Junior School


Junior School

May 28, 2021

House Athletics

Last week the Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival took place at Box Hill Athletics track. We were extremely fortunate with perfect weather conditions and it was wonderful to see many parents cheering on the sidelines. Thank you to Liana Kitsou for organising a very successful carnival. Every student completed a number of track and field events throughout the day, and so many students completed personal best performances and earn points for their House. The overall scores for the day were:

1st place: Singleton – 665 points

2nd place: Lawrence – 656 points

3rd place: Schofield – 609 points

4th place: Taylor – 594 points

Congratulations to Singleton for winning this year’s Athletics Carnival. Also, this year we introduced the spirit stick (the same as Senior School) to the House that best supports and encourages their participants throughout a school event. For the very first time, Lawrence was awarded the spirit stick as they gave so much incredible support to students in their house.

North Balwyn District Cross Country

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the North Balwyn District Cross Country event on Friday 21 May. Each of the students participated with plenty of enthusiasm and three students qualified for the next level. The students were Olivia Yang (Year 5), Charlotte Lim (Year 6) and Maya Waide-Hee (Year 6). This cross country event will now take place in the near future.

The students that participated were:

9/10 Year Old

Joyce Zhang

Sienna Jack

Eden Chia

Lauren Tang

Allison Stocker

Georgia Papadopoulos

Sophie-May Ronzani

Ava Pao

Amelia Adel

11 Year Old

Olivia Yang

Genevieve Khaw

Maya Waide-Hee

Charlotte Chong

Poppy Tymmons

Amy Qi

Mo Lin Yu

Jasmine Xie

Hannah Law

12 Year Old

Samantha Lovell

Chloe Lau

Aathana Sivapalan

Alexia Stuart-Adams

Emily Foo

Selena Chen

Angel Li

Emily Wong

Elise Orme

Natasha Cameron

As we enter day one of the seven-day circuit breaker lockdown, my thoughts are with the Ormiston community. I look forward to continuing to see our Early Learning families each day and excited for the return of all Foundation – Year 6 students, next Friday 4 June.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

World Vision – Junior School Project

On Monday 17 May, Student Council showed enthusiasm when leading a campaign during Diversity Week to raise awareness and knowledge of other people in our global community.

At our Junior School Assembly, our Social Service Leaders, Natalie Knowles and Kana Cao presented information about our World Vision sponsor child, Keatlaretsi Ayanda and her community. The students spoke about Keatlaretsi life as a 13-year-old girl in Zimbabwe and shared information about her chores at home, particularly in caring for the animals. The students enthusiastically raised their hands and shared stores about the animals they care for at home.

The Student Council Team ran a stall to raise money for Keatlaretsi and her community. After meeting and brainstorming possible fundraising ideas with Miss Hinchliffe and I, the students decided to sell rainbow ribbons. Student Council set up a stall at lunchtime and students were able to purchase a ribbon and wear it.

In combination with the gold coin donations and the sale of the rainbow ribbon, Junior School raised $597 to help Keatlaretsi and her community.

Student Council were led with enthusiasm, creativity and confidence throughout the planning and implementation process. A special congratulations to Natalie and Kana for their strong leadership.

Craig Goodwin
Year 5 Class Teacher

Dr Tom Nehmy – Pathways to a Healthy Mind Parent Seminar Summary

On Tuesday evening, many parents were lucky to hear expert parenting advice about how to parent in a way that supports children’s wellbeing from psychologist, Dr Tom Nehmy.

Dr Nehmy provided an insight into the importance of supporting our personal and our children’s wellbeing in all areas of the Wellbeing Wheel, to enhance optimal health. Please see image of the Wellbeing Wheel below or click on the button below for more information.

Dr Nehmy explained the following key research informed actions parents can take support the development of their children’s psychological skills, which were:

> Make parents’ own mental health and wellbeing a priority

> Avoid prioritising children’s short term emotional states over long-term growth and development

> In situations where students are having trouble with self-control, stop them and ask “The magic question” – What is the helpful thing to do now?” This helps children to see they have options on how to respond to situations

> Encourage courage over comfort

> Provide opportunities to share gratitude

> Model self-compassion and normalise the making of mistakes

> Never do something for a child that they can reasonably do for themselves

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Year 5 Sovereign Hill Excursion

On Monday 24 May, the Year 5 students travelled back in time to the colonial and gold rush days of Australia’s past through a visit to Sovereign Hill. We explored many aspects of daily life and the Aboriginal perspectives of the time during an education session with a teacher that we had to call Marme. We took a ride down the Red Hill Mine and we watched a gold pour demonstration.

The students also had the opportunity to visit the Chinese camp, pan for gold, learn about candle making, go to the Post Office, walk through the Carver and Dalton Auction Rooms, go to the theatre, view the jewels at the jewellery shop and purchase lollies from the sweet shop.

The students were exceptional in how they represented Camberwell Girls Grammar throughout the day. Their inquisitive and thoughtful questions, their interest and enthusiasm is a credit to their willingness to experience and learn new things. We had a wonderful day sharing many happy moments with our friends and teachers.

Some students have shared their thoughts on the excursion:

“Exploring the Wathurung people, we learnt about their artefacts, – which they prefer to call belongings, as it once belonged to an ancestor – habits, history and culture. We relished our experience in Sovereign Hill.”   – Eden Chia & Kealey Liew

“The sweets were delicious! Sovereign Hill was lots of fun and I learnt lots too!”  –  Jessica Wong

I enjoyed having an experience most students don’t get to have and learning about the cultural differences in the times of the gold rush. The lesson that I learnt about the First Nations changed my perspective about the colonial days and I have learned to acknowledge them as land owners and respect their traditions and differences.  – Rita Wong

“The trip to Ballarat showed us life in the 1800’s, giving us a chance to explore”  –  Hannah Law

“I learnt numerous things at Sovereign Hill. It taught me things like how aboriginal people lived, how the British people lived, and how Chinese immigrants lived. It taught me about different cultures present at Australia during the colonial times. I also learnt about the process of purifying gold. This experience helped me make connections and think deeper about the colonial times. Plus, it also taught me to manage my money!”   –  Amy Yang

“The excursion was enjoyable especially during the gold pour and the exploration time”. –  Mo Lin Yu

Fiorella Soci & Craig Goodwin
Year 5 Class Teachers

Nude Food

To promote sustainability, last week our Sustainability Squad ran the first of many Nude Food Day competitions for the year. On this day, all students were encouraged to only bring unpackaged foods to school. Students were excited by the challenge to be the most sustainable class for the day. In a close finish Year 1 won the blueberry bush prize, with 75% of their students bringing in only nude foods. In a twist on the competition this year, the next Nude Food Competition winner will win the blueberry bush off Year 1. Everyone is encouraged to continue to bring nude foods to school in place of packaged items, as a simple way for us all to look after our planet.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School