Congratulations Class of 2018

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Congratulations Class of 2018

At our Year 10 – 12 Presentation Evening earlier this term, we showcased the incredible music and performance talents of our students, alongside celebrating their academic, sporting and service contributions.

I am now delighted to congratulate our Class of 2018 for their outstanding VCE results.

It is important to remember that the VCE ATAR represents a ranking of students against each other and it does not represent the raw score achieved. In addition, we encourage each student to complete VCE, no matter where their academic ability is placed and in this, we are equally proud of all of our students who give of their best.


















4 Perfect Study Scores  
1 x Legal Studies
1 x Biology
2 x Further Mathematics

Dux of School
Damie Ing – 99.75

Dux Secondus
Janice Soo – 99.45

RM Westcott Award for 3rd Highest 
Shared between 3 students, all with an ATAR  of 99.4

Otto Yuncken Prize for 4th Highest 
Shared between 3 students, all with an ATAR of 99.2

Concluding Year 12 is a significant milestone and is not only about receiving an ATAR ranking. It is also about celebrating a young person’s journey and contribution to the world, alongside the opportunity to share in their hopes for the future. Schools are not just places to ‘know’, they are also places to ‘become’. The first 13 years of schooling are fundamental to the holistic development of a young person, and whilst it is easy at the end of Year 12 to simply focus on a result, it does not define or come close to describing the overall development and growth of the young person.

Thank you to our team of inspiring and dedicated educators who have set high expectations and encouraged our girls to produce such high quality work and engage in a wide range of opportunities.

Congratulations again to the Class of 2018!

With best wishes for the Christmas season and a safe and relaxing holiday.


Debbie Dunwoody

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