Junior School


Junior School

August 6, 2021

Junior School Assembly

It was a wonderful Junior School Assembly on Wednesday. It was the perfect opportunity to hand out Ormiston badges to our Term 3 Foundation – Year 6 new students who are:

> Foundation – Eva Afrasiabi

> Year 3L – Stephanie Marriott

> Year 3R – Angelina Zhau

> Year 4Z -Isla Kang

> Year 4G – Charvi Dhingra

> Year 5S – Karina Ng

> Year 6C – Hannah Lan

We also welcome three new students that are in our Early Learning 3 classroom with Angela Follacchio and Effie Kitsiris. These students are:

> Nora Choi

> Zane Afrasiabi

> Marvella Lau

This was the final assembly for our Year 6R students who are relinquishing their Semester One leadership role and handing them over to the Year 6C class. Yesterday I listened to the Year 6C speeches and was very impressed with the content and delivery. There was a strong emphasis on leadership skills and helping others, and as a school community, we look forward to working closely with them in Semester Two.

Our School Captain Natasha Cameron, read out a beautiful and inspiring prayer for assembly. I strongly encourage all families to read it, see below:

Dear God,

We have emerged from this lockdown, safe again, reassured that your light will guide us, with the strength to have courage in the face of uncertainty.

It is in these extraordinary times that we turn to our neighbours, to sustain, support and care for one another, sharing in the joy of our community being side by side once again.

We revel in the Olympic spirit, appreciating the skills of the participants from all over this Earth of different abilities, colours, faiths and ethnicities, entertaining us, but also reminding us that our community is global, complex and interconnected.

We pray for those who have suffered throughout this pandemic and pledge to continue to reach out to those in need and continue your legacy.

In the name of our Lord,


As today is our first day of remote learning, I encourage all families to work closely once again with their child’s class and specialist teachers. I wish all Ormiston families a safe weekend and look forward to seeing everyone online at 9.00am on Monday morning Zoom meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

100 Days in Foundation

On Tuesday 27 July the Foundation students celebrated their 100th day of School. The day marks a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the milestone of successfully completing 100 days of learning. The students participated in a range of activities to mark this wonderful achievement.

They worked mathematically to count to 100 in multiple ways, explored the story of Fancy Nancy’s 100th Day of School and considered all the things they had learnt and the wonderful progress they had made so far at School.

A highlight for all was a fabulous fancy dress day to celebrate their achievements.

Congratulations Foundation students!

Annabelle Vivarini
Foundation & Year 1 Literacy & Numeracy Teacher

Semester One Sustainability Squad

This semester’s Sustainability Squad have a done a great job taking care of the veggie garden by harvesting and replanting winter vegetables. Despite the challenges of lockdown, the students have continued to encourage sustainable living within the school community and facilitate great initiatives. One of our great initiatives included Nude Food Day where the winning class received a blueberry plant to look after. The squad was excellently led by Charlotte Russo, Chloris Ding and Yuxin Chen. The students’ passion for creating a more environmental school and appreciation for gardening has been inspiring. I look forward to working with our Semester Two Sustainability Squad class representatives and continue the important work that the team has completed so far this year. Here are the names of the students in the Semester One Sustainability Squad:

Year 1 – Aryana Perera

Year 2  – Claire Zhang

Year 3 – Laila Beiruti

Year 4G – Sienna Jack

Year 4Z – Claire Nguyen

Year 5G – Cathy Wang

Year 5S – Allison Stocker

Year 6C – Elise Orme

Ellie Zarfaty
Year 4 Class Teacher

Ormiston Reader’s Cup

During Term 3, the Junior School Library is running a book review challenge for all students in Foundation to Year 6.

To participate in the House Readers Cup, students are asked to read and review any book they borrow from our library throughout Term 3.  Students from Years 3 – 6 will enter their reviews directly in the Orbit website, while F- Year 2 students may complete handwritten reviews available in the library. Each review earns 1 House point for the students House and a personal point to their tally. At the end of the term, 2 students per house will be awarded a book prize and the winning house will receive the House Readers Cup.

We strongly encourage all students to join in this fun activity.

Sally Spencer
Junior School Library Teacher

Winter Warmth Appeal

The Student Council Representatives collaboratively worked as a team to design posters and create speeches to read to their class to officially launch our Annual Winter Warmth Appeal.

The appeal launched on Monday 2 August and supports Anglicare in their mission to assist those in need this winter. The appeal will run until Friday 20 August and we encourage families to continue to donate non-perishable food, nappies, toiletries and canned goods. Thank you for your generosity in these challenging times.

Craig Goodwin
Year 5 Class Teacher

GOING FOR GOLD – Ormiston Olympic Spirit Awards

Throughout the Olympics and Paralympics, classroom and specialist teachers are nominating students who exemplify Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect or our school values of integrity, commitment, respect, hope and courage in their onsite or remote learning.

All students who are nominated are awarded a digital medal, which is added as their Seesaw profile picture. Students names also then go in to a raffle to win a prize at Junior School Assembly.

It was amazing to see so many worthy nominees for our first round of awards this week and I offer a huge congratulations to last fortnight’s Ormiston Olympic Spirit Award digital badge winners.

Week 3 and 4 Digital Badge Winners

Foundation – Qianqian, Charlotte, Ting Xuan & Eva

Year 1- Alice, Kayla & Aurora

Year 2- Neesha, Olivia, Alessandra & Aadhya

Year 3- Alice X, Ivy, Stephanie, Annabelle, Lucinda, Matilda & Serena

Year 4- Isla

Year 5- Maddison, Minaaz, Kealey, Zihan & Ann

Year 6- Preesha, Samanatha, Yuxin, Lexi & Allegra

There was great excitement for our first raffle on Wednesday when our first group of prize winners were drawn. Congratulations to Preesha, Maddison and Ting Xuan. I can’t wait to add more digital badges to Seesaw over the next two weeks.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School