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Junior School

November 26, 2021

Foundation – Year 6 Orientation Morning

Last Friday 22 November, our current Early Learning 4 – Year 5 students had the opportunity to spend time in next year’s class in preparation for the start of the 2022 academic year. This session lasted for 1.5 hours and each student had the chance to meet their new classroom teacher and class mates.

Usually during this event, our current Junior School students would meet the new external students that were joining Ormiston next year. However, due to COVID-19, the new students joining us at Junior School in 2022 will be visiting us  on-campus on Monday 6 December at 4.00-4.30pm. Currently, there are 28 new students joining us at Ormiston next year.

Foundation – Year 5 Swimming Program

For the last two weeks of Term 4, we have organised the Foundation – Year 5 students to be part of our school swimming program. Starting this week, the Foundation – Year 4 students have participated in three intensive stroke correction and water safety sessions at the Senior School Pool. The Year 5 students will participate in a similar Water Safety session on Monday 6 December which will be important in preparing them for their Summer holiday of water activities. I would like to thank Lisa Williams our Swim School Coordinator who has organised these important sessions.

Year 2 Extended Day

Our Year 2 students had a wonderful time participating in a range of teambuilding and educational outdoor activities on Friday 15 November. The Extended Day included poison ball, hoola-hoop competition and hip-hop dancing via Zoom. The students enjoyed a lovely dinner from Pinwheel followed by a movie together in the Junior School Hall. Each of the students enjoyed the opportunity to stay behind after school and were picked-up by their parents at 7.30pm. This annual event is an excellent opportunity to prepare the students for next year’s Year 3 and 4 camp. I would like to thank our Year 2 Class Teacher Mikaela Stanaway, for organising the fun activities this year.

Science Talent Search Achievement – Christine Moi Year 5

Congratulations to Christine Moi of Year 5 who was nominated for Primary Investigations section in the December 2021 BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards.

Christine’s project “What is the most efficient form of transport – to walk, cycle, scooter or e-scooter?” was awarded as a Semi Finalist.

The comment from the judges stated, ‘Your project was an outstanding contribution for which you should feel extremely proud.’

Christine will receive a certificate in the mail early next year.


Wishing all our Ormiston families an enjoyable weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Year 5 and 6 Camp – Grantville Lodge Westernport Bay

On 15 November Years 5 and 6 went to a beautiful camp called Grantville Lodge. There were lots of activities planned to keep us occupied during our two night visit from Monday to Wednesday. Ms Cheong, Mrs Robottom, Ms de Quadros, Ms Hinchliffe, Mr Donohue, Ms Soci, Mr Goodwin and Mrs White were all there to support us through times when we might have been upset about something or if we needed to talk to someone. 

Camp was a memorable experience for me. I conquered things I never imagined I would be able to do. I have a morbid fear of heights and managing the scary giant swing was a victory for me (even though I didn’t go to the top). The food was exquisite. I thank the people that cooked the wonderful food. I couldn’t help getting seconds because the food was so mouth – watering! Going to this camp inspired me to take risks and challenge myself in the future. 

Aathana Sivapalan, Year 6

The highlight of my camp was having free time in our cabins because honestly it was such great bonding for all of us and we all became so much closer after it by playing games and just being able to chat and connect with each other. Something else I enjoyed immensely was having Mrs White as our activity teacher because she was so much fun to work with. Overall, camp was a 10/10 experience.

Nirvani Subedi, Year 6

My camp highlight was doing all the rope activities ranging from high ropes to giant swing and flying fox. We learnt how to put on the harnesses and connecting our harnesses to the courses. We were challenged to try the rope activities so I did and I went on the trickiest high ropes course, and I went as high as the flying fox and giant swing could go. But really the whole camp was a highlight. 

Alexia Stuart-Adams, Year 6

STEM Games Challenge Semi-Finalists

Over the past two years I have had the pleasure to work with three teams of Year 5 and 6 students to support them to develop the skills necessary to enter the Australia wide STEM Video Games Challenge competition. Students were required to work together to plan and create a Video Game using Scratch, that explored the theme of Scale.

When designing their games, students also had to think carefully about all elements of game design including: graphics, coding, storyline, testing, the level of challenge in the game and of course its fun factor. To emphasise the design process, all teams had to complete and were also judged on their game design document detailing the process they went through to design their games. Designing a functioning game with no bugs is no easy feat and required teams to communicate and problem solve effectively and apply their character strengths of perseverance, bravery, creativity and hope.

Congratulations to Charlotte, Aathana, Preesha, Audrey and Zara for their exceptional work and being recognised as semi-finalists this year. Students were presented with their certificates in assembly this week.

We are so proud of the way these teams worked together over the past two years to create games of such quality through working together both face to face and online during remote learning.

