Junior School


Junior School

Year 5 & 6 Student Leadership Positions

I would to congratulate the following Years 5 and 6 students on being awarded the following leadership positions for Semester Two.

> School Captains: Janice Wong and Olivia Banitsiotis
> Art Leaders: Christine Deng and Stephanie Huynh
> House/Sport Leaders:
Lawrence – Alexandra Strong
Singleton – Priyanshi Shah
Taylor – Lexy Cooke
Schofield – Ava Baker
> Music Leaders: Juliana Chandraekara, Nicole Chang and Chloe Law
> Social Service Leaders: Teri Perdikaris and Olivia Rigopoulos
> Environment Leaders: Emma Jamieson and Crystal Cui
> Library Leaders: Olivia Jones and Liesel Trichardt


Years 1 – 6 Ormiston Student Council

Congratulations to the students below on being awarded the following leadership positions on Student Council for Semester Two. Our Year 6 School Captains and Social Service leaders will also be part of the Student Council. We wish these students all the best.

> Year 1J: Chloe Missakian
> Year 1K: Natasha Oakley
> Year 2: Penelope Petrakis
> Year 2T: Selina Guan
> Year 3C: Jacqueline Zhang
> Year 3H: Sabrina Bignold
> Year 4: Genna Sim
> Year 5B: Riley Olsen
> Year 5R: Scarlett Giang
> Year 6C: Genevieve Herbert


Foundation – 6 School Assemblies

Every term, all Ormiston families are openly invited to attend our weekly assemblies every Wednesday at 8.45-9.15am. The themes for Term 3 are:

> Week 1: Self Belief
> Week 2: Induction of School Leaders
> Week 3:  Actions and Impact
> Week 4: I can!
> Week 5: Feedback
> Week 6: Feedback
> Week 7: Book Week
> Week 8: No assembly due to our Ormiston Art Show
> Week 9: Ormiston Spirit Awards


Ormiston Alive

Our school was alive last week with the sounds of disco and feet tapping in rhythm. Years 5 and 6 girls auditioned for the Dance Ensemble for this year’s production of Ormsiton Alive – Trouble!. We were ably assisted by our choreographer Meagan Metcalfe who introduced the girls to moves from jazz, hip-hop and ballet. After a morning’s work the Dance Ensemble was chosen and we moved on to choreographing the Years 5 and 6 class items. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product on 25 and 26 August.
~ Kath Buckingham Year 5B Class Teacher


Camp Australia

Camp Australia is committed to providing the Camberwell Girls community with a quality program that is safe and fun for all children. In order to continue this, we would like to remind you to make your bookings at least 24hrs in advance.

Making your bookings in advance, instead of on the day casual bookings allows us to adjust our staffing and resourcing requirements as appropriate, which helps to ensure the safety of children and a high standard of care.

You can make and view your current bookings anytime through our Parent Portal here or by calling our Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation on this important matter.
~ The Camp Australia Team


Year 5 Camp to Sovereign Hill

The Year 5 students and teachers braved the cold weather in Ballarat and thoroughly enjoyed their time at Sovereign Hill during the first week of Term 3. It was wonderful to see students immerse themselves in their roles as poor children attending the Benevolent Asylum Ragged School in 1852 with such enthusiasm. Below are some of their reflections about the differences and similarities between life in the 1850s and today.

The Ragged School was similar to Camberwell Girls because the school children had to use their best manners when they met someone or when someone came into the classroom. A difference is that the doctor doesn’t come in to our classroom to give us health checks. ~ Jasmine 5R

Life was tough on the goldfields. Many people suffered from diseases and died during giving birth. Diet for the miners and their family was bread, mutton, and tea. Richer people at the diggings were able to live in a hut or cottage. ~ Crystal 5R

I learnt that life on the goldfields was very hard because you could get diseases and die, you could be killed in the mines and you would be lucky to live up to five years old. ~ Lizzie 5B

In the 1850s the children married very young and education could save them from poverty. ~ Anthea 5B

The subjects and teaching methods at the Ragged School were different to our school because Ma’am wouldn’t ask for our opinions or let us speak without being spoken to. She told us to marry with our heads and not our hearts, and to marry someone decent. In 2016 we aren’t even thinking about marriage at our age. ~ Scarlett 5R

It was hard to learn how to pan or use a cradle to find gold. I found it difficult to see the specks of gold as it was mixed with sand and small pieces of rock. ~ Allanah 5B

