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Junior School

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Supper
It was a wonderful evening on Friday 2 December for our current Year 6 students. Our end of Primary School celebration for these students was an opportunity for staff, students and the school community to say ‘Thank You’ for their contributions to Ormiston over many years. A special mention must go to eight students who have been at Ormiston since Early Learning for 8 to 9 years of their life which is very significant. These students are:

> Olivia Banitsiotis                              > Annaliese Le
> Nicole Chang                                   > Teri Perdikaris
> Lexy Cooke                                      > Janice Wong
> Jessica Lee                                      > Felicity Vanin

I would like to sincerely thank School Captain Karen Zhang for her motivating and encouraging speech on the evening. Our Year 6 students are very fortunate to have such an inspiring role model at Senior School. Additionally, I would like to thank our Year 6 Class Teachers Kate Giles and Katrina Cheong for all their work in preparing the Ceremony. There is so much work that goes into this evening and I appreciate all of their efforts.

After the Ceremony, the Year 6 students and families were invited to Robinson Hall at Senior School to have Supper with Junior School staff. Once again this part of the evening went very well and I would like to thank Pinwheel & Co for their delicious food and Nareen Robinson for organising a group of Year 5 parents to help out for the evening. The Year 5 parents were a tremendous help in making the evening a success and I thank them for all their assistance with the food, drink and cleaning up at the end of the night.


Year 6 Graduation Lunch
On the last day of school at Ormiston, the Year 6 Classroom Representatives and a small group of parents, with the School, organise a lovely lunch for the Year 6 students to farewell them to Senior School. The lunch was very successful and Larissa Ocampo from the One Girl Foundation gave a very motivating speech about her own life while at the same time, motivated the girls to set their own goals for the future, and that anything is possible if you have dreams! I would like to thank Kathy Rigopoulos and Soula Stathopoulos for all their work in preparing the Graduation Lunch decorations. The Junior School Hall looked beautiful on the day. I would like to thank all our Year 6 students for their efforts this year and particularly, during their last week at Ormiston. They have been an outstanding group of students.


Boroondara Council Transport Project
Last Thursday our third Boroondara Council transport meeting was organised for students, parents and staff to work through some possible recommendations to relieve traffic congestion around Ormiston and to promote a healthy lifestyle for all Foundation – Year 6 students. Boroondara Council presented a number of results from the student and parent surveys and the main focus from the results was that over 80% of our families use a car to drop-off and/or pick-up their child from school on any given day. I would like to thank all the Ormiston families who took the time to fill out the transport survey, as we had a 93% response which was one of the highest responses Boroondara Council had received from a school community for many years. Early next year I look forward to the recommendations that Boroondara Council suggest to improve the traffic conditions around Ormiston.


Foundation – Year 6 Child Safe Standards Sessions
I would like to let parents know that our School Councillors Beth and Paula took a second Child Safe Standards session with students from Foundation – Year 6. These sessions encouraged the students to take care of themselves and to be aware of good and bad interactions with others. Also, the students were reminded that there are specific Ormiston staff members who are Child Safety Officers and that they can speak to about any issues that may be affecting them at school.


Co-Curricular Activity – Speech and Drama
Last week nearly 50 Foundation – Year 6 students were involved in Speech and Drama performances on Tuesday and Wednesday. The students performed a range of very entertaining performances and the overall standard of these events was excellent. I would like to thank Cara Whitehouse and Nicole Allan for all their work this semester with the students. Many families could see the improvement that had taken place with so many students this semester and throughout the year.


EL3 – Year 6 Christmas Giving Service
All of our Ormiston students were once again involved in our annual Christmas Gift Giving Service. Each student was encouraged to bring to school a gift for a young child for Christmas. Rev Helen Creed took us through the gift giving service where we had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols and to learn more about the importance of helping others at Christmas time. Thank you to all families that presented a gift for our Ormiston Christmas tree.


Father Daughter Camp
This week an email was sent out to all 2017 Year 1 – 6 families encouraging them to come along to our annual Father Daughter Camp. Next year the camp will be at Portsea. Fathers are encouraged to fill out the permission form and the Camberwell Girls Code of Conduct sheet and make the payment for the camp. Fathers can organise their Working With Children Check card over the school holidays and hand it to the School early Term 1 2017. This is the first time that we have organised a camp at Portsea and some of the activities will include flying fox, giant swing, oceanography, high ropes course and many different beach activities.


Foundation – Year 6 Student Sport Profiles
It has been a great week in sport for Ormiston girls.

Emily Price in Year 4 has qualified to compete at the 2017 Victorian Sprint Championships. Emily competed in the 2016 final qualifying meet at Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre last weekend in the Under 11 years / 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke events.

Still only 10 years of age, Emily was put to the test and met the challenge by swimming a 1.5 second personal best time in her backstroke event posting 41.87 seconds.

Boroondara Power Representative Netball has been holding selections over the past few weeks for the 2017 season. Well done to all the girls who put themselves up for the challenge and attended the trials over the last month.

Congratulations to Felicity Vanin and Anuska Pokharel both of Year 6 for being selected for the 2017 U13 girls’ squad. We wish them both all the best for the season next year.

Figure Skating
Over the last week, Fiona Zhu of Year 4 competed at the National Figure Skating Championships in Melbourne from 25 November – 2 December. Fiona is one of the youngest girls in her Ice Skating Victoria team and she competed in her events with a lot of determination and perseverance. We congratulate Fiona on her achievements this year and look forward to following her progress in 2017.
~ Kerry O’Callaghan Junior School Physical Education Teacher


Foundation – Year 6 Green Team
What a wonderful, colourful, and aromatic Christmas market stall we had with Green Team on Thursday.