We can’t wait to see them apply their skills to other coding and design challenges in the future.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Junior School


Junior School

November 12, 2021

Face-to-Face Learning at Ormiston

Following the Mid-Term Break last week, we have had all our year levels back at Junior School full-time from Early Learning 3 to Year 6. It has been a pleasure to watch our students learning and connecting together in their classrooms and outside in the playground. From next week, we will begin to introduce our full program of co-curricular activities that will include all music ensembles and different sports.

Unfortunately, we are not able to use non-CGGS sport coaches at this time but we will endeavour to set up all sports by the end of the year.

Ormiston Spirit Awards

Our Junior School assembly this week involved handing out our annual Ormiston Spirit Awards. These prestigious awards are not about students being the best, but are presented to students for the following reasons:

  1. Display our CGGS School Values of Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Hope and Courage.
  2. Always doing their personal best in all aspects of their learning.
  3. Display a growth mindset when faced with challenges in their learning.

Congratulations to the following students:

Classroom Awards

Foundation – Qianqian Wu

Year 1 –  Doris Chen

Year 2 – Neesha Navaneetharaja

Year 3L – Matilda Collins

Year 3R – Chloe Zhang

Year 4Z – Selinna Wang

Year 4G – Alysa Zhang

Year 5G – Asha Bhattacharjee

Year 5S – Christine Moi

Year 6C – Poppy Tymmons

Year 6R – Natasha Cameron

Specialist Subject Awards

F-3 Art – Aadhya Talpe Guruge

Y4-Y6 Art – Emma Liu

F-3 PE – Sofia Rampa

Y4-Y6 PE – Aathana Sivapalan

F-3 Music – Laila Beiruti

Y4-Y6 Music – Jasmine Xie

F-3 Library – Audrey Cheung

Y4-Y6 Library – Nellie Ruddle

French – Samantha Lovell

Chinese Heritage – Annicle Li

Chinese Mainstream – Amelia Adel

Music Achievements

Annabelle The, Year 3
Congratulations to Annabelle Teh of Year 3, on successfully completing her AMEB Music Theory Grade 2 exam. This is a wonderful achievement by Annabelle.

Iris Lu,  Year 4
Congratulations to Iris Lu who won the Grand Prize – Victorian Children’s Division after competing in the 2021 Pearl River Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition earlier in the year. This is an annual worldwide competition located in Singapore.

Wishing all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Inquiry in Early Learning 3

Inquiry learning is about building learning capacity and nurturing learners as thinkers, self-managers, collaborators, communicators and researchers. It’s about giving students the skills, the dispositions and the opportunities to investigate – to find out information, make meaning and take action based on what is discovered. – Kath Murdoch 2015

Embedding a culture of curiosity
Last term, we read the story The Wonder of Winsome by Kath Murdoch. It told the story of Winsome – a child full of curiosity, who asked questions on a daily basis. After we read the story, the children shared their thinking about what it means to be curious.

Tiffany: Curious means thinking.

Jackson: An idea – with thinking.

Heidi: Curious means everything about your questions.

Eli: thinking

Within the program, intentional teaching and provocations are used to develop the children’s curiosity and their sense of wonder and awe. The children are encouraged to develop and document their wonderings through I wonder statements and add these to our ‘Wonder Wall’ in the classroom.

During this term we researched Jackson’s wondering related to powerlines and electricity.

Jackson: I wonder why the electricity moves through the powerlines.

As a curious learner, Jackson noticed the powerlines and poles in the street. Photographs were taken of the powerlines that were outside our school. As researchers, Jackson and Aran intentionally looked at these photographs and noticed that powerlines have ‘wire’ cables and these are connected to each pole, and the cables go from one pole to the next pole and to each house in Oak street.

Ms Angela: I wonder what you notice in these photographs.

Jackson: These are very big poles.

Aran: Lots of lines on the pole.

Jackson: That’s for the electricity. The electricity is coming from the powerlines.

Aran: The electricity goes in the lights. It’s coming from the pole.

Jackson: I’ve got a wondering too. I wonder how it comes to the pole. I think it comes from the ground. It’s in the ground and then it comes up the pole. I know where it comes from.

Aran: It’s up in the sky and then the electricity goes into the poles.

Jackson: When there’s a storm, the electricity goes apart, and the lights will turn off. That’s what happened at our house. Then it came back in 3 months.

Ms Angela: I wonder why we need electricity?

Jackson: Otherwise, we’ll get bumped if it’s dark and we can’t see if the lights aren’t on.

As collaborators and researchers, Jackson and Aran used photographs and diagrams to investigate the source of electricity and how it’s produced in Victoria. The recent storms in Melbourne also provided an opportunity for further investigation and research. Through photographs from the local news, Jackson and Aran discovered how strong winds can break branches of trees and how these can fall and damage powerlines. This provided a provocation for further discussion about how damage to powerlines can stop electricity flowing into homes and when this happens, families cannot use many appliances.

