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Junior School

September 3, 2021

Final Stages of Term 3

With one week left of Term 3, there is still a lot happening at Ormiston. As I have said many times in 2020, and this year, our remote learning program continues to be of high quality. The challenge for us has been to ensure a sustainable approach to our teaching and learning program remotely, while at the same time, not to have our Foundation – Year 6 students on a computer screen each day for very long periods of time.

In Term 4, we will continue to review our subject offerings within our remote learning program from our class and specialist teachers and we will continue to make decisions in the best interests of our Junior School students.

Book Week

I would like to thank our Library Teacher, Sally Spencer for organising a range of activities for Book Week last week. Mrs Spencer has written an article in today’s CamNews that outlines the many ways we celebrated this important event.

Wellbeing Day

Not only was it Book Week last week, it was also a Wellbeing Day for staff and students at both Junior and Senior School. Students had the opportunity to engage in a variety of different activities throughout the day with the highlight being a magician who showed everyone many wonderful tricks, as well as, explaining how some of his magic tricks work.

Ormiston Art Show

Towards the end of Term 3 each year, I always look forward to our Ormiston Art Show. Once again this year, the school community is unable to visit the School and look at the art pieces in person. I would like to congratulate our Art Teacher, Mrs Gibson who has organised an online padlet that showcases the outstanding artwork of our students.

Mountfield Maestros

Our Junior School co-curricular activities have continued in a variety of forms during remote learning this term and next week we have over 50 students performing online for our annual Term 3 Mountfield Maestros Music event. I would like to wish the following students all the best and look forward to their individual performances online.

Foundation – Year 3

Ting Xuan Quek

Chloe Gu

Qianqian Wu

Joelle Whelan

Alexandra Law

Alice Lin

Sofia Rampa

Isabella-Rose Stepsys

Elsa Lu

Annabelle Zhang

Aurelia Poon

Aanya Chopra

Audrey Cheung

Ellie Li

Yui Yu

Emma Adel

Sabrina Zhao

Dora Zhu

Angelina Zhao

Annicle Li

Zoe Raspin

Isali Ranasingha

Angela Wu

Elfie Fan

Madeleine Law


Year 4 – 6

Isla Kang

Hanna Lindsay

Ailey Poon

Lauren Tang

Aaratrika Kadam

Ava Pao

Ellie Tsigounis

Iris Lu

Ruth Whelan

Amiya Rajakulendran

Georgia Papadopoulos

Alina Xu

Amelia Adel

Alisha lagana

Ann Brookes

Zihan Li

Nicole Zhang

Rudra Santhosh

Sophie Wong

Mo Lin Yu

Cosette Tsjin

Sarah Luo

Chloe Lau

Aathana Sivapalan

Jasmine Li


Wishing all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Book Week – 21 to 27 August 2021

Book Week is an annual celebration of Australian books, authors, illustrators, and the joy of reading. This year, even though we are learning and working from home, many wonderful book related activities and celebrations occurred within our school community.

Students and staff from several year levels participated in Zoom story sessions and dressed up as their favourite book character. There was also an array of fun and interactive book related activities provided for all students. A special Storytime and dress up activity for ELC students and staff was also a huge success.

Through Seesaw and in our assembly this week, the winning titles in the Early Childhood, Picture Book and New Illustrator categories have been shared with our students. The Junior School Library has also added all the winning books and shortlisted titles across all categories to our collection and we encourage all students to read and borrow these wonderful stories.

Please find the winners of the Early Childhood, Picture Book, New Illustrator, Non-Fiction, and Younger Readers prizes here, https://www.cbca.org.au/winners-2021

Sally Spencer
Library Teacher

National Science Week – 14 – 22 August 2021

The theme was Food: Different by Design, honouring the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

During remote learning, Ormiston students (and their families) proved to be creative food designers – many students took part in the at-home activities on the Science Week Padlet, and shared their thoughts about eating insects and their photographs of ice-cream in a bag, boba tea and colourful ‘lava lamps’ – all made with common kitchen ingredients, a bit of science, and a bit of fun!

Thank you to everyone who took part – on behalf of the whole Science Department, it was fantastic to see our school community taking Science out of the lab and into the kitchen.

Penny Dumsday
STEAM Teacher

Ormiston Remote Learning Highlights and Olympic Spirit Awards

Over the past fortnight, I have continued to be blown away by our students’ contributions to the remote learning program. During Assembly, I highlighted the exceptional learning that has been occurring in each year level. The students in all year levels should be congratulated for their achievements throughout the term and in particular, the following areas this term:

Our Foundation students are now all confidently and fluently reading decodable texts independently.

Year 1
Our Year 1s developed their creativity, problem solving and persistence when exploring forces by creating their own Rube Goldberg Machines.

Year 2
Our Year 2s are now segmenting their spelling words into syllables and beginning to use spelling rules to add suffixes to words with increasing confidence.

Year 3
Our Year 3s are now experts in Australian Geography and have been teaching the community about our significant natural features and landmarks.

Year 4
Our Year 4s are budding biologists who have been developing their understanding of some of the complex ecosystems that exist around the world.

Year 5
Our Year 5s have been seeking out how to encourage sustainability and can confidently explain how we can support the environment through housing design.

Year 6
Our Year 6 students have been investigating the experiences of migrants and have developed informative monologues designed to help others to understand the phases of migration, and the complex range of push and pull factors that influenced different people’s decisions to move countries.

It was an absolute joy to share two of our Year 1 students, Olive and Estelle’s, Rube Goldberg Machines with the school community during Assembly.

Some of the key adjectives that classroom and specialist teachers used when nominating this fortnight’s award winners were: courageous, persistent, thorough, initiative, thoughtful, creativity, focussed, curious and committed.

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded an Ormiston Olympic Spirit Badge this week

Foundation – Qianqian, Lena, Alex, Joelle, Chloe, Ting Xuan

Year 1 – Elsa, Isabella-Rose, Estelle, Olive, Alice, Sofia, Aryana

Year 2 – Lucy, Emma A, Audrey, Annabelle, Aurelia, Aanya, Ellie

Year 3 – Isali, Dora, Angelina, Maddie, Zoe, Angela, Elfie, Annicle, Chloe, Angela W

Year 4 – Charvi, Kathleen

Year 5- Jasmine, Cathy, Grace, Christelle, Asha, Hannah, Tiffany, Minaaz

Year 6 – Poppy, Aekam, Emma, Charlotte L, Alex, Lexi S, Scarlett, Chanel, Lexi B, Charlotte C

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Interrelate Parent Information Session

On Tuesday evening, Years 4 – 6 parents were invited to attend an information session about our upcoming Health and Development program which will be delivered by Interrelate presenters alongside student’s classroom teachers in Term 4. Glenys, the presenter gave families an overview of the information that will be presented to students and the types of activities that students will participate in throughout their 3 workshops next term. The session gave parents the confidence to begin and sustain important conversations about health, development and sexuality.

Further details about this program will be communicated with families next week. Please contact me if you have any questions. hinchliffee@cggs.vic.edu.au

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School