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House Drama Competition Blows Away Audiences

Term Three at Camberwell Girls Grammar truly turned into a Festival of the Arts. We started with our Senior School and Junior School Musicals, followed by the Ormiston Art Show, The Festival of Music and now our House Drama Competition.

This year’s House Drama event saw a large crowd gather in Barbara Sutton Hall to watch a series of plays chosen and directed  by our House Drama Captains. This year’s plays comprised of subject matter that was mature and challenging, which left audiences thinking about social and global issues in today’s society.

Singleton House presented ‘I Was There’ by Sam Guzman, which portrayed the individual experiences of a group of teenagers who were all witnesses to a horrific school shooting. With fantastic direction from Singleton Drama Captain, Madison, the performers presented a very touching and sensitive performance.

Schofield House also explored scary real world experiences, with their performance of ‘The Loss’ by Maryanne Lynch. The story followed the aftermath of the disappearance of 8 year old Alice from the perspective of two women. One woman being her mother and the other, a neighbour who suspects her boyfriend had something to do with the disappearance. Another play with very topical and dark subject matter that was portrayed with such maturity and professionalism by Schofield House and their director, Josey.

Lawrence House performed an original play written by Year 11 CGGS student, Chloe, called ‘The Grey Area’. The story followed Kaliya, who is reflecting on the decisions she has made in her life when it suddenly comes to an end. We commend Chloe on her mature, thoughtful and cleverly written script. We also congratulate Lawrence director, Samreen and her cast and crew on a fabulous performance.

Taylor House brought the night to a close with their extremely entertaining play, ‘The Internet is Distract – OH LOOK A KITTEN’ by Ian McWethy. This hilarious play explored the distracting world of the internet and protagonist, Maya’s struggle to complete her school paper before she gets sucked down the internet rabbit hole. This very engaging performance from Taylor House won them the competition. Congratulations to Natasha and her cast and crew.

The evening was a truly great way to end Term 3 and we congratulate  all our talented actresses and the many students who took on roles behind the scenes to bring these productions to the stage.

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