Junior School



October 29, 2021

Celebration of Sport Assembly

Last Wednesday, the Junior School celebrated sporting achievement and participation virtually at our annual Celebration of Sport assembly with Miss Kitsou. Students that had participated in School Sport Victoria sports such as swimming, cross country and athletics were recognised, and students who participated in CGGS co-curricular activities were also recognised for their efforts in supporting our CGGS school activities.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Charlotte Lim, Year 6 for being awarded the Parent’s and Friends (PFA) Junior School Sports Woman of the Year Award for 2021. This award takes into consideration Charlotte’s overall attitude to physical education & sport during 2021 and her commitment to training, performance and leadership.

Another major highlight of the assembly was to recognise five students in Years 5 and 6 for their long-term commitment and participation in our Junior School sporting program over numerous years. The Junior School recognised the efforts of Scarlett Sim, Anthea Vais, Chloe Lau, Allegra Reedman and Genevieve Khaw. These students have actively participated in four or more sports this year and I look forward to their contributions in the future.

Music Achievement – Stephanie Marriott Year 3

Recently, Stephanie Marriott of Year 3 successfully completed her AMEB Violin Repertoire Grade 3 exam. Congratulations to Stephanie for a wonderful achievement and we look forward to her playing the violin at school at some stage in the future.

Wishing all our Ormiston families a restful long weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Foundation – Face-to-Face Learning

The Foundation students have been so happy to be back at school together from Monday to Wednesday for the last two weeks. They have done a terrific job of getting back into the classroom routine and continuing with their fantastic learning.

They wrote about returning to school on their first morning back. The things they were most looking forward to were, playing with their friends, both in the classroom and in the playground, seeing their teachers in person, and doing PE and Choir onsite.

I would like to congratulate the Foundation students and their families for their effort, positivity and resilience this year and for making the most of all learning opportunities.

Selena Reedman
Foundation Class Teacher

Year 1 – Face-to-Face Learning

The wonderful students in Year 1 made their long-awaited return to face-to-face learning last week on Thursday and Friday. It was fabulous to see their smiling faces as they eagerly reconnected with their peers and settled back into classroom and school routines. The students took part in a range of learning activities both in the classroom and outside that allowed them to communicate and collaborate with one another.

This term the students are exploring where food and fibres come from and how produce can get from a farm to the plate. The students have demonstrated their curiosity and generated numerous questions that we will endeavour to answer including:

> Why do we have farms?

> Why is cheese yellow?

> How do farmers grow food in the North Pole?

> Is it hard being a farmer?

> How do the farmers keep the animals away from the fruit and vegetables, so they don’t eat them all?

> How are cows protected from the rain?

> Where does milk come from?

> Why do hens have wings, but they can’t fly?

After some initial investigating last week, the students created a simple flow chart explaining the 10-step process of how milk gets from a cow to a store. They also viewed the process of ricotta cheese being made and were intrigued to see how the milk changed during the process.

They were keen to share their thoughts and observations:

Elsa – The ricotta was very lumpy and looked like porridge. It was cool seeing the milk change.

Sofia – I saw the milk change into little clumps and saw steam. It was amazing to see.

Doris – I learnt when you put the citric acid into milk it turned into cheese and water. I enjoyed looking at it.

Aryana – It was amazing seeing cheese being made as I’ve never seen cheese made before! It was interesting when milk turned into cheese.

Taleana – I liked it when the milk turned into cheese because it looked like rice that I eat.

We look forward to many more hands-on experiences as we settle back to face-to-face learning for the remainder of the year!

Angela Columbine
Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2 – Face-to-Face Learning

As much as we enjoyed seeing everyone’s wonderful faces on Zoom, we have loved being back together in Year 2 this week! This term for our Inquiry unit we are focussing on how history has and is going to impact the present and future. We have enjoyed investigating olden day technologies such as typewriters and black and white televisions, whilst also predicting what type of technologies we could see in the future. Using this new information students will create information reports about the changes in technology in the past, present and future.

Whilst looking at fascinating technology, we also started using our school blue-bots. The students will work in pairs to create a track for the blue-bot to follow. They will use their mapping and location, problem solving and measuring skills to accurately plan and create a course for their blue-bot.

It is so wonderful to be back to face-to-face learning in Year 2!

Mikaela Stanaway
Year 2 Class Teacher

Science Talent Search

Congratulations to the 26 students who entered the Science Talent Search this year. The Science Talent Search is an annual competition which aims to foster a love of Science. At CGGS, students in Years 5 and 6 took the opportunity to explore an area of interest through Experimental Research, Science Photography, Video, Posters and Scientific Wall Charts and Working Models. Each of the students demonstrated an excellent work ethic and was able to navigate various hurdles along the way. A special thank you to Ms Penny Dumsday and Dr Charlotte Forwood who mentored the students; parents and family members who supported their child’s participation; and Mr Micah Wilkins who joined Dr Forwood as an official judge.

In addition to two Distinctions and twelve Merit awards, we have a number of students who have been awarded bursaries. These bursaries will be presented at a virtual ceremony on Monday 8 November.

Major Bursary

Christine Moi – Experimental Research: What is the most efficient form of transport? Christine has also been nominated for the National BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards for 2021.

Elise Orme – Experimental Research: How do idling cars affect the air quality?

Asha Bhattacharjee – Picture Story Book: I can’t believe it’s not meat

Minor Bursary

Chloe Lau and Charlotte Chong  – Posters and Scientific Wall Charts: Sustainable Food Production

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development
Science Talent Search Coordinator – Junior School