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Junior School

2017 Foundation Information Evening
This week we had our annual Foundation Information Evening with our current Early Learning 4 parents and families from outside Ormiston. It was an excellent evening where parents were able to ask questions about the Foundation program for next year and receive information about the whole school and Foundation in 2017. During the evening, both Foundation class teachers were announced and they are Mrs Heather Scarff and Mrs Selena Reedman. Both teachers are currently the Foundation teachers for this year and look forward to teaching Foundation again in 2017. Additionally, it was announced that the Foundation class next year will be in one classroom with only 24 students which will have the ratio of one teacher per twelve students, which will be the lowest teacher and student ratio in the Junior School in 2017.


Foundation – Year 6 Celebration of Sport Assembly
On Wednesday it was a pleasure being a part of our special Celebration of Sport Assembly. Students that were involved in our Ormiston sporting teams and sporting co-curricular activities throughout the year were officially recognised for their effort, commitment and personal excellence in their chosen sport or sports. It was wonderful to see so many Years 3 – 6 students up on stage receiving their certificates and this was because of the increase in our before and after school co-curricular activities. This year our Camberwell Girls Netball Club, athletics and swimming programs have been extended to include additional year levels and presently, a large group of Year 6 students are experiencing diving for the first time with four-time Olympic diver Jenny Donnet as their coach. These weekly training sessions will prepare our Year 6 students for Girls Victoria Sport (GSV) competitions next year. I would like to thank Mrs Kerry O’Callaghan and Mrs Nareen Robinson our two Junior School Physical Education teachers for organising this important assembly. The 2016 Camberwell Girls Junior School Sportswoman of the Year was awarded to Juliana Chandrasekara. Well done to Juliana and we wish her well in all her future sporting activities as she moves into Senior School.


Years 4 – 6 1:1 iPad Program 2017
The 1:1 personal iPad program, in which students bring their own iPad device to school, will continue for students in Years 4 – 6 at Ormiston next year. In preparation for this program in 2017, parents of students in Year 4 2017 were emailed a frequently asked questions sheet and a link to a video we created that detailed why we choose to run an iPad program, the expectations of which iPad to purchase and how to go about this. In addition to this, parents were offered the opportunity to attend one of two question and answer sessions to clarify their understandings.

In addition to this, parents were notified that at the beginning of next year we will hold a compulsory iPad Agreement and Cyber-Safety meeting for students and parents to go through the expectations of appropriate use of the iPad both at school and in the home setting. Students are not allowed to bring their iPad to school until after this session next year. You will be notified of the date of this meeting when school dates are confirmed for next year.

If your daughter is in Year 4 in 2017 and you did not receive this important email, please speak to Susannah Jepson or Vicki Ibbott at Reception. I am also happy to meet with you to discuss any further questions you may have about the program. ~ Emma Hinchliffe Junior School Digital Learning Leader


Early Learning 4 Full Time – Learning To Take Care of Planet Earth
Within our curriculum, we convey sustainable messages to the children about the importance of ‘only taking what you need’ and ‘only using a certain amount, not too much.’ During Term 4, to reinforce this environmental message, the story Milo and the Magical Stones by Marcus Pfister was shared with the children during group time. In the story, Milo discovered a magical stone that gave both warmth and light. This discovery changed the lives of Milo and all the other mice. Halfway through the story, the book split in two sections and each offered a different ending. This format involved the children in the decision making process as they needed to decide if they wanted to hear the happy or sad ending. Initially, the children chose the sad ending. We shared the story and the children were sad to discover that the mice took more than what they needed; and they chose all the large stones and didn’t replace the spaces in the environment with anything in return. When we read the happy ending, the children were pleased that the mice only took what they needed, shared the stones with each other and made sure that quite a few stones were left in the environment. They realised that it’s important to not use or take everything – we need to control our impulsivity and leave things in nature. This story conveyed several important messages to the children:

  • > that all decisions have consequences
  • > the environmental choices that we make today can effect the future of our planet
  • > taking more than what we need is not a wise ecological choice.

The story also reinforced the important messages about taking care of our earth and provoked discussions about conservation of water, paper and electricity. The children reflected on this story and shared their thinking through dialogue and the visual language of drawing.


Georgia and Amelia made connections with the story and our discussions about being mindful in regards to the amount of soap and paper towel the children use when they wash and dry their hands in the bathroom throughout the day; and the importance of using both sides of a piece of paper when drawing or writing.

If we take more paper than what we need then we need to cut down more trees. ~ Georgia

And that’s wasting leaves and trees. It’s not looking after nature. ~ Amelia

An imaginative and creative experience with magical stones, a cave and a copy of the book, are now provided within the classroom. This is reinforcing the key messages from the story and providing an opportunity for the children to reflect on and incorporate, important ecological messages in their play.

It is through these types of experiences that the children are learning about the importance of thinking through choices and being mindful before making decisions. They are also learning about being responsible, respecting nature and the environment and how the decisions we make in Early Learning impacts on our local and global environment. ~ Angela Follacchio Early Learning 4 Full Time Teacher


Foundation – Year 1 Gould League Excursion
Last week, both Foundation and Year 1 classes went on their final excursion for the year to The Gould League. The girls learnt the importance of recycling hard plastics, paper, glass and aluminium in our recycling bins. They also discovered the many ways soft plastics, such as plastic bags and wrapping, is now being used to create furniture, play equipment and even our school uniform! Digging for worms, sorting nappies in the rubbish bins, uncovering natural treasures and shrinking to the size of a mini-beast were all highlights of our day. We’ve learnt many new ways to help protect and care for the environment and we’re looking forward to sharing our learning with our families and friends back at Ormiston. ~ Miranda Jackson, Year 1 Class Teacher


Foundation – Year 4 Leigh Hobbs Author Visit
Leigh Hobbs got lost on his way to school this morning, but he began the first session in his usual good-humoured way by announcing that at least there weren’t tears!

Leigh Hobbs is the Australian Children’s Laureate for 2016-2017, touring the country to promote reading, creativity and the importance of libraries. He is of course, also very well-known as an award winning children’s illustrator and author.

Creativity and humour were certainly highlighted in his three presentations to girls in Foundation – Year 4. Active participation was inspired by drawing characters such as Old Tom, Mr Chicken and Horrible Harriet. Some classes also created their own character drawings. The joyful message of these drawing exercises was to celebrate our differences. We are all unique and as a result we should welcome the different way we make marks on paper to reflect our individuality and imaginations. There are no rules when you create a character-you are the boss!

The hour sessions passed too quickly, with plenty of giggles and humour, drawings and  the sharing of inspirations that drive this artist and author. It was what Leigh Hobbs had hoped for, a morning of slick presentations! ~ Jo Whiffin Junior School Library Teacher


Year 5 Art – Living Pictures
The Year 5s were set a task to find an artwork with a person as the main subject. The artwork could be a painting, photograph or even a sculpture. The students then prepared costumes and props, putting themselves in the scene.

The students came to school dressed as the main subject and introduced the artwork to the class. A photograph was planned and taken with a similar background and finally the students began sketching.

Over the next few weeks they will finish their work and it will be on display in the Junior School Hall.

The students put a lot of thought and planning into their work, collecting costume and prop items and thinking about how they would position themselves. There was a lot of excitement throughout the day and the students were much admired by other students, teachers and parents. The students did a wonderful job with this task. Congratulations. ~ Fiona Gibson Junior School Art Teacher


I hope all families have an enjoyable weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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