As confident and involved learners and inquirers, Jackson, Aran, Travis and Zane used a battery, wire and light bulb to create their own electrical circuit. This provided an opportunity for them to make discoveries about what is required to turn on a light – energy (electricity) inside a battery and a wire path for the electricity to travel along. They also discovered that if it’s not a complete circuit, then the electricity stops moving through the wires and the bulb will not light up. They made connections between an incomplete circuit and damage to powerlines during a storm.

Jackson: I was clipping it to the battery. The battery was making the energy. The globe didn’t work because it wasn’t clipped on. I clipped it in and the globe lighted.

As a researcher and keen observer, Aran made an interesting observation and discovery. He observed, that when he touched the metal part of the battery holder with the peg from the wire, the bulb lit up. Aran put the metal peg on and then took it off and Zane, Jackson and Travis also noticed that the light bulb went on and off. It worked like a switch.

Zane: We had to let the electricity come through and go around and around and then the light bulb worked and it glowed.

Different materials such as a plastic lid and metal spoon were used to research and make discoveries about how energy moves through things made from metal, such as a spoon, but not through things made from plastic, such as a yoghurt lid.

As communicators, Jackson, Zane, Aran and Travis documented their observations of the electrical circuit through drawing and dialogue.

In our curriculum, we embed a culture of curiosity. Throughout this learning, the children developed their inquiry skills as they wondered, researched, investigated, made discoveries, and expressed their curiosity and thinking through dialogue, photographs and drawings.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning 3 Teacher

Early Learning 4

The Early Learning 4 children have embraced being back in Early Learning with friends and teachers. A focus for our return to face-to-face learning has been re-establishing relationships and ensuring children feel safe and secure in their environment. Human connection is essential to wellbeing thus being onsite has helped recharge many of the children who may have lacked social interactions at home. There have been many opportunities for the Early Learning 4 children to engage in play, both indoors and outdoors. The benefits of play for children (and adults) include relieving stress, improving brain function, stimulating creativity, improving relationships and developing social skills.

We have continued to follow on the children’s interest in insects and min-beasts in our outdoor environment. The children eagerly find creatures in the Early Learning garden to show each other and the teachers. They are encouraged to observe closely and be respectful of living things by returning them to the garden afterwards. Both Early Learning 4 classes connected via a virtual excursion called  ‘What is a bug?’ with Museum Victoria. The children learnt how to identify the differences between insects and arachnids, they learnt the role bugs play in helping humans and the environment and they also learnt about what an entomologist is.

As we reach the end of the term, we have started preparing some of the children for their transition to school. We have been discussing what they might be wondering about school and what they have been doing during their transition sessions. We have focused on the exciting and positive experiences that the children will have, as well as addressing any concerns that they may have about starting Foundation. The Early Learning 4 children have shown tremendous resilience throughout this year, which will help them with the new and exciting changes next year.

Lilian Bishop
Early Learning 4 Teacher

Year 4 return to Face-to-Face Learning

The Year 4 students have made an excellent transition back to face-to-face learning. It has been wonderful to see the students reconnecting with each other. We have seamlessly transferred our Inquiry learning back on site. This week the students have been learning all about how the Earth is constantly moving and changing. Mrs Dumsday extended their learning by sharing rock samples and her own knowledge of Geology related to the rock cycle. They also learnt about the different fault lines running throughout the world and demonstrated their understanding by creating and explaining the different types of tectonic faults and boundaries using plasticine. We are all looking forward to the last few weeks together of 2021.

Ellie Zarfaty & Jasvindar Gill
Year 4 Class Teachers

Junior School



October 29, 2021

Celebration of Sport Assembly

Last Wednesday, the Junior School celebrated sporting achievement and participation virtually at our annual Celebration of Sport assembly with Miss Kitsou. Students that had participated in School Sport Victoria sports such as swimming, cross country and athletics were recognised, and students who participated in CGGS co-curricular activities were also recognised for their efforts in supporting our CGGS school activities.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Charlotte Lim, Year 6 for being awarded the Parent’s and Friends (PFA) Junior School Sports Woman of the Year Award for 2021. This award takes into consideration Charlotte’s overall attitude to physical education & sport during 2021 and her commitment to training, performance and leadership.

Another major highlight of the assembly was to recognise five students in Years 5 and 6 for their long-term commitment and participation in our Junior School sporting program over numerous years. The Junior School recognised the efforts of Scarlett Sim, Anthea Vais, Chloe Lau, Allegra Reedman and Genevieve Khaw. These students have actively participated in four or more sports this year and I look forward to their contributions in the future.

