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Junior School

Play Learn Discover – Early Learning 3 & 4 and Years 1 -2  

At Camberwell Girls we are aware of the importance of relationships for children’s health, wellbeing and learning. In our learning community, we value relationships and provide a supportive environment in which children can develop and build positive relationships with their teachers, other members of the class and the wider Early Learning and School community. As teachers, we encourage, support and foster positive relationships between the children. The environment and experiences, both within the classroom and in the garden, promote and encourage the children to interact and work alongside each other and together in small groups. During these interactions, the children are encouraged to share, take turns and respond positively to others. Teachers model explicit communication strategies and support children as they participate in play and social experiences – this ensures the development and sustainment of productive relationships.

It is interesting to share that the quality of a child’s early relationships and their learning environment, impacts the way the connections between brain cells develop in the first few years of life (National Scientific Council, 2007).

A program that CGGS has developed to foster relationships between children in Early Learning and the Junior School is Play Learn Discover.

Play Learn Discover provides an opportunity for the Early Learning children to develop connections and relationships with members of our School community. During Play Learn Discover the Early Learning children and students from Year 1 or Year 2 work together and participate in various learning experiences in the classroom and/or the outdoor areas. Each EL child is partnered with a JS student and they are known as their buddy. Play Learn Discover is scheduled weekly for Early Learning 4 and fortnightly for Early Learning 3.

Monday (fortnightly): Early Learning 3 (M/W/F) with Year 2D

Thursday (fortnightly): Early Learning 3 (T/Th) with Year 2B

Thursday (weekly): Early Learning 4 with Year 1K and Year 1J

Angela Follacchio – Early Learning Leader


Years 4 – 6 District Cross Country
Last Friday, a large group of Years 4-6 students travelled to Macleay Park in Balwyn North to compete against students from other local Government and Independent schools in a cross country running event. On the day, many personal bests were achieved and Emily Price of Year 5 had a wonderful run and came in seventh place in her Under 11 race to qualify for the next level at Division. We wish Emily all the best for this race. The following students participated in the District Cross Country race:

Year 4                                     Year 5                         Year 6

Ellie Cowell                              Madeleine Yim             Crystal Cui

Sarah Zhou                              Emily Price                    Scarlett Giang

Eliza Bosco                              Sofia Sanfilippo            Jasmine Wan

Maya Goonewardene            Allanah Lam                 Tanya Sevo

Amy Cao                                  Katrina Tong                Ella Hiramatsu

Jenny Wang                            Ella Traiforos               Lilly Ning

Priyanka de Silva                   Georgia Langley

Jacqueline Zheng                   Eva Pappadopoulos

Matilda Chan


Year 5 Excursion – The Old Treasury Building
On Wednesday, Year 5 visited the Old Melbourne Treasury Building. We learnt about the gold rush and how they stored the gold there. There was an exhibition that we visited about early European settlement and we saw old maps and a bird’s eye view of paintings of Melbourne. We found lots of places that we still know and use today such as the Melbourne Treasury Building, Southern Cross Station, Collins Street and many parks.

We learnt about the women’s role in the gold rush, such as looking for gold, and the build up to the Eureka Stockade. We also learnt about the role of women in fighting about women’s rights to vote and to be equal to men.

Overall I really enjoyed the excursion and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It really expanded my knowledge about the gold rush and early European settlement.

Anneke Bray – Year 5R
Recently the Year 5 classes went on an excursion to the Old Treasury Building and it was amazing! To start our trip, we split into three groups and got a Tour Guide. The Old Treasury building used to store gold and was also a building that contained many offices for important people in the colony, seeing the gold vaults and the offices felt like you had stepped back in time. Some huge highlights for me was learning about women’s rights in voting, during the Stockade and the gold rush. We learnt some really interesting things about the days of early settlement and it was definitely an experience to remember.

Sienna Catalogna – Year 5B 


Years 3-6 Writing Workshops with Author & Literary Specialist Davina Bell
On Fridays between recess and lunch, the Junior School Library turns into an industrious creative hub. Here you’ll find girls from Years 3 – 6 attending the Writers Workshop Program, launched this year at Ormiston. Inspired by Lucy Calkins’ creative writing program, which is taught in the US and International Schools around the world, these sessions are designed to foster confidence in creative expression and build robust skills around story craft.

The students warm up by creating a fun, fast group narrative, designed to shrug off self-consciousness and open them up to the grand question of ‘What If?’, which drives every good story. Each weekly workshop then has its own micro-lesson around an aspect of writing that can prove tricky: How do you find interesting stories in your own life? What makes a compelling opening? (Hint: it’s not ‘Once upon a time’.) How do you make your characters authentic and believable – even when they’re tight-rope-walking elephants? When you’re stuck in the jungle of a piece of creative work, how do you find your way to the end? Then comes the golden solo writing time, each student tucked into their own private corner of the library for a longer time each week to put the key concept into practice, and there’s surely not a more beautiful sound than that rich, industrious silence of creative minds at work.

The students come together at the end of the hour to share their work, with highest praise from the group reserved for those who remember to incorporate sticky (memorable) details into their writing.

Davina Bell – Literary Specialist


Year 4 Author and Illustrator Visit
On Thursday, Year 4 had an author and illustrator visit.  Mike Lucas and Jennifer Harrison showed us their new picture book, Olivia’s Voice in the Senior Library.

It is about a young girl who does not have her sense of hearing. She still thinks positively and has the freedom to do what she wants. The illustrations are incredibly realistic!

Mike and Jennifer involved us in some fun activities, including what it would be like communicating when you are deaf. We did an activity where we had a sticky note with a letter on it, stuck to our forehead and we had to find other people with the same letter and get into groups without speaking. We even had a dog listening in, as some deaf people use hearing dogs.

They also talked about perseverance and emotions. It was a very exciting and fun author and illustrator visit.

Maya Goonewardene &  Ellie Cowell – Year 4R


Foundation Excursion – Healesville Sanctuary

On Thursday, the Foundation students visited Healesville Sanctuary to deepen their understandings of Australian animals and their needs. They considered how habitats, body coverings and camouflage enable creatures to survive in the wild.

Some highlights of the day were the platypus show where we learnt about the harmful effects of rubbish in our waterways, observing Tasmanian devils and wombats in their natural habitat, feeding an emu and feeling the scales of snakes and lizards.

Student Reflections

I felt happy because I got to see a bilby. (Ava)

I loved seeing all the animals like koalas, big snakes and emus. (Sienna)

I liked to touch the possum fur. There was even a ball made from possum skin. (Alyssa)

I loved the bird show with the wedge-tailed eagle. (Ellie) I liked the cockatoo. (Nan) One of the birds touched my head when it flew over. (Amiya) I liked Kevin the talking cockatoo. (Georgia)

I enjoyed the platypus show. I really liked the bubbles at the end. I know that balloons can get stuck in animals’ throats. We should use bubbles instead of balloons at parties. (Charlotte, Kathleen and Laura)

I learnt how to touch animals. I touched a snake and a lizard. The scales felt dry. (Jade)

I saw Tasmanian devils running. (Tecia) It looked like they were doing exercise. (Iris)

The goanna’s tail nearly touched me. (Sharon)

Selena Reedman and Heather Scarff Foundation Class Teachers


Event Reminder
A friendly reminder that our annual Years 3 – 6 Athletics Day will be taking place on Monday 22 May. Students are required to come to School promptly at 8.40am and the first event of the day will take place at 9.25am.


I wish all Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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