From the Chaplain



From the Chaplain

This year Easter Sunday falls on the last Sunday of the Term 1 holidays. That means that our Junior and Senior School Easter services, held at St Mark’s this week, are a little early!  The Easter story is at the very heart of Christian faith, and actually every single Sunday of the year is a ‘mini-Easter’ celebration.  Every Sunday the Church gathers to renew our hope in the divine light, a light that has the power to shine in the darkness, and that cannot be overcome by anything else in the world.

Jacinda Ardern has recently spoken about New Zealand’s ‘darkest day’, and our hearts have gone out to the people of Christchurch, many of whom are struggling to feel secure again after very recent earthquakes, and now a most heartless act.  In the face of such darkness, the Church does not bring easy or trite answers.

It has become common-place amongst young people to say that “everything happens for a reason”, but who would want to say that to the people in Christchurch?  What the Christian faith does dare to say, however, is that no amount of darkness can put out the light of God.  These cruel events confront us with the reality of evil, and the terrible devastation that lies in its wake.  But, as we have seen over the last weeks, evil does not have the last word.  Light continues to shine in the acts of compassion and kindness offered by so many.  The light of the many candles that have been lit reflects the light of humanity, a light that finds it source in the merciful heart of God.

As we celebrate Easter this year, let us pray for those who find themselves in darkness; let us look for signs of the divine light that will not be overcome; and let us give ourselves anew to that rule of light, and be glad.

Here is an ancient prayer that you may like to use in the weeks leading up to Easter.

My dearest Lord,

be thou a bright flame before me

be thou my guiding star above me

be thou the smooth path beneath me

be thou a kindly shepherd behind me

today and evermore.

ST COLUMBA (521-597)


May I wish all our school families light and hope during this Easter season.

God bless!

Helen Creed
School Chaplain