Music Achievement – Stephanie Marriott Year 3

Recently, Stephanie Marriott of Year 3 successfully completed her AMEB Violin Repertoire Grade 3 exam. Congratulations to Stephanie for a wonderful achievement and we look forward to her playing the violin at school at some stage in the future.

Wishing all our Ormiston families a restful long weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Foundation – Face-to-Face Learning

The Foundation students have been so happy to be back at school together from Monday to Wednesday for the last two weeks. They have done a terrific job of getting back into the classroom routine and continuing with their fantastic learning.

They wrote about returning to school on their first morning back. The things they were most looking forward to were, playing with their friends, both in the classroom and in the playground, seeing their teachers in person, and doing PE and Choir onsite.

I would like to congratulate the Foundation students and their families for their effort, positivity and resilience this year and for making the most of all learning opportunities.

Selena Reedman
Foundation Class Teacher

Year 1 – Face-to-Face Learning

The wonderful students in Year 1 made their long-awaited return to face-to-face learning last week on Thursday and Friday. It was fabulous to see their smiling faces as they eagerly reconnected with their peers and settled back into classroom and school routines. The students took part in a range of learning activities both in the classroom and outside that allowed them to communicate and collaborate with one another.

This term the students are exploring where food and fibres come from and how produce can get from a farm to the plate. The students have demonstrated their curiosity and generated numerous questions that we will endeavour to answer including:

> Why do we have farms?

> Why is cheese yellow?

> How do farmers grow food in the North Pole?

> Is it hard being a farmer?

> How do the farmers keep the animals away from the fruit and vegetables, so they don’t eat them all?

> How are cows protected from the rain?

> Where does milk come from?

> Why do hens have wings, but they can’t fly?

After some initial investigating last week, the students created a simple flow chart explaining the 10-step process of how milk gets from a cow to a store. They also viewed the process of ricotta cheese being made and were intrigued to see how the milk changed during the process.

They were keen to share their thoughts and observations:

Elsa – The ricotta was very lumpy and looked like porridge. It was cool seeing the milk change.

Sofia – I saw the milk change into little clumps and saw steam. It was amazing to see.

Doris – I learnt when you put the citric acid into milk it turned into cheese and water. I enjoyed looking at it.

Aryana – It was amazing seeing cheese being made as I’ve never seen cheese made before! It was interesting when milk turned into cheese.

Taleana – I liked it when the milk turned into cheese because it looked like rice that I eat.

We look forward to many more hands-on experiences as we settle back to face-to-face learning for the remainder of the year!

Angela Columbine
Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2 – Face-to-Face Learning

As much as we enjoyed seeing everyone’s wonderful faces on Zoom, we have loved being back together in Year 2 this week! This term for our Inquiry unit we are focussing on how history has and is going to impact the present and future. We have enjoyed investigating olden day technologies such as typewriters and black and white televisions, whilst also predicting what type of technologies we could see in the future. Using this new information students will create information reports about the changes in technology in the past, present and future.

Whilst looking at fascinating technology, we also started using our school blue-bots. The students will work in pairs to create a track for the blue-bot to follow. They will use their mapping and location, problem solving and measuring skills to accurately plan and create a course for their blue-bot.

It is so wonderful to be back to face-to-face learning in Year 2!

Mikaela Stanaway
Year 2 Class Teacher

Science Talent Search

Congratulations to the 26 students who entered the Science Talent Search this year. The Science Talent Search is an annual competition which aims to foster a love of Science. At CGGS, students in Years 5 and 6 took the opportunity to explore an area of interest through Experimental Research, Science Photography, Video, Posters and Scientific Wall Charts and Working Models. Each of the students demonstrated an excellent work ethic and was able to navigate various hurdles along the way. A special thank you to Ms Penny Dumsday and Dr Charlotte Forwood who mentored the students; parents and family members who supported their child’s participation; and Mr Micah Wilkins who joined Dr Forwood as an official judge.

In addition to two Distinctions and twelve Merit awards, we have a number of students who have been awarded bursaries. These bursaries will be presented at a virtual ceremony on Monday 8 November.

Major Bursary

Christine Moi – Experimental Research: What is the most efficient form of transport? Christine has also been nominated for the National BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards for 2021.

Elise Orme – Experimental Research: How do idling cars affect the air quality?

Asha Bhattacharjee – Picture Story Book: I can’t believe it’s not meat

Minor Bursary

Chloe Lau and Charlotte Chong  – Posters and Scientific Wall Charts: Sustainable Food Production

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development
Science Talent Search Coordinator – Junior School

Junior School


Junior School

October 15, 2021

Welcome to Term 4

We are now well into Term 4 and looking forward to a productive term ahead.

As we discussed last term in CamNews, we reviewed our subject offerings within our remote learning program from our class and specialist teachers, and we made decisions in the best interests of our Junior School students.

