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Foundation to Year 6 Ormiston Spirit Awards

It was with great pleasure we were able to recognise the efforts of our students in Term 3 through our new awards, The Ormiston Spirit Award. This award reflects students that have shown a Growth Mindset in all of their learning, who are willing to take risks in their learning and show our School Values of Respect, Commitment, Integrity, Hope and Courage.

The following students received this award at this week’s Junior School Assembly:

Foundation – Zara Teh and Genevieve Khaw
Year 1 – Aphrodite Bablis and Jasmine Li
Year 2 – Trinity Sideris and Mara Vais
Year 3 – Deana Tang and Eliza Bosco
Year 4 – Xixi Yang
Year 5 – Richa Shah and Iris Yang
Year 6 – Juliana Chandrasakara and Anuska Pokharel
Physical Education – Felicity Vanin
Music – Chloe Law
Chinese – Susannah Lutze
French – Annaliese Le
Library – Jasmine Wan
Art – Stamatia Stathopoulos


Ormiston Art Show
I would to once again thank Mrs Fiona Gibson our Junior School Art Teacher for all her efforts and work in organising another amazing Ormiston Art Show for 2016. Some of you as parents would have seen many new displays and activities that Mrs Gibson introduced this year. I hope all parents and families enjoyed this experience and we look forward to our annual Ormiston Art Show again in 2017.


North Balwyn District Athletics Sports
It was a pleasure travelling to the District Athletics Sports Carnival with our Year 4 – 6 students this week. There were 14 participating schools on the day and our girls did their personal best in each of their events. This Carnival was our most successful one since being Head of Junior School.

In each of the running finals for the 100metres, 200 metres and relay events we had at least one representative in each of these races, which was very exciting for us.

Special mention must go to two Year 6 girls that managed to qualify for the next level, being Division. Congratulations to Jessica Nguyen and Juliana Chandrasekara! We look forward to their next events in early Term 4.

The District Athletics Team listed below:

Year 4
Matilda Chan
Kelly Liang
Emily Price
Kiki Page
Xixi Yang
Clarissa Wong

Year 5
Allanah Lam
Anthea Gazis
Evie Williams
Lily Ning
Wendy Zhang
Scarlett Giang
Crystal Cui
Emma Jamieson
Charlotte Drew
Ella Hiramatsu
Angie Bosco

Year 6
Jessica Lee
Jessica Nguyen
Ava Baker
Juliana Chandrasekara
Anuska Pokharel
Susannah Lutze
Felicity Vanin
Olivia Banitsiotis


Music Pods
Over the school holidays, two Music Pods will be placed in front of our Year 4 classroom to enable individual instrumental lessons to continue with our school tutors. Over the past two years, there has been a wonderful increase in students wanting to have instrumental lessons with tutors here at Junior School. This is an important part of our co-curricular program and we would like to continue these lessons within the Music Pods and in our current rooms in Mountfield. Please take a look at them when you arrive back for the start of Term 4.


Year 6 Excursion to the Melbourne Writer’s Festival
Last Thursday, the Year 6s attended the Melbourne Writer’s Festival at Federation Square. The girls were buzzing with excitement as we took the train into the city, leaving some Books on the Rail, courtesy of sticker labels from Miss Kalus and her wonderful initiative. Students got to hear how nature and animals inspired ideas and different ways of storytelling from Graeme Base, author of the well-known Animalia, and Lisa Kennedy, an Indigenous artist and storyteller. We were also treated to a performance featuring Martha Grimstone, courtesy of Asphyxia and her skills as a puppeteer. The students, in particular, were enthralled with Asphyxia who lit up the stage signing her story using AusLan. In addition, Asphyxia showed us her diary, which was a work of art in itself, featuring various sketches, ‘seeds’ of inspiration, ideas and thoughts that were beautifully strewn across the pages. We would like to thank Mrs. Whiffin for organising such a memorable event.

In reflecting on the excursion, the Year 6s spent most of the day on Friday not speaking to understand what it might be like to be mute, relating to Asphyxia who is deaf. They were allowed to sign and many used the AusLan alphabet they learnt from the excursion to convey their messages.

