘All the teachers acted really funny, especially Mr Goodwin!’ ~ Anneka Sinnappu

‘It was fun seeing everyone in costume having escaped from their book.’ ~ Imogen Tjioe

‘Some people acted as their character.’ ~ Vicky Qiu

The fact that these book characters were all mixed up for a day, led me to wonder what could happen if they jumped back into the wrong book? What would the consequences be? Or where would your character like to escape to next in a book sequence? The only tool you need is your imagination and the sky is the limit!

Book Week Assembly
On Wednesday morning at assembly, Our Library Leaders, Jasmine and Lucy, capably revealed the long awaited CBCA book winners. The following books won Book of the Year awards-

*Go Home Cheeky Animals by Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley –  Early Childhood category
*Home in the Rain by Bob Graham.- Picture Book category
*Rockhopping by Trace Balla.- Younger Reader category

Our Year 6 students were then congratulated and presented with their personalised Picture Book certificates. The following girls were recognised for their books, receiving special certificates

Honourable Mention Certificates

Anthea Gazis – Bunny and Dog
Crystal Cui – I Just Don’t Get Why
Lucy Torre – Black Cat and Blue Spider

Prize Certificates
3rd – Charlotte Drew – Fiddles Finds a Home
2nd – Jasmine Wan – Go Away!
1st – Scarlett Giang – Nothing Special

Congratulations to all our Year 6 authors and illustrators. It was a privilege to escape into the lands that each of your created. You should all feel incredibly proud. The world is a richer place for your efforts.

Happy reading everyone!
~ Jo Whiffin – Library Teacher

Years 5-7 Book Week Author Visit – Morris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman, one of Australia’s  most popular children’s authors, delighted a gathering of excited and enthusiastic students on Wednesday afternoon at the Senior School Library.

Greeted with rock-star applause, Morris captivated all in attendance with an absorbing explanation of how Felix, the  main character from the Once series came into being. Morris stated that his idea for the book was born simply from a desire to write a story about friendship.

The thoughtful audience of Years 5 – 7 students listened attentively as Morris explained his personal connection to the geographic setting of Once (World War II, Europe), and the complexities this significant time in history presented to a somewhat naïve young boy and his younger friend, Zelda.

Morris continued to weave the story  of Felix through a thoughtful and entertaining discussion of the books that follow Once in the series – Then, After, Now, Soon, and his latest release, Maybe. Important emphases throughout the series are strength of character in the face of adversity, the necessity to maintain faith in self and in the essential good of others, and dealing with loss and grief.

The students asked insightful and thought-provoking questions, which Morris answered comprehensively but avoided   any spoilers for those that had not read all the books in the series. The session was completed with a book signing and an opportunity for lots of photos with a number of delighted girls. The final book in the series that will be titled Always, is due for release next year.
~ Janine Bennett, Student at Swinburne University – Diploma of Library and Information Services

Year 6 Virtual Debate
Two weeks ago, our debate team versed Scotch College in our third attempt to debate the statement, ‘That technology is destroying our sense of community’ after experiencing numerous technical difficulties… how ironic! Our students were assigned the negative side.

On the day, Zara Pearson was unfortunately absent due to illness so we had Wendy Zhang, our 4th debate speaker, step in to fill her position. Hence, Allanah Lam remained as first speaker, followed by Scarlett Giang and summed up by Wendy Zhang. It was fabulous to see Wendy take on this challenge, given she had less than two hours to prepare, and to see the teamwork skills and support she was given.

The adjudicator, Yhana, gave very valuable individual feedback following the debate and made mention of the great ideas from both sides. It was a very close debate with a narrow margin of one point dividing the teams. In the end, Yhana awarded our debate team the win as she thought the CGGS side did a better job of responding to ideas early on in the debate. In addition, she thought our students did a stronger job of opening and sticking to a strong team line throughout, which gave their arguments structure.

It has been fantastic to witness the wide range of skills these girls have developed throughout this debating competition, which include, but are not limited to research, teamwork, critical thinking, rebuttal and public speaking. We hope they have learnt a lot from this process and it has been lovely to witness the friendships that have developed and strengthened from this experience.
~ Katrina Cheong, Year 6C Class Teacher

Victorian State Netball Championships
On Monday 21 August, a squad of ten Years 5 & 6 students departed for a round of the Victorian Schools State Netball Championships at Whitten Oval in Footscray.

Netball Victoria conducts this event every year to support netballers all over the state. Competitions are held throughout July and August with a finals day in September.

Our students had a tough start to the morning, facing some stronger teams, however it was good to see that their enthusiasm and will to compete continued throughout the day giving them some satisfying results. Overall, we played 8 round robin games for a result of 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses.

The girls are to be applauded for their team work and their willingness to play in different positions.

I really enjoyed playing with the Year 5 students as I didn’t know all of their strengths. I think we were much stronger as a team when we merged as a 5 and 6 team. I had a great day playing netball all day even though it was freezing inside.
~ Ella Hiramatsu, Year 6


I wish our families a restful weekend and all our Ormiston fathers a wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday.

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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