Connected Community


Connected Community

September 3, 2021

The Father’s Day Challenge is this Weekend!!

The PFA and CGGS Dads Group are excited to bring the Father’s Challenge to the CGGS Community this weekend. All fathers and father-figures should be recognised for the champions they are, so we will be holding the Father’s Day Challenge again this year.

In the Challenge, Fathers/father-figures and daughters can challenge each other in a friendly activity, game or sport this Father’s Day.

You may like to try a basketball or soccer goal shooting competition, a cooking challenge, a dance off or hula hoop challenge…anything is possible.

Participants will be asked to upload results and photos of their challenge with their  daughter/children to either the Junior School Padlet or Senior School Yammer Page.

Results will be tallied, and a Junior and Senior Challenge Cup winner will be awarded to either The Fathers or The Daughters.

This is a wonderful way to interact and spend time with your children this Father’s Day.

Good luck!!

View these images from last year’s Father’s Day Challenge for inspiration and ideas for your challenge.