Junior School


Junior School

Foundation – Year 6 Ormiston Alive! – Trouble
Once again our biannual production Ormiston Alive! was a spectacular event. This year the title was Trouble! and the students of Ormistonia try to convince their new Principal Mr E that School is about taking risks, having fun when learning, being strong and showing courage when faced with challenges. Our students were outstanding and it was a pleasure seeing every student on stage. I would like to thank Mrs Kath Buckingham for all her work in preparing Ormiston Alive! again for this year. We are very lucky to have her on staff leading our production events. Also, I would like to thank the Ormiston staff for their continued support in making this important school event so enjoyable and successful.


Year 4 Camp – Phillip Island
Last week I had the pleasure of working alongside our Year 4 students while on camp. The feedback from the camp staff was very positive in terms of our student’s behaviour and commitment to learn. I would like to congratulate the Year 4s in terms of having an open mindset when having-a-go at all the outdoor activities. The highlight of the trip for many students was the Penguin Parade on the first night. The group saw many cute penguins coming out of the ocean and then waddling up to their burrows in the sand hills. I would like to thank Kathryn Brandt, Michelle Kalus and Shane Maycock for all their work in making sure the Year 4 camp was a great success for all students.

” After months of anticipation, questions, nerves and excitement, the girls finally had the opportunity to experience a variety of activities at Phillip Island. The journey on the bus was enhanced by an appearance from some fish guzzling pelicans before arriving at camp. We had a beautiful, clear evening on our first night, which was ideal for our penguin watching.

On Thursday the sun was shining and we were able to take on challenges like the giant swing and flying fox. We also enjoyed a relaxing beach walk before rugging up in our sleeping bags and settling in for a comfortable movie night. It was great to see the girls constantly applying their growth mindset throughout the entire camp.” ~ Ms Kathryn Brandt, Year 4 Class Teacher

“I like to going to the top because it overcomes my fear.”  Audrey Qui on the giant swing.
“I enjoyed having our small, cosy cabin and getting desert each night.” Claire Hui.


Foundation – Year 6 School Holiday Program – Code Camp
For the very first time, Camberwell Girls will provide a school holiday program for the September school holidays. The School has organised for Code Camp to deliver a 2 and 3 day program during the second week of our Camberwell Girls holiday break. A flyer will be sent out on Monday in the ‘What’s On at Camberwell Girls Grammar’ newsletter to explain dates, times and location of both programs available to our students.


Early Learning 3 to Year 6 – Ormiston Art Show
I would like to invite our school community to our Annual Ormiston Art Show next week. It will be held from Wednesday 31 August to Friday 2 September 2016 in the Junior School Hall and surrounding areas. All EL3 – Year 6 students have been working very hard to produce a wonderful array of art pieces which will be proudly displayed throughout the exhibition.

The Art Show will be open at the following times:

Art Show Opening in the Great Space – “A Celebration of Colour”
Wednesday 31 September:  2.00pm – all parents are welcome to attend and students are encouraged to wear a small coloured hair accessory (ribbon, clip, headband, scrunchy)

Exhibition Hours:
Thursday 1 September:  8.10am – 6.00pm
Friday 2 September:       8.10am – 5.00pm

We encourage all families to bring along friends and family to view the masterpieces of Ormiston’s aspiring artists.
~ Mrs Fiona Gibson, Junior School Art Teacher


Year 3 NASA Video Conference – Floating Food and Puffy Faces
This term Year 3 have been exploring the wonders of space during our Science unit. The students have been exploring what causes night and day, how shadows are formed, what our night sky looks like and what causes the seasons to occur. To support the students’ learning and stir their curiosity, we were very fortunate to participate in a distance learning video incursion with the NASA Space Centre in Houston titled: Floating Food and Puffy Faces – is living in space just like life on Earth?

During the video conference students saw examples of the challenges facing astronauts who live in orbit on the International Space Station and got a closer view of their work and living quarters. They discovered where the astronauts sleep, how they eat and how they adapt to their new home in space. Our educator explained that the International Space Station is approximately the size of a five-bedroom house and fresh food is delivered to the astronauts by an unmanned capsule. Watching one astronaut brush his teeth was very entertaining!

Students wonderings about how the astronauts go to the bathroom, exercise, eat, brush their hair, sit down, whether they have WiFi and what happens to their bodies in space were answered expertly using real life examples.
~ Mrs Angela Columbine and Miss Emma Hinchliffe, Year 3 Class Teachers


Year 5 and 6 Sporting Opportunities

Ormiston had a mega sports week with carnivals on Monday and Friday. On Monday 15 August was the Netball Victoria Schools Championships at the Whitten Oval. A large squad of 18 girls attended the championships with Mrs O’Callaghan, Mrs Robinson and Miss Joyce.

Our Year 6 team had a very successful day finishing second in our pool. The Year 5 team used the day to improve their attack on the ball and to focus on knowing where their opposition was at all times.

Thank you to Miss Joyce for her expertise and enthusiasm in coaching the Year 6 girls on the day.


On Friday 19 August we hit the road again and headed to Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre for the HoopTime Basketball Tournament. Mrs Robinson, Miss O’Neill and Mrs O’Callaghan set the tasks of getting in and grabbing the ball, remembering the player’s number who you were to defend and taking all opportunities to shoot a basketball. It was pleasing to see the girls improve through every match.

Miss O’Neill was our terrific coach on the day and we thank her for her commitment to training and the match day coaching.
~ Mrs Kerry O’Callaghan, Junior School Physical Education Teacher

I wish our Camberwell Girls Netball Teams all the best for their semi-final matches this weekend and I hope all families have a restful weekend after another dynamic week at Ormiston.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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