I would rather live in 2016 Melbourne because of all the luxuries we have now that didn’t exist in the 1850s, such as iPads, heating, proper housing, television, lots of food choices, refrigerators and freezers. ~ Tanya 5R

Teachers at the Ragged School disciplined children by hitting them if they were naughty or did something wrong. I learnt that you would have to be supremely rich to have more than one dress. I also learnt that children were expected to get a job at a young age and marry at about 15 or 16 years old. ~ Tess 5B
~ Liz Ruffles & Kath Buckingham, Year 5 Teachers


Foundation and Year 1 girls Relax with Yoga

This term, 16 Foundation and Year 1 students were invited to participate in a new morning yoga class run by Kaela from Yoga Sparks. Our first class began last week and the students experienced a wonderful introduction to yoga. Together, they learnt about how breathing helps us to move our bodies into difficult positions and how it can keep us calm. They discovered a new version of the game’ Fruit Salad’, which was a fun way to practise moving different parts of our body whilst holding other parts still. We’ve now learnt how to move our bodies into different positions to show letters of the alphabet including E, G and L and look forward to our next class in the chapel at 8:00am Thursday.
~ Miranda Jackson – Year 1 Teacher


Foundation welcomes the Hawthorn Fire Brigade to Ormiston

This term in Inquiry, Foundation have been focusing on safety and well-being in our community. The students were visited by the firefighters from the Hawthorn Fire Station. On their way to our classroom they received a call to an emergency and had to leave immediately, but returned a short time later and shared their story with the girls.

The firefighters taught us all kinds of important information we need to be aware of incase of a fire. We learnt that we need to CRAWL DOWN LOW AND GO GO GO if there is a fire in our house and we need to get out quickly and safely. We also learnt that if we are on fire we need to STOP DROP COVER AND ROLL to put it out.

The students were lucky enough to sit inside the fire truck and see all the different buttons and equipment the firefighters have to wear in order to keep everyone in our community safe. They were also given the opportunity to spray the fire hose while watering our beautiful garden.

We are grateful for the information and time that the firefighters have given us and we are well equipped with the knowledge of what to do incase of a fire.


Foundation Celebrates 100 Days

We celebrated a special day in the lives of our Foundation students this week…it was their 100th day of school! We have been keeping track of the number of school days all year and we can’t believe 100 days have passed so quickly. It was rewarding for the girls to reflect on all they have learnt and how they have grown since starting school. We are certainly very proud of them!

Some of the reflections on the 100th day were:

‘I can be organised! I know how to pack my bag.’ ~ Tiffany
‘I know how to read books!’ ~ Rudra
‘I can be a friend! I know how to help people.’ ~ Zara
‘I know how to sound out my letters.’ ~ Eden
‘I can do Maths! I know how to count.’ ~ Nini
‘I can run! I know how to run fast.’ ~ Amy

To add to the enjoyment of the day the girls (and their teachers) dressed up as something beginning with the letter F. We had lots of fairies in Foundation today, but also some firefighters, flower girls, and fish. We also had a Foundation Disco Party at morning playtime. The day was packed with activities to do with 100.

We have had a great first 100 days and are looking forward to counting beyond 100 days now. We wonder how many days there will be in a whole year of Foundation???


Children’s Author Nova Weetman visits CGGS

Nova Weetman is no ordinary author. Not only can she convey her thoughts and ideas through her writing, but she can also speak to people and impart her knowledge while keeping them engaged.

On 25 July, Years 5 and 6 had the chance to meet her. Nova Weetman is the author of five, soon to be six, published books; including The Haunting of Lily Frost, Frankie and Joely, The Secrets We Keep, Choose Your Own Ever After – Hot and Cold Summer and Choose Your Own Ever After – Play The Game. The latter three were available for the Year Five and Six students to purchase and have signed.

Nova has also had experience working in the script writing industry as well as being the creator of several short films. Though Nova has accomplished much in her lifetime, she was still able to connect with the Years 5 and 6 students and share her experiences so that they were able to relate. This is just one example of her uniqueness, as many people who have achieved as much as her aren’t as humble or as willing to share their advice. She bestowed her wisdom upon students by sharing various tips with us, some of which include the editing process and asking for different opinions on her writing from people who are in the age groups her book are aimed at.

It was a wonderful experience for all who were there, and it was worth the time and hard work it took to organise the meeting. The humble Nova Weetman offered the students not only knowledge, but also an example of an attitude towards gaining it.
~ Olivia Jones and Liesel Trichardt, Semester 2 Library Leaders 

I hope all our families have a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School


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