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Camberwell Girls Invent Game-Changing Tennis Scoring Device

Three Camberwell Girls Grammar School students are set to make an impact in the world of tennis, having invented a scoring device experts say has huge potential.

Susannah Lutze, Alice Wilson and Mikayla Lee developed ‘Score Buddy’ in Year 7 over a ten month period during 2017. A simple concept, it has the potential to solve a major problem at club level.

“There are always arguments on the court and people are always asking ‘what’s the score?’ And then they disagree. So I think it’s a really good device that could help a lot of young players,” says Susannah.

Developed through the Girls Invent program, the concept has been through several stages, with the girls even working with industrial designers in Holland.

The finished product weighs around 50 grams and attaches to the handle of the racquet, enabling players to update the score between points.

“It’s really lightweight, so that when you’re swinging, it won’t affect the way you play or fall off,” says Susannah.

The girls’ invention has even caught the eye of Tennis Australia.

“We don’t have scoreboards on every court, so anything that helps players keep score and remember the score is worthwhile pursuing,” said Machar Reid, Head of Innovation at Tennis Australia.

The girls are now looking to secure funding so they can take the product to market. The aim is to hit stores sometime this year, with Score Buddy expected to retail for around $25.

From there, the goal is simple. 

“We want it to be one of the biggest sporting products in the world, and for a lot of people to use it… even the famous tennis players,” says Alice.

Head of Science, Eleanor Wood has mentored the girls through the entire process and couldn’t be prouder.

“I’m ecstatic. They’ve done so much work. I’ve seen them from the infancy of their idea, all the way the way through, and they’re so keen to take it further,” says Eleanor.

It will come as no surprise that the trio took out first place at the Girls Invent Victorian Schools Pitch Evening for their invention.

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