Catherine Daniels

Inspiring Staff

Catherine Daniels

Library Systems Technician

Outside of books and bowls, Catherine's major hobby is nail art.

Stereotypically, Catherine Daniel isn’t your typical lawn bowler. But don’t be fooled… she’s been playing for more than six years now and she’s got quite an impressive trophy cabinet.

A member of the Middle Park Bowling Club, Catherine joined Camberwell Girls in 2009 as our Library Systems Technician. She spends her days in the Library, her afternoons on the bowling green and her evenings reading books. She’s currently on book number 6,500 and counting!

A bookworm since primary school, Catherine vividly remembers her two-day day work experience placement in the local library. “I absolutely loved it. It was like heaven and from that point onwards, I just knew I wanted to work in a library,” says Catherine.

She completed an Associate Diploma of Library Information Services and has been working in our Library ever since. Her role is varied. She maintains the current collections, accessions the new items and looks after the Library Management System.

“My favourite part of the role is helping people discover something new to read. I’m forever suggesting new genres.”

This is exactly how she found herself playing bowls. Her mum suggested she come down to the bowls club and give it a go.

“It was a Saturday and my mum called asking if I could help her out by filling in for a team member that afternoon. I decided to head down to the club and give it a go. I thought it would be a bit of fun and when I arrived they handed over the white uniform and I quickly realised it was serious,” she says.

It turns out that Catherine took to bowls like a duck to water. “I really quite enjoyed it and after time and practice I got better and better.”

It didn’t take long before Catherine started to bowl her competitors over. She won the Metropolitan Pennant two consecutive seasons from 2012/13 and 2013/14. She was the Middle Park Ladies Champion for the 2015/16 season and was runner-up in the Ladies Pairs Championship in 2016.

Most recently, she played in the Grand Final of the Middle Park Mixed Paris Championships and she was the Team Manager for the Metropolitan Pennant Win in 2016/17.

Catherine loves the sport, especially the strategic element and sees herself continuing with it for years to come.

“If I’m brutally honest, I also love that it doesn’t involve catching balls or having to run fast. My long walk to and from the train station each day is enough to keep me fit for bowls,” she says with a giggle.

Outside of books and bowls, she occasionally plays golf and her major hobby is nail art. She owns 700 bottles of polish and changes the designs on her nails at least twice a week.

“Nail art is my creative outlet and I’ll often paint them to match my uniform before a big competition. My wild bright nails and my age often aggravate some of my competitors… maybe that’s why I win!” she says.

We don’t think so Catherine – clearly you have all the right skills!

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