Thank you to all of the students who met us at the veggie patch with their reusable containers and donations. Our harvest included all sorts of delicious herbs and vegetables and our leaders even provided Christmas recipes to showcase the produce we have been growing this semester. Onions, lemon thyme, rosemary, oregano, mint and much more were quickly distributed and we had totally ’sold out’ before lunchtime had ended. A big thanks to our Green Team leaders Emma and Crystal for all of their hard work this semester, and thank you also to all the Green Team members for meeting each week and helping to make our school a more sustainable place.

We raised over $80 at the stall and look forward to seeing what the veggie patch will grow next year!
~ Miranda Jackson Year 1J Class Teacher


Year 5/6 Virtual Debating Competition – National Grand Final
On Tuesday 29 November, the School community gathered together in the Junior School Hall with the families of our debating team to support them in the Grand Final debate against Pittwater House. The topic was ‘we should all become vegetarians’, with Happy, Annaliese and Liesel arguing the negative stance on this issue. The girls were a bundle of excitement and nerves as they trekked to the Senior School TV studio, approaching with the mindset that they would give it their all and hope for the best.

The debate consisted of four major themes. The first was that animals were often treated poorly and that there was a large amount of suffering to eat meat. The second was the health issues involved in eating meat, as well as not eating meat. The possible risks of either side were well-argued and supported by statistics. The third theme was one of environmental concern for our planet and the large effect the meat industry is having on it, followed by the issue of the economic impact of having a world full of vegetarians in terms of job loss.

While Pittwater House won the debate with strong arguments that were well-supported with statistics and excellent rebuttal, our girls carried themselves with grace and maturity in the face of disappointment when the results were announced. We spoke as a team about Pittwater House’s strengths and what they were able to bring to the table, and it was clear from the debate that their School was fairly experienced in debating. We also spoke about this being a wonderful learning experience that will help to further develop their skill set. While the sting of disappointment when the girls had put in so much work and had given it their all was evident, the welcome and congratulations they received back at the Junior School helped to support them; each debating member surrounded by no shortage of embraces and comforting words. It is lovely to see a School community coming together as one to support one another, in times when we win, as well as in times when things don’t go the way we had hoped.

On behalf of our School community, I would like to say that we are so incredibly proud of Happy, Annaliese and Liesel – for their debating achievements so far, their ability to work together and support one another throughout, as well as the way they have approached each and every debate. This has been with positivity, determination and fairness. Our School has now signed up for this debating competition in a range of year levels for 2017, and I have no doubt that these three girls have served as strong role models and inspiration for their peers.
~ Katrina Cheong Year 6C Class Teacher


Year 3 Cultural Celebration Exhibition
This term Year 3 have been studying the purpose and history of festivals and celebrations around the world. The aim of the inquiry was for students to develop an understanding of other cultures and promote the positive impact cultural diversity has had on Australia. To culminate their studies students thoroughly researched a festival or celebration of their choice to teach others about at our Celebration Sensation last Friday 25 November. Students were thoroughly absorbed in their projects and valued the opportunity to design their own exhibits to teach others about their chosen festival in an authentic and interactive manner through the use of objects, images, games and videos.

I thought the Celebration Sensation was really fun because I got to know other people. It was also hard because I worked really well to complete my task on time and it was a challenge to engage other people and get them to visit my exhibit. ~ Raynee Wong

I thought the presentation was a wonderful way to get to know people and teach others about my festival. My favourite bit of it was learning about the actual festival (Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival) and rehearsing before the exhibit ~ Elysia Wang
~ Emma Hinchliffe Year 3 Class Teacher & Junior School Digital Learning Leader


What are 7 and 8 year olds capable of?
On Friday 25 November all of the Year 2 students moved in to the Art room so that they could build the toys they had discussed, planned and designed in small teams. The parents also turned out in force, armed with tools and materials, to assist their daughters.

The inspiration for their toys came from a design brief, where the Year 2 children had been asked to create exciting and imaginative toys for the Early Learning Centre children. The toy had to be able to move, have sustainable elements to help the environment, be bright and colourful and be safe for 3 and 4-year-old children to use.

So what are 7 and 8 year olds capable of?

Well, upon reflection, the children realised how many character strengths they utilised for this project.

Students were enthusiastic and engaged with this project throughout Term 4 as they experienced a love of learning. They had to learn new skills and are continuing to master some of them, with one student so eager to develop her knowledge that on the weekend she took apart a remote controlled helicopter with her father to create a fan to use in Pakistan over the summer!

Some other skills the students loved learning were to sew, how to use a hot glue gun, drilling holes in wood and learning to use a saw. These skills were taught by their peers and in some instances, were role modelled by their parents first. This guidance was important as some of the advice from parents truly resonated. One mother likened sawing wood to playing a violin and the children loved the connection that was made.

As a teacher, and for the parents as well, self-regulation was paramount as we needed to step back and let the students have a go at these new skills. We may have been worried about the students being injured with a saw or making a mistake with their toy but it was vital that the students were given the opportunity to experiment and learn.

We learnt that 7 and 8-year-old girls are capable of persistence. When they encountered a problem, and teachers or parents didn’t fix it for them, we saw capable young people who found creativity in problem solving.

It was a tremendous day and we look forward to seeing the children in the Early Learning Centre play with these attractive, sustainable toys for many years to come.

Although the products look magnificent, the true success of the investigation came in the process. The children learnt a great deal about themselves as learners and, by having the time to discuss and reflect, realised that they are capable of imagining, innovating and problem solving.
~ Craig Goodwin Year 2 Teacher & Deputy Head of Junior School (Student Wellbeing)


I wish our Ormiston families a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year holiday.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School


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