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Child Safe Standards Update
Ensuring Camberwell Girls is compliant with all the requirements of Ministerial Order N0. 870 – Child Safe Standards has certainly kept us busy since all schools in Victoria were made aware of this most important directive earlier in 2016. At Camberwell Girls this process has included working with student groups on policy writing and the development of sessions to educate our students on Child Safe Standards, Protective Behaviours and Respectful Relationships.

Our new Camberwell Girls commitment to Child Safety that forms part of every School policy states:

All students who attend Camberwell Girls Grammar School have a right to feel and to be safe. The wellbeing and safety of all students in our care is our first priority and we have zero tolerance to child abuse. The protection of students is the responsibility of everyone who is employed at, or is engaged by Camberwell Girls in child-connected work. To ensure the safety and best interests of all students, we take into account the needs of those with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage, those from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and those with a disability.

While we have discussed Protective Behaviours and Respectful Relationships within our Health curriculum for many years, the directive from the Victorian Government on the Child Safe Standards strengthens our ability to promote and model such behaviours in everything we do to support students and staff at Camberwell Girls.

Throughout the remainder of this term and beyond, as a matter of compliance with the Child Safe Standards outlined in Ministerial Order No. 870 your daughters will be taking part in discussions and lessons aimed at educating them on two main themes; the right to feel safe all of the time and identifying the people they as individual students trust in order to share concerns or questions. The School Counsellors and other Junior School staff will be responsible for conducting these sessions.

Please note that there is excellent information available to all families on the following websites.


Year 5/6 Virtual Debating Competition
On Wednesday 26 October, our representative Year 6 debating team, consisting of Happy Wen (6C), Annaliese Le (6C) and Liesel Trichardt (6G), took to the screen again to battle it out in the quarter final round of a virtual debating competition against Gulf Christian College. Being assigned the negative position on the following topic – ‘we should stop space exploration’ – the girls had a week to research and construct their arguments, ensuring cohesion between each team member’s material.

This time, our team’s case line emphasised that nowadays, the sky is no longer the limit. The girls argued that we should look to space exploration to help us find alternative ways to combat issues such as overpopulation and the finite amount of resources here on Earth. They also mentioned that we should take advantage of such opportunities to explore space and if we choose not to, then we stop progressing and developing as a human race. The girls improved on their ability to rebut the other team’s points, reiterating their key arguments in the process, and their use of tone, phrasing and purposeful pause allowed them to convey their message effectively. Ultimately, it was their strong content that resulted in another win for our debaters.

Once again, we congratulate Happy, Annaliese and Liesel on their efforts and achievements so far and wish them the best of luck in their semi-final round against Scotch College in two weeks.
~ Katrina Cheong, Year 6 Classroom Teacher


ELC 3 and ELC 4 Grandparents and Special Friend’s Morning
Over the last two weeks at Ormiston, it has been a pleasure to be part of some special days with each of the three classes in Early Learning. Grandparents and special family friends were invited to come to our Early Learning Centre to learn more about our programs and to get directly involved in classroom activities. These types of school events are an opportunity for us as a Junior School to celebrate the contributions grandparents and special friends make to their families and communities. I would like to thank the Early Learning staff Angela Follacchio (Team Leader), Debbie Lowden, Melissa Field, Danxue Lu, Effie Kitsiris and Neroli Bowyer-Smyth for all their work in making these important school events so successful.


Foundation – Year 6 Transport Project with Boroondara Council
Camberwell Girls Grammar School has established an important relationship with Boroondara Council to implement the Boroondara Active and Safe Schools Program for 2016/2017. The aim of the 12-month project is to improve road safety skills and encourage active modes of transport to keep our students safe and physically active. Key elements of the program include conducting parents and student surveys, infrastructure assessments, pedestrian/traffic counts, developing pedestrian heat maps and putting forward five school recommendations/actions to implement in late 2017. Ormiston students, staff and parents will be invited to participate in this project in the coming days and weeks.


Foundation Transition Sessions
Over the last two Friday mornings, it has been wonderful to meet and greet our new students and families that will be part of our Foundation year level in 2017. Our Foundation class teachers Heather Scarff and Selena Reedman have been involved in these Transition sessions and have organised activities that encourage each of the students to use their strengths and weaknesses when playing and completing more structured learning activities. I would like to thank Angela Follacchio, our Early Learning Team Leader who helped make the first Transition session a great success last week.


Year 6 Co-Curricular Activity – Diving
Term 4 has seen an exciting new opportunity presented in the sporting arena with an introductory diving course offered to a small group of Year 6 students. We are fortunate enough to have four time Olympian, Jenny Donnet coaching our girls and preparing them for what lies ahead next year in the GSV Diving Championships. I have been very impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment to learning and the respect they have shown Jenny which has enabled them to maximise their development in the sessions so far. From what I have seen from these girls, I can’t wait to watch their growth in this sport over the coming years in Senior School and I am genuinely excited about the future of the Camberwell Girls diving team.
~ Nareen Robinson, Junior School Physical Education Teacher


I hope all Ormiston families have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School


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