Our specialist teachers are supporting student learning through continuing to provide specific tasks on Seesaw and through the use of Zoom meetings. These experiences will prepare students for a seamless transition back to face-to-face learning at Ormiston.

As a Junior School community, we look forward to all our students returning to face-to-face learning. This Monday will be a big day with our Foundation students returning to Ormiston, followed by Years 1 and 2 returning on Thursday and Friday.

The following week we see all our year levels from Early Learning 3 – Year 6 attend school at some stage during the week.

If any parents would like to ask questions about their child transitioning back to face-to-face learning, they are welcome to contact Paul Donohue Head of Junior School on donohuep@cggs.vic.edu.au.

Wishing all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Junior School Assembly

Our weekly Junior School Assembly is now taking place at 8.40am every Wednesday and parents are encouraged to watch our live assembly each week. I would like to thank the Assembly and Events Leaders Ella Turnley, Gretel Blake and Poppy Tymmons for all their work so far and I would also like to thank our School Captains Allegra Reedman and Elise Orme for helping with the Junior School prayer and for coming up with the assembly theme of Hope for this week.

I wanted to share our assembly prayer from last week with the school community. Here it is:

Dear God

Bless us as we start a new term with our friends at Ormiston while doing remote learning. Help us to settle into Term 4 and give us the courage, confidence and belief to always do our personal best.

Open our eyes to fresh challenges that a new term brings and remind us to look out for the positives in our lives and others around us, whether at home or online via Zoom with our class. Help us to support each other.

Look out for our school community of students, teachers, school staff and families and give them the strength to look forward to the time we are all back together as one community. Your help with this is so important to us all.

Finally, keep us happy and safe for the start of Term 4 and remind us to keep strong and resilient for when we are ready to be back at Ormiston, particularly our Year 6 students who are starting their final term of primary schooling. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as well as their teachers, Ms Cheong and Mrs Robottom.

In Jesus name,


Pyjama Day – Winter Warmth Appeal

Today our students finally got the opportunity to celebrate their contributions towards our annual Winter Warmth Appeal for Anglicare. Last term, students from Early Learning 3 – Year 6 donated food and clothes to the appeal, which assists those in need during the cold winter months.

I would like to especially thank our Early Learning families for their wonderful contributions. As our Foundation – Year 6 families were at home completing remote learning, our Early Learning 3 and 4 students donated a considerable amount of items for the appeal and Anglicare were very appreciative of having so much to hand for people in need.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Character Strength Spotting

As we learn to cope with our everchanging world environment, one of the most important things we can do to support ourselves and our children is to focus on highlighting, developing and using our own personal character strengths. In recognition of this, as a school we are focussing on highlighting different character strengths during our weekly assemblies and through our teaching staff nominating students for character strengths digital badges when they spot students displaying the weekly character strength.

Our first character strength focus for the term was perseverance. In assembly we read a story and discussed that perseverance is when we work hard to achieve our goals and don’t give up. We were pleased to award 50 digital perseverance badges to students in our first two weeks of term. If your child was spotted displaying this strength and was nominated for a badge, a purple digital badge was added to their Seesaw portfolio and profile picture. All nominated students were then entered into a prize raffle and it was a pleasure to award Aurelia in Year 2 a raffle prize for her perseverance.

Over the next fortnight our character strength spotting focus will be HOPE. Our School Captains introduced our theme during assembly and explained that hope is not just about looking on the bright side, it is about focusing on good things to come in the future by taking actions to work towards them. Students have been asked to bring in their HOPE colouring on their first day back onsite to help to create a colourful whole school display.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Special Music Achievement – Asha Bhattacharjee Year 5G

Asha Bhattacharjee of 5G sat her AMEB Grade 7 Piano Examination in May 2021 and received a High Distinction (A+). Asha also competed in the 2021 Booroondara Eisteffod in the Piano Solo 10 years and Under Category at the Hawthorn Arts Centre in May and performed Albeniz’s  “Tango”. Asha performed very well on the day and relished the opportunity to perform before an appreciative audience.

Junior School


Junior School

September 3, 2021

Final Stages of Term 3

With one week left of Term 3, there is still a lot happening at Ormiston. As I have said many times in 2020, and this year, our remote learning program continues to be of high quality. The challenge for us has been to ensure a sustainable approach to our teaching and learning program remotely, while at the same time, not to have our Foundation – Year 6 students on a computer screen each day for very long periods of time.

In Term 4, we will continue to review our subject offerings within our remote learning program from our class and specialist teachers and we will continue to make decisions in the best interests of our Junior School students.

Book Week

I would like to thank our Library Teacher, Sally Spencer for organising a range of activities for Book Week last week. Mrs Spencer has written an article in today’s CamNews that outlines the many ways we celebrated this important event.

