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We are thankful for the support from each member of our community.

Since its inception the Foundation has run a range of programs, enabling our community to play the very important part of making a difference.

The generous support of our community is central in helping the School develop and create life-changing opportunities for our students. We are thankful to each member of our community – parents, students, old grammarians, current / former staff and friends for contributing to the Foundation.

It’s always enjoyable to learn why our community choose to support the School.

John Giannicos / Current Parent

I was very happy and indeed privileged to be able to send my daughter to this School. Camberwell Girls is what my daughter needed in terms of extracting the best out of her in an environment where she is not there to make up the numbers. It is very important for all parents to support such an institution, as preparing our daughters for the ever changing world is key.

Nigel Simpson / Past Parent, School Council

To a young person, the world can be complex and a frightening place. Schools need to be safe and nurturing environments that provide students with the skills needed to go out into the world with confidence and purpose. I believe Camberwell Girls manages this difficult balancing act, and it my pleasure to give back in both time and in money.

Melissa Medici / Class of 2015

I am truly grateful for the education I have received – the strong sense of community, the extensive co-curricular activities and the valuable learning experiences that have enabled personal growth. The ‘Year 12 Gift’ allows me to demonstrate my appreciation for these opportunities.

Yvonne Mah / Former Student (1988)

My contribution to Camberwell Girls is about my personal desire to ‘give-back’ and to be a role-model to the young community. The ethos of the School is appealing and in addition to academic achievement, Camberwell Girls also encourages each student to have community awareness and involvement.

Leo and Angela Tse / Current Parents

As current parents, it makes sense to donate to the Foundation… to improve buildings and facilities and to sponsor scholarships. We feel that our small contribution does make a big difference in the life of the School, and we know that a good school makes a big difference in the lives of our daughters.

Grace Lovell / Former Student (1934)

What amazing changes took place when Camberwell Girls and Ormiston merged. Magnificent new buildings appeared and are still being developed. There are facilities available now to give the girls a well-rounded education and these will last for many years to come. I hope my donation towards new buildings continues to further help our students.

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