Below is a short reflection from Micah Tan (6C) on this experience:
“Being mute for a day was one of the hardest things that I have ever done… This experience has taught me to always be grateful for the smallest things that people might not have. I didn’t realise that I was so lucky, until I actually did something that people have to do every day.”
~ Katrina Cheong, Year 6 Classroom Teacher


Ormiston Green Team

Last week on September 1st it was National Wattle Day. Wattle Day is always on the first day of Spring and is celebrated across Australia.

Did you know the before clocks and calendars were invented, the Wrundjeri tribe relied on nature to tell them what time of year it was. They knew it was Spring when they found wattle blooming on the trees around them. When they saw the blossoms begin to fall, they knew it was time to fish for eels. At Ormistion, we celebrated National Wattle Day this year by wearing yellow ribbons in our hair.

We hope you have enjoyed the start of Spring and have noticed all of the beautiful changes taking place in our garden.
~ The Green Team


Year 4 Video Conference
Last week the Year 4s brushed up on their Shakespeare and also some of their Korean. Our 3-day video conference run by the Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company in association with the Sydney Opera House allowed us to collaborate with Ungcheon Elementary School and be taken behind the scenes in the famous Australian landmark. The girls learnt about the different uses of the auditoriums and were even given a peek into the dressing rooms and how the actors and actresses prepare themselves before a performance.  One aspect of the incursion was the focus on Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ The girls participated in a range of interactive activities that consisted of exploring character themes, language and vocabulary and performance skills. It was a thoroughly enjoyably experience that when it came to an end, ‘Parting was such sweet sorrow.’
~ Kathryn Brandt, Year 4 Teacher


Junior School Student Council
Student Council provides Junior School students with an opportunity to celebrate our tremendous school community and discuss how we can work together to make it even safer, happier and more functional place.

The meetings are facilitated by our Year 6 Semester Two Social Service Leaders, Olivia Rigopoulos and Teri Perdikaris. Olivia and Teri have proven to be patient, warm and enthusiastic leaders. They take initiative when auctioning changes and guide the younger students with great care.

They reflected on their role so far, as well as, their goals for Term 4:

“I feel more confident as a leader. Personally, I think that running the meeting on my own was better than I thought it would be. I was a bit nervous at first, but once you start the meeting, the nerves go away. Next term, I would like to be more organised with getting the agenda ready for the meeting.” ~ Olivia

“I like hearing other people’s different ideas. People are so creative. Our new suggestion box is such a good idea! I would like to help organise more charity events next term. Maybe we could sponsor each other to do something or host a raffle.” ~ Teri
~ Michelle Kalus, Year 1 Teacher


Mountfield Maestros
On Tuesday 6 September, the bi-annual Mountfield Maestros was held in the Junior School Chapel. This term, we had such a large number of eager musicians that for the first time, the performance had to be split into two sessions; one for Foundation to Year 4 students, and another for Years 5 and 6 students.

In many weeks prior to the evening, we all worked hard to create bookmarks and certificates for the performers and put together speeches for both sessions. On the evening, everyone played fantastically and it was thrilling to see all students’ amazing achievements in music at Ormiston.

It was also rewarding to see our efforts in preparation come together on the night, for we felt we had successfully achieved something great as Music Leaders.

We would like to acknowledge Mrs Jepson for assisting with the organisation components (the programs and emails) as well as Miss de Quadros and Mrs Adams for working with us to run the sessions. We would like to express our appreciation to Mrs Georgiev, who accompanied many girls on the piano during the evening and took time to rehearse with every student beforehand. Thank you also to Mr D, Miss Cheong and all the parents and students who attended the concert.

Playing and organising Mountfield Maestros was an experience we will never forget. We look forward to collaborating in running the Choral and Ensemble Concert next term!
~ Chloe Law, Juliana Chandrasekara and Nicole Chang, Semester 2 Music Leaders


Year 5 Properties of Light Event
This week Year 5 were involved in a science incursion run by Anna from Hands on Science. Students investigated the properties of light by conducting various experiments, sharing their knowledge and asking questions.