Wellbeing Day

Not only was it Book Week last week, it was also a Wellbeing Day for staff and students at both Junior and Senior School. Students had the opportunity to engage in a variety of different activities throughout the day with the highlight being a magician who showed everyone many wonderful tricks, as well as, explaining how some of his magic tricks work.

Ormiston Art Show

Towards the end of Term 3 each year, I always look forward to our Ormiston Art Show. Once again this year, the school community is unable to visit the School and look at the art pieces in person. I would like to congratulate our Art Teacher, Mrs Gibson who has organised an online padlet that showcases the outstanding artwork of our students.

Mountfield Maestros

Our Junior School co-curricular activities have continued in a variety of forms during remote learning this term and next week we have over 50 students performing online for our annual Term 3 Mountfield Maestros Music event. I would like to wish the following students all the best and look forward to their individual performances online.

Foundation – Year 3

Ting Xuan Quek

Chloe Gu

Qianqian Wu

Joelle Whelan

Alexandra Law

Alice Lin

Sofia Rampa

Isabella-Rose Stepsys

Elsa Lu

Annabelle Zhang

Aurelia Poon

Aanya Chopra

Audrey Cheung

Ellie Li

Yui Yu

Emma Adel

Sabrina Zhao

Dora Zhu

Angelina Zhao

Annicle Li

Zoe Raspin

Isali Ranasingha

Angela Wu

Elfie Fan

Madeleine Law


Year 4 – 6

Isla Kang

Hanna Lindsay

Ailey Poon

Lauren Tang

Aaratrika Kadam

Ava Pao

Ellie Tsigounis

Iris Lu

Ruth Whelan

Amiya Rajakulendran

Georgia Papadopoulos

Alina Xu

Amelia Adel

Alisha lagana

Ann Brookes

Zihan Li

Nicole Zhang

Rudra Santhosh

Sophie Wong

Mo Lin Yu

Cosette Tsjin

Sarah Luo

Chloe Lau

Aathana Sivapalan

Jasmine Li


Wishing all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Book Week – 21 to 27 August 2021

Book Week is an annual celebration of Australian books, authors, illustrators, and the joy of reading. This year, even though we are learning and working from home, many wonderful book related activities and celebrations occurred within our school community.

Students and staff from several year levels participated in Zoom story sessions and dressed up as their favourite book character. There was also an array of fun and interactive book related activities provided for all students. A special Storytime and dress up activity for ELC students and staff was also a huge success.

Through Seesaw and in our assembly this week, the winning titles in the Early Childhood, Picture Book and New Illustrator categories have been shared with our students. The Junior School Library has also added all the winning books and shortlisted titles across all categories to our collection and we encourage all students to read and borrow these wonderful stories.

Please find the winners of the Early Childhood, Picture Book, New Illustrator, Non-Fiction, and Younger Readers prizes here, https://www.cbca.org.au/winners-2021

Sally Spencer
Library Teacher

National Science Week – 14 – 22 August 2021

The theme was Food: Different by Design, honouring the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

During remote learning, Ormiston students (and their families) proved to be creative food designers – many students took part in the at-home activities on the Science Week Padlet, and shared their thoughts about eating insects and their photographs of ice-cream in a bag, boba tea and colourful ‘lava lamps’ – all made with common kitchen ingredients, a bit of science, and a bit of fun!

Thank you to everyone who took part – on behalf of the whole Science Department, it was fantastic to see our school community taking Science out of the lab and into the kitchen.

Penny Dumsday
STEAM Teacher

Ormiston Remote Learning Highlights and Olympic Spirit Awards

Over the past fortnight, I have continued to be blown away by our students’ contributions to the remote learning program. During Assembly, I highlighted the exceptional learning that has been occurring in each year level. The students in all year levels should be congratulated for their achievements throughout the term and in particular, the following areas this term:

Our Foundation students are now all confidently and fluently reading decodable texts independently.

Year 1
Our Year 1s developed their creativity, problem solving and persistence when exploring forces by creating their own Rube Goldberg Machines.

Year 2
Our Year 2s are now segmenting their spelling words into syllables and beginning to use spelling rules to add suffixes to words with increasing confidence.

Year 3
Our Year 3s are now experts in Australian Geography and have been teaching the community about our significant natural features and landmarks.

Year 4
Our Year 4s are budding biologists who have been developing their understanding of some of the complex ecosystems that exist around the world.

Year 5
Our Year 5s have been seeking out how to encourage sustainability and can confidently explain how we can support the environment through housing design.

Year 6
Our Year 6 students have been investigating the experiences of migrants and have developed informative monologues designed to help others to understand the phases of migration, and the complex range of push and pull factors that influenced different people’s decisions to move countries.

