Charlotte Drew

My Journey

Charlotte Drew

Commenced her journey in 2011 / Foundation

From a family of women who have always been active in the community and instilled in Charlotte the importance of care and support for others / Her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother (who is 90) all give back to others on a regular basis / She gains a great sense of happiness and pride from helping others and enjoys contributing to make a difference in the community / Travelled to Fiji with her family and a suitcase full of school supplies. Volunteering at local primary schools they met students and educators and learnt that without the support of others, the students would not have the opportunity to receive an education / Regularly helps out at Open Hands, a soup kitchen catering for the homeless, elderly, lonely and the poor. Charlotte helps set up, collect plates and then, her favourite part – “at the end I just speak to the guests so they feel connected to the community and not alone” / An animal lover, Charlotte and her family also support RSPCA and recently adopted two older dogs by giving them a forever home – “everybody generally wants puppies which means older dogs are harder to rehouse” / The organisation that has had the biggest impact on Charlotte is Open Hands – “I’ve seen firsthand, the hardship of families with children who have nothing and are grateful for the food and company we give them. It has made me grateful for the things that I have and the life that I live” / When not giving of her time to others, Charlotte can be found playing netball, horse riding, at gymnastics or ballet.

My Dream

I want to be a surgeon so I can help people and make a difference in their lives.

Last Words

My time at Camberwell Girls has taught me that we all have the ability to make a difference and that it only takes one person to inspire others. If I could, I would change the way people treat each other. I’d love a world where everybody is accepting, supporting and equal.


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