Students learnt how to classify materials as transparent, opaque or translucent, based on if light passes through or is absorbed by it. They explored the refraction of light using the “magic” coin – an experiment the girls were keen to replicate at home. Through the use of glass, plastic and water, students investigated different methods of magnifying objects and reflecting light. They also explored how our eyes work and the use of lenses to project images. The experiments were engaging and fun, and Year 5 had lots of opportunities to explore their questions, share their understandings and expand their thinking.
~ Liz Ruffles & Kath Buckingham, Year 5 Teachers


Ormiston Art Show

The Ormiston Art Show for 2016 was a buzz with excitement. Students, parents and visitors eagerly looked at all the art work, being very proud of their work on display. Most students had at least 3 or 4 pieces of artwork in the show. There were paintings, drawings, clay pieces, paper mache, mod rock sculptures and printed work. The walls of the hall, Art Room and upstairs were filled with colour. There were 3 interactive artworks. The Princess photo booth was a real hit. Students could sit on the royal throne, put on a royal crown and robe and have their photos taken, just like the self portraits by the Foundation Princess students. There were also 2 large collaborative pieces by Year 6 students, one entitled The Scream and the other the Squeal. Students went behind these artworks and put their faces through the hole and pulled a scary face or happy face. All the students, parents and visitors were able to vote on their favourite artist from EL3 to Year 6. The votes are still to be counted. Results will be next term.
~ Fiona Gibson – Art Teacher


Early Learning 3 & 4 and Water Safety
Emily from Healthways Community Initiatives, spent time with the Early Learning 3 and 4 children and discussed safety in regards to all things associated with water. Through discussion, photographs, songs, actions and role play the children learnt some very important rules about being safe near and in water.

Some of the important points that Emily shared with the children included:

– Always swim with an adult and you must have an adult with you before you go near water (lake, swimming pool, beach, dam).
– You always swim between the red and yellow flags at the beach because lifesavers patrol this area of the water.
– The beach can be fun, but there are some things that you do not touch, for example, syringes, jellyfish, crabs or blue ringed octopuses.

The children also learnt how to correctly put on a life jacket and and the importance and reason why they must always wear a life jacket on a boat. The children practiced what to do if they find themselves in danger in the water – how to hold their arm and yell for help.

After the session, some of the children reflected on this experience and shared their thinking:

– Never swim alone. ~ Georgia
– If the ball goes in the pool you shouldn’t get it. You should tell your mum and dad. ~ Sienna
– If you have a bucket of water, don’t leave it on the concrete because your younger brothers or sisters might fall in. ~ Ailey
– If there’s a dam, that’s where animals drink their water. ~ Khushi
– We don’t touch the jellyfish. ~ Manuthi
– We can’t swim in the water if there are sharks. ~ Laura

~ Angela Follacchio, Early Learning Centre Team Leader


Year 3 Video Conference with Frané Lessac
Illustrator and author Frane Lessac, linked up with the Year 3 students on Thursday morning from her home studio in Western Australia. She inspired us to have a growth mindset, after never imagining that she would ever illustrate or write her own books when she was younger. With over 40 books now in publication, Frane continues to create and share the things she loves, mainly through her art. Her book A is for Australia was inspired by her love for this country and wanting to share it world-wide. Born in America and travelling the globe extensively, Frane has now settled in Australia for over 25 years.

The Year 3s shared in a drawing activity, illustrating a horse named Midnight, based on one of her books. Frane reminded us to work on our mistakes. It may just be the best piece of work you’ve ever done!
~ Jo Whiffin, Junior School Library Teacher


Camberwell Girls’ own Davina Bell’s Book Launch
A cheeky dog, a cluster of stars and bestselling children’s author Sally Rippin. This was the constellation of elements that aligned in the Senior School library for the launch of CGGS staff member Davina Bell’s picture book Oh, Albert! Over 100 students from Ormiston and Deepdene Primary gathered together on the sunny morning of August 29th to launch Albert’s story off into the world. Sally and Davina explained how picture books are made and led an interactive reading before leading a raucous round of space-themed musical statues. The lively Q&A and book signing provided a wonderful chance for the students to meet this pair of real-life authors and gain an insight into the publishing world.
~ Anne Devenish – Head of Senior School Library


I hope all families have an enjoyable holiday and I look forward to seeing all students back at Ormiston on Monday 3 October 2016 for the start of Term 4.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School


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