It was an absolute joy to share two of our Year 1 students, Olive and Estelle’s, Rube Goldberg Machines with the school community during Assembly.

Some of the key adjectives that classroom and specialist teachers used when nominating this fortnight’s award winners were: courageous, persistent, thorough, initiative, thoughtful, creativity, focussed, curious and committed.

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded an Ormiston Olympic Spirit Badge this week

Foundation – Qianqian, Lena, Alex, Joelle, Chloe, Ting Xuan

Year 1 – Elsa, Isabella-Rose, Estelle, Olive, Alice, Sofia, Aryana

Year 2 – Lucy, Emma A, Audrey, Annabelle, Aurelia, Aanya, Ellie

Year 3 – Isali, Dora, Angelina, Maddie, Zoe, Angela, Elfie, Annicle, Chloe, Angela W

Year 4 – Charvi, Kathleen

Year 5- Jasmine, Cathy, Grace, Christelle, Asha, Hannah, Tiffany, Minaaz

Year 6 – Poppy, Aekam, Emma, Charlotte L, Alex, Lexi S, Scarlett, Chanel, Lexi B, Charlotte C

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Interrelate Parent Information Session

On Tuesday evening, Years 4 – 6 parents were invited to attend an information session about our upcoming Health and Development program which will be delivered by Interrelate presenters alongside student’s classroom teachers in Term 4. Glenys, the presenter gave families an overview of the information that will be presented to students and the types of activities that students will participate in throughout their 3 workshops next term. The session gave parents the confidence to begin and sustain important conversations about health, development and sexuality.

Further details about this program will be communicated with families next week. Please contact me if you have any questions. hinchliffee@cggs.vic.edu.au

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Junior School


Junior School

August 20, 2021

Year 6C Student Leadership Positions for Semester 2

When our Foundation – Year 6 students return to Ormiston on Friday 3 September, our Year 6C students will be very keen to get started with their leadership positions for Semester Two.

As a school community, we would all like to congratulate the following students:

Art Leaders – Alex Kossaris & Sarah Luo

Assembly & Events Leaders – Gretel Blake, Poppy Tymmons & Ella Turnley

Digital Leaders – Sarah Lu & Maya Waide-Hee

House Leaders

Lawrence – Chanel Ghostine

Schofield – Charlotte Lim

Singleton – Scarlett Sim

Taylor – Alexia Stuart-Adams

Library Leaders – Jessie Lu & Claire Pham-Nguyen

Music Leader – Aathana Sivapalan

School Captains – Elise Orme & Allegra Reedman

Sustainability – Emma Liu & Vivienne Torre

Social Service Leaders – Hannah Lan & Ashanti Rajakulendran

Wellbeing Leaders – Aekam Gill & Nirvani Subedi

We look forward to presenting our official Semester Two Leadership Induction assembly for these Year 6C students. The plan is for this assembly to take place during the last week of Term 3, hopeful we are back onsite by then.

Remote Junior School Assembly

During remote learning, our weekly assembly has changed to a Wednesday at 12.30pm, just before lunchtime. The focus of this week’s assembly was Science Week, and I was able to share some wonderful science facts about the Earth and Space. I would like to thank Penny Dumsday, our Junior School STEAM Teacher for all her work in planning and preparing a wide range of optional Science activities for students to complete across all our Foundation – Year 6 year levels. These activities also included some optional Zoom meetings for students to be involved with some very engaging science experiments.

This week, Annabelle Teh of Year 3 read out the prayer for us. There is so much we can appreciate and look forward to in the future. Here is the prayer:

Dear God

We thank you for your help during remote learning and for giving us the strength and determination to through this challenging time away from School.

Thank you for giving us the confidence to always do our Personal Best and to appreciate the Science around us. We thank Mrs Dumsday for organising Science Week activities for us to complete at home, as we learn so much more about our beautiful planet.

Teach us to look forward to the good times in the future and to remind us to keep in  touch with our friends and family members who we cannot see in person at the moment.

We hope to return to School very soon.

In Jesus name,



I wish all our Ormiston families a safe and restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Remote Learning Highlights

Throughout remote learning our teachers have been encouraging students to continue to focus on taking their time and producing high quality work. It has made us really proud to see most students have really taken this on board and used the time learning from home to show their creativity in different ways. Some highlights of student’s remote learning have been:

Year 6 Writing
As part of their inquiry unit exploring immigration, Year 6 students have been completing a collaborative, in depth text study of The Arrival by Shaun Tan. This week, students have worked with focus during their Zoom meetings and independent learning time to produce highly descriptive letters that detail the experiences, perspectives and emotions of the protagonist pictured in the text. Students should be congratulated on the fabulous way they approached these lessons. They brainstormed figurative language together, listened and responded to individual feedback on their writing and continued to edit, revise and refine their writing, focusing specifically on the five senses, figurative language and purposeful and ambitious vocabulary throughout.

