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Junior School

Foundation – Year 6 Mountfield Speech and Drama Performances
I would like to congratulate the students who participated in our Semester One Speech and Drama performances in the Junior School Hall this week. Once again, we had over 60 students participate in different performances whether in a small or large group and it is always a privilege to watch specific students do their personal best and make so much progress from the previous year. A feature of each of the performances was the confidence of the students in front of a small audience. There were a wide variety of performances and I look forward to seeing these types of performances at future assemblies and school events for the rest of the year.

Foundation – Year 6 Choral and Instrumental Concert
Next Thursday will be our annual Semester One Choral and Instrumental Concert. The concert will begin officially at 7.00pm and Ormiston families are asked to organise tickets via TryBooking. A full rehearsal day has been organised for next Thursday on the day of the concert. Specific details in regards to the evening has been communicated by email this week. If parents have any questions, I encourage them to contact their child’s class teacher.


Division Cross Country Event
Last week Emily Price of Year 5 participated in the Boroondara Division Cross Country race and did a personal best effort. Congratulations to Emily who came in 22nd position. She was the only Ormiston student who qualified for the Division level after competing at the District level nearly one month ago. We will continue to follow Emily’s progress both in cross country and swimming in the future.


Foundation – Year 6 Mountfield Maestros (Music)
I would like to remind parents that there is no Mountfield Maestros (Music) next Tuesday 20 June as stated in the Junior School Diary. The next date for this event is for Term 3 Week 8 on Tuesday 5 September from 4.30-6.30pm. This date and time is printed in the Junior School Diary. I ask parents interested in this event to place this on their calendar at home.


Early Learning 3 – Year 6 Winter Warmth Appeal
Last week, 7 June, we launched The Winter Warmth Appeal in our Junior School Hall. We have four tables set up, and one by one, classes have placed items on the tables. It’s been such a success to see all of Ormiston getting into the spirit of helping others!

Together we can help people who need it most. When we get hungry, we can easily just go to our pantry and get some food. But for people who are in poverty or are homeless, it’s a lot different. The Winter Warmth Appeal is about helping people that are going through a hard time. You can easily donate, just by giving a box of cereal, toiletries, noodles, rice or non-perishable snack items.

For four weeks Ormiston will be asking families to donate some food. It has been amazing to see all of the effort the girls have put in to donating and we can’t wait to see the outcome. You may have read about Year 6 taking an excursion to the ImagiNATION Exhibition. We learnt the importance of the statement ‘Together, We Can’. The Winter Warmth Appeal has definitely been the time for us to think more about what our little actions can do. We feel that through the next couple of weeks we really want to have that as our focus during The Winter Warmth Appeal. It’s not about who brings the most items. We need to think about the bigger picture and what we are doing.

Overall, we certainly cannot wait to look at the outcome as our tables are slowly loading up and please remind your family that donating does not only happen at the start. Keep giving more and more to help others.
~ Ella Hiramatsu, Olivia Petrakis and Tanya Sevo, Semester One Social Service Leaders  

Early Learning 3 – Positive Education and Service Learning
Positive Education is a science-informed framework for schools to encourage and support their students to flourish. It is made up of the domains of positive relationships, positive emotions, positive health, positive engagement, positive accomplishment and positive purpose. These domains are integral to student wellbeing and flourishing – feeling good (positive emotions and engaging experiences) and doing good (functioning effectively, being connected, overcoming challenges). (Keyes & Annas, 2009)

This term in Early Learning 3, we have introduced some of the concepts and language from Positive Education, in particular, that everyone has an invisible bucket. Through stories, songs and discussions the children are developing an understanding about how their invisible bucket holds all their good thoughts and feelings about themselves; and how they feel happy and at their best when their bucket is full and overflowing. The children are discovering that when they choose to fill a person’s bucket, they in turn fill their own bucket too.

Throughout the day, we have discussed ways that we can fill another person’s bucket, for example, when we say or do something kind, take turns, smile, listen, include others, help and share. Photographs have been used to explicitly teach these examples to the children. We have also created a bucket filling tree with these photographs, to demonstrate and remind children what they can do to fill another person’s bucket – as well as their own.

Also, intentional teaching is used to reinforce and highlight when children are being bucket fillers and the impact these words and actions have on themselves and their peers. Throughout the day the children are asked… Have you filled a bucket and if so, what did you do or say and how did the other person feel? In the afternoon, the children have some time for reflection so they can think about who and what filled their bucket during the day. The children are encouraged to share their thinking with the class.

Student comment:

When I help and say are you ok when anyone is hurt then I am being a bucket filler ~ Lucy

Community service connected to the curriculum, in this instance, positive education, is what we refer to as service learning. Throughout this term, we have shared stories and discussions that focused on being grateful for what we have in our school and family community. We have also shared stories about people that don’t have enough clothes, food or warmth during winter. During the Winter Warmth Appeal, the children are encouraged to bring in food and clothing for those families in our community that require some support at this time. The children are encouraged to be generous and thoughtful and to help others through their contribution. We have linked this to being a bucket filler. When the children think of other people and help them, they fill not only their own bucket, but the buckets of people in our community. Through these types of experiences the children develop the realisation that through their involvement and actions they can make a difference and create social change.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is What are you doing for others? Martin Luther King Jnr

More student comments:

I brought in peaches for some people that don’t have enough money to buy peaches. So if some people love peaches they can get them ~ Lucy

I put a dress in the basket for someone that doesn’t have clothes and the dress can make them warm ~ Amberley

Pants and jacket so people can stay warm and put them in the basket ~ Chelsea

I brought chick peas to school for the person that doesn’t have enough money to buy some food ~ Alessandra
~ Angela Follacchio, Early Learning Team Leader


Frane Lessac Author/Illustrator Visit
Last week, girls in Years 1 & 2, along with a small group of six parents, met with author and illustrator, Frane Lessac.

Frane shared stories from her childhood, which included her love of painting and animals. We were amused to hear of Frane’s pet snakes, monkey and even a brief stint with a camel!

“Make books about things you love and are interested in,” Frane encouraged. She is always learning new things from making books. The ideas for Frane’s stories come from areas she is interested in, such as historical events. She extends her ideas by reading books from the library, using the internet to research and also visiting actual places where possible and taking photos.

When illustrating, Frane uses gouache paints, a combination of crayons and water, to create her vibrant colours. We watched her produce two pictures using this process. The result was magical.

Frane’s new book, A is for Australian Animals, will be released next month and we can’t wait to get a copy for the library.

The hour passed very quickly and we were all grateful for the opportunity to hear from yet another inspiring book creator.
~ Jo Whiffin, Junior School Librarian

I wish all Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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