Junior School


Junior School

I would like to encourage all parents to visit our Junior School Reception this term and introduce themselves to Mrs Jepson our new Junior School Administration Coordinator. Mrs Jepson is replacing Ms Clancy for the next 12 months while she is on family leave. We wish Mrs Jepson all the best as she settles into this very important role at Ormiston.

Junior School Student Council

Junior School Student Council has kicked off for 2016 with a bang with its first meeting taking place in the Figtree Café last Friday. Fourteen representatives, from Year 1 to Year 6 attended the meeting, including Ormiston’s School Captains Felicity Vanin and Annaliese Le. Social Service Leaders, Anuska Pokharel and Jessica Nguyen, chaired the meeting, presenting the agenda and recording minutes with confidence and clarity.

In between mouthfuls of Pinwheel & Co sandwiches and wraps, the girls engaged in excited and impassioned discussion. This dynamic and motivated group of young leaders, showed their commitment by volunteering to take action with various responsibilities. The group of students recognised the power of collaboration and teamwork, offering to communicate with other students and staff members as well as supporting the younger students with getting involved. Discussion circulated around fundraising ideas and important causes, recess and lunch policies and how to continue to make Ormiston a creative, compassionate and safe environment.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Today was Grandparents and Special Friends Day for the Foundation and Year 1 students, and as always we had visitors come far and wide to spend the morning with us. All our students thoroughly enjoyed this occasion and we thank everyone who made the effort to come along. This year, we introduced a Chapel Service as part of the morning session and this was very successful and well received by all visitors. Rev Helen Creed took the session and the students enjoyed participating in a range of activities in the Junior School Hall.

Thank you to Olivia Florance and Isabelle Brisk our Assembly and Events Leaders who organised the welcome and introduction at the start of the school event. Also, I would like to thank both girls for taking photos and making a presentation while all our visitors had their morning tea. Finally, thank you to the musicians Chloe Law, Megan Kuo and Alexandra Zhang who each played so beautifully to introduce the morning event.

Young Leaders Day Conference

This week our Year 6 students travelled to the city to learn more about leadership at the annual Young Leaders Day Conference. The National Young Leaders Day is an annual event, founded in 1997 to develop strong leadership values amongst young Australians. The Program consists of keynote and multimedia presentations, as well as interactive learning that explored a range of experiences for young people who aspire to lead. In our next CamNews there will be more information about this conference.

Division Swimming Results

From the success at our local District Swimming Carnival two weeks earlier, a squad of nine students travelled to the Monash Aquatic Centre to test themselves against the best swimmers in the wider local area. Congratulations to these students:

50m Breastroke / Juliana Chandrasekara came in 5th place.

50m Freestyle Relay / Hayley Price, Matilda Chan, Sofia Sanfillipo and Ava Lillehagen came in 4th place.

50m Freestyle Relay / Juliana Chandrasekara, Olivia Banitsiotis, Olivia Rigopoulos and Felcitiy Vanin came in 3rd place.

Congratulations to these students for their swimming and sportsmanship on the day and thank you to our Swimming Coach Peter Kitney and our Physical Education teachers Kerry O’Callaghan and Nareen Robinson for all their support and guidance during these races.

Term 1 Co-curricular Activities

One of our School’s six strategic pillars of the future involves the Development of the Whole Person and as a result, Ormiston has greatly increased the range of co-curricular activities to enable Junior School students pursue their passion and interests outside the classroom.

I would like to encourage all families to go onto Parent Lounge to view the list of co-curricular activities available to our students throughout the year at Ormiston. As a School, we are constantly finding new activities to introduce across all year levels and during this term, we have doubled the sessions in athletics and swimming to involve more students. Also, we have introduced Speech and Drama activities for 30 students in Year 2 and 3 and in Year 5, we have introduced a Code Club. More information in regards to these activities will be presented in future newsletters. Here is the list of Term 1 activities:

Sport & Fitness Activities

  • Tennis Club / EL3 – Year 6 (requires a payment)
  • Athletics Group / Year 3 – 6
  • Swimming Squad / Year 4 – 6
  • Netball Club Training / Year 4 – 6
  • Friday Netball / Year 4
  • Saturday Netball /Year 5 – 6
  • Inter school Sport / Year 5 – 6

Music & Performing Arts Activities

  • Quartet / Year 6
  • Quartet / Year 5 – 6
  • Junior Strings / Year 2 – 3
  • Symphonia / Year 3 – 6
  • Chamber Strings / Year 4 – 6
  • Vocal Express / Year 5 – 6
  • Russell Strings / Year 6 (Senior School Group)
  • Mount field Maestros / Foundation – Year 6 (Music)
  • Private Music Tuition / EL3 – Year 6 (requires a payment)
  • Private Speech & Drama / Foundation – Year 6 (requires a payment)

Other Activities

  • Art Club / Year 4
  • Book Club / Year 3 – 4
  • Book Club / Year 5 – 6
  • Code Club / Year 5
  • Speech and Drama / Year 2 – 3
  • Chess Club / Foundation – Year 6 (requires a payment)

If you have any questions in regards to these co-curricular activities, please email Mrs Jepson

I wish all Ormiston families a relaxing weekend.

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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