Helen Creed

Inspiring Educator

Helen Creed

School Chaplain, Year 9 Coordinator
English, Religious Education, Texts & Traditions Teacher

I had a clear, humbling experience of God calling me to be a minister.

Helen Creed grew up with an understanding that caring for others is a natural part of life. She observed both of her parents offer their time and talents to others and this instilled and ignited the same passion in Helen.

Her mum was a wonderful piano player, who shared her love of music with children and in nursing homes. Her father worked with a group of physically disabled people and also house-bound elderly people.

“They were just good Christian people who wanted to help others. They didn’t draw attention to their activities, they just went about it quietly,” she says.

Helen joined the Camberwell Girls community in 2004 as School Chaplain, a role that sees her offer opportunities for people within our School to connect with God: to be touched by God’s love, and to know their worth in God’s sight.

“I believe that the best way to know God is through the life of Jesus, so making it possible for people to hear those stories is a big focus,” says Helen.

Helen holds a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Divinity and a Master of Theology – equating to 10 years of study.

Inspired by her own High School English teacher, Helen was drawn to a career in education. “We are still in contact. She really opened up the riches of literature to me.”

It was later and after a successful career in teaching that Helen decided to follow her heart. “From childhood, I always had a secret idea of myself being a minister. It wasn’t until I was about 30 that I decided to study theology and a few years later, I had a clear, humbling experience of God calling me to be a minister,” she says.

It’s no surprise that Helen and her husband Roger are involved in projects through their local parish. Together they help asylum seekers and those living with poverty. Roger, a musician also spent many years teaching blind children to play music and the Christian Blind Mission is the organisation that Helen feels the strongest connection to.

“I hate the idea of not being able to see, especially children. Now that there are procedures to help, I love to think of
that moment when a child opens their eyes and can see for the first time,” says Helen.

As part of her role as Chaplain, Helen actively supports the School’s Service Learning Program. She praises Liss Campbell for the time she has dedicated to re-developing the program to ensure that it reflects the Christian ethos and the foundations on which the School was formed.

Helen hopes that through participation and interactions in service, our Camberwell girls discover that sometimes they are the ‘poor’ ones, despite being materially well-off.

“Liss understands that being involved is a blessing for us as much as for those we might get alongside; and that we need to be sure that we do not disempower people when we seek to help them,” says Helen.

Helen admires Nelson Mandela because after spending many years in prison, his heart is not bitter. Equally, she admires the life of Archbishop Desmund Tutu and his work on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

“His work showed how speaking the truth opens up new possibilities in situations of great pain and hurt.”

We thank Helen for following her heart all those years ago and for nurturing the Christian life of our fine School.

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