Year 2 Learning Adventures
To support the development of students curiosity and transferrable skills such as creativity and communication at home, our Year 2 students have been working on completing their own learning adventures. Students have been excited to spend time at home learning new skills including how to create stop motion animations, cook, perform magic tricks and even juggle.

Science Week
This week, we have been celebrating Science Week! Our fabulous Science Department, including our Junior School STEAM teacher, Ms Dumsday, put together a range of engaging online activities for our students to choose to explore to foster curiosity, experimentation and a love of Science. Students really enjoyed making ice-cream in a bag, creating their own compost and challenging their knowledge by completing the expert level Kahoot quizzes. I encourage you to view the Padlet of engaging Science activities that students have completed here.  https://cggs.padlet.org/dumsdayp1/ScienceWeek2021

Year 4-6 Music Performances
As part of their classroom music program, Year 4-6 students were given the opportunity to practise their instrumental performance presentation skills. Students were encouraged to share their instruments and special talent for music for the enjoyment of others. It was fantastic to see so many students take up this opportunity and share performances on the cello, recorder, violin, trumpet and piano.

Ormiston Olympic Spirit Award Winners

It has been incredible to see the sustained commitment and courage shown by our students during remote learning. Remote learning is requiring a real-life application of grit and growth-mindset for the whole school community and I am incredibly proud of all of our students for persevering through this challenge.

Each week I am lucky to read some fantastic nomination statements from both our classroom and specialist teachers about why they have chosen to nominate students for an award. Over the past fortnight it has made me smile reading that our students have been described as: committed, respectful, full of initiative, hardworking and displaying kindness, determination and generosity of spirit.

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded a digital badge over the past fortnight:

Foundation: Qianqian, Evia

Year 1: Sofia, Doris, Aurora, Aryana, Nicole, Evie, Cathy, Alice,

Year 2: Aanya, Audrey, Annabelle, Faye, Emma, Akira,

Year 3: Angelina, Elfie, Angela, Annicle, Amelia, Laila, Chloe, Ivy 

Year 4: Aratrika, Amelia, Amiya, Georgia, Sophie May, Ruth, Sienna, Ellie, Shreya, Selinna 

Year 5: Zihan, Maddison, Eden, Jessica, Celeste, Alisha, Karina, Mo Lin, Amy Q, Genevieve, Nina, Christine, Nicole, Sophie, Rudra, Stefanie, Nellie, Rita, Cathy, 

Year 6: Charlotte L,  Charlotte C, Sarah Luo, Hannah, Alex, Alexia, Chanel, Poppy, Emma, Gretel, Aaliyah, Natalie, Charlie, Natasha O, Natasha C, Ashanti, Allegra, Aekam, Alina, Angel, Sarah Lu, Preesha

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Junior School


Junior School

August 6, 2021

Junior School Assembly

It was a wonderful Junior School Assembly on Wednesday. It was the perfect opportunity to hand out Ormiston badges to our Term 3 Foundation – Year 6 new students who are:

> Foundation – Eva Afrasiabi

> Year 3L – Stephanie Marriott

> Year 3R – Angelina Zhau

> Year 4Z -Isla Kang

> Year 4G – Charvi Dhingra

> Year 5S – Karina Ng

> Year 6C – Hannah Lan

We also welcome three new students that are in our Early Learning 3 classroom with Angela Follacchio and Effie Kitsiris. These students are:

> Nora Choi

> Zane Afrasiabi

> Marvella Lau

This was the final assembly for our Year 6R students who are relinquishing their Semester One leadership role and handing them over to the Year 6C class. Yesterday I listened to the Year 6C speeches and was very impressed with the content and delivery. There was a strong emphasis on leadership skills and helping others, and as a school community, we look forward to working closely with them in Semester Two.

Our School Captain Natasha Cameron, read out a beautiful and inspiring prayer for assembly. I strongly encourage all families to read it, see below:

Dear God,

We have emerged from this lockdown, safe again, reassured that your light will guide us, with the strength to have courage in the face of uncertainty.

It is in these extraordinary times that we turn to our neighbours, to sustain, support and care for one another, sharing in the joy of our community being side by side once again.

We revel in the Olympic spirit, appreciating the skills of the participants from all over this Earth of different abilities, colours, faiths and ethnicities, entertaining us, but also reminding us that our community is global, complex and interconnected.

We pray for those who have suffered throughout this pandemic and pledge to continue to reach out to those in need and continue your legacy.

In the name of our Lord,


As today is our first day of remote learning, I encourage all families to work closely once again with their child’s class and specialist teachers. I wish all Ormiston families a safe weekend and look forward to