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Junior School

August 20, 2021

Year 6C Student Leadership Positions for Semester 2

When our Foundation – Year 6 students return to Ormiston on Friday 3 September, our Year 6C students will be very keen to get started with their leadership positions for Semester Two.

As a school community, we would all like to congratulate the following students:

Art Leaders – Alex Kossaris & Sarah Luo

Assembly & Events Leaders – Gretel Blake, Poppy Tymmons & Ella Turnley

Digital Leaders – Sarah Lu & Maya Waide-Hee

House Leaders

Lawrence – Chanel Ghostine

Schofield – Charlotte Lim

Singleton – Scarlett Sim

Taylor – Alexia Stuart-Adams

Library Leaders – Jessie Lu & Claire Pham-Nguyen

Music Leader – Aathana Sivapalan

School Captains – Elise Orme & Allegra Reedman

Sustainability – Emma Liu & Vivienne Torre

Social Service Leaders – Hannah Lan & Ashanti Rajakulendran

Wellbeing Leaders – Aekam Gill & Nirvani Subedi

We look forward to presenting our official Semester Two Leadership Induction assembly for these Year 6C students. The plan is for this assembly to take place during the last week of Term 3, hopeful we are back onsite by then.

Remote Junior School Assembly

During remote learning, our weekly assembly has changed to a Wednesday at 12.30pm, just before lunchtime. The focus of this week’s assembly was Science Week, and I was able to share some wonderful science facts about the Earth and Space. I would like to thank Penny Dumsday, our Junior School STEAM Teacher for all her work in planning and preparing a wide range of optional Science activities for students to complete across all our Foundation – Year 6 year levels. These activities also included some optional Zoom meetings for students to be involved with some very engaging science experiments.

This week, Annabelle Teh of Year 3 read out the prayer for us. There is so much we can appreciate and look forward to in the future. Here is the prayer:

Dear God

We thank you for your help during remote learning and for giving us the strength and determination to through this challenging time away from School.

Thank you for giving us the confidence to always do our Personal Best and to appreciate the Science around us. We thank Mrs Dumsday for organising Science Week activities for us to complete at home, as we learn so much more about our beautiful planet.

Teach us to look forward to the good times in the future and to remind us to keep in  touch with our friends and family members who we cannot see in person at the moment.

We hope to return to School very soon.

In Jesus name,



I wish all our Ormiston families a safe and restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Remote Learning Highlights

Throughout remote learning our teachers have been encouraging students to continue to focus on taking their time and producing high quality work. It has made us really proud to see most students have really taken this on board and used the time learning from home to show their creativity in different ways. Some highlights of student’s remote learning have been:

Year 6 Writing
As part of their inquiry unit exploring immigration, Year 6 students have been completing a collaborative, in depth text study of The Arrival by Shaun Tan. This week, students have worked with focus during their Zoom meetings and independent learning time to produce highly descriptive letters that detail the experiences, perspectives and emotions of the protagonist pictured in the text. Students should be congratulated on the fabulous way they approached these lessons. They brainstormed figurative language together, listened and responded to individual feedback on their writing and continued to edit, revise and refine their writing, focusing specifically on the five senses, figurative language and purposeful and ambitious vocabulary throughout.

Year 2 Learning Adventures
To support the development of students curiosity and transferrable skills such as creativity and communication at home, our Year 2 students have been working on completing their own learning adventures. Students have been excited to spend time at home learning new skills including how to create stop motion animations, cook, perform magic tricks and even juggle.

Science Week
This week, we have been celebrating Science Week! Our fabulous Science Department, including our Junior School STEAM teacher, Ms Dumsday, put together a range of engaging online activities for our students to choose to explore to foster curiosity, experimentation and a love of Science. Students really enjoyed making ice-cream in a bag, creating their own compost and challenging their knowledge by completing the expert level Kahoot quizzes. I encourage you to view the Padlet of engaging Science activities that students have completed here.  https://cggs.padlet.org/dumsdayp1/ScienceWeek2021

Year 4-6 Music Performances
As part of their classroom music program, Year 4-6 students were given the opportunity to practise their instrumental performance presentation skills. Students were encouraged to share their instruments and special talent for music for the enjoyment of others. It was fantastic to see so many students take up this opportunity and share performances on the cello, recorder, violin, trumpet and piano.

Ormiston Olympic Spirit Award Winners

It has been incredible to see the sustained commitment and courage shown by our students during remote learning. Remote learning is requiring a real-life application of grit and growth-mindset for the whole school community and I am incredibly proud of all of our students for persevering through this challenge.

Each week I am lucky to read some fantastic nomination statements from both our classroom and specialist teachers about why they have chosen to nominate students for an award. Over the past fortnight it has made me smile reading that our students have been described as: committed, respectful, full of initiative, hardworking and displaying kindness, determination and generosity of spirit.

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded a digital badge over the past fortnight:

Foundation: Qianqian, Evia

Year 1: Sofia, Doris, Aurora, Aryana, Nicole, Evie, Cathy, Alice,

Year 2: Aanya, Audrey, Annabelle, Faye, Emma, Akira,

Year 3: Angelina, Elfie, Angela, Annicle, Amelia, Laila, Chloe, Ivy 

Year 4: Aratrika, Amelia, Amiya, Georgia, Sophie May, Ruth, Sienna, Ellie, Shreya, Selinna 

Year 5: Zihan, Maddison, Eden, Jessica, Celeste, Alisha, Karina, Mo Lin, Amy Q, Genevieve, Nina, Christine, Nicole, Sophie, Rudra, Stefanie, Nellie, Rita, Cathy, 

Year 6: Charlotte L,  Charlotte C, Sarah Luo, Hannah, Alex, Alexia, Chanel, Poppy, Emma, Gretel, Aaliyah, Natalie, Charlie, Natasha O, Natasha C, Ashanti, Allegra, Aekam, Alina, Angel, Sarah Lu, Preesha

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School