Connected Community


Connected Community

February 25, 2022

PFA Welcome Evening

The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) is delighted that our wonderful community will soon gather again and reconnect.

We have planned many fantastic events for the CGGS community throughout the year. Our first event for the year is the annual PFA Welcome Evening on Friday 25 March. After two years of limited social activity, we would love to see parents from every year level across the school join us at this fun whole school event. Be entertained by live music and enjoy a variety of delicious food, cocktails, wine, beers and soft drink.

This will be a great opportunity to catch up with parents from your year level and meet others new to the school community. More details about this event will be published in the Junior and Senior Weeklies.

Become involved in the PFA

The PFA welcomes all members of the CGGS community to be involved. Whether by attending events as a guest, volunteering or joining PFA meetings, we encourage everyone to take part and meet others in our wonderful school community.

The PFA Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 22 March at 7:30pm in the Junior School Hall.

All members of the CGGS community are welcome to attend and we are seeking nominations for positions on the PFA Executive and Committee.

Positions include: Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and general committee members.

Information on how to submit a nomination will be published in upcoming Junior and Senior School Weeklies.

For more information about the PFA:

Make sure you follow the PFA on Facebook.

Contact Susannah Jepson for more information about the Parents and Friends Association via