A Girls School

Being a girls school, every CGGS student is given the best opportunity to reach her full potential.

Camberwell girls enjoy not only equal opportunity they enjoy every opportunity. Our girls actively participate, influence, lead and learn in an environment where there is no gender stereotyping. Being a girls school, they are encouraged and supported to whole-heartedly explore their interests and passions.

Our staff know that girls have different educational, social, moral, sporting and cultural needs from boys. We have developed programs that support and enhance the development of young women in contemporary society.

Research confirms that girls enjoy significant advantages in a single sex environment.

They participate fully, enjoy working collaboratively in teams and have more interaction with their teachers. Girls create a culture of strong academic achievement and girls attending girls schools achieve significantly higher academic results. They engage in more healthy competition and risk taking with their learning, they hold all leadership positions and have higher career aspirations. Girls attending girls schools are more likely to go on to hold leadership positions in their profession.


 The curriculum is directed especially towards the educational and specific needs of girls.


Our inspiring educators are experts in teaching girls.

'Can Do' Attitude

There is a ‘can do’ attitude that ensures there are no boundaries in learning or career decisions.

A Voice For All

Girls have a firm voice within the School and as a result they become critical thinkers, confident learners and positive self-starters.


Each student has a strong sense of belonging and develops strong connections which allows each girl to establish her own identity and discover her own personality.


Self-awareness is promoted and our girls are able to take risks in a secure and supportive environment.

Discover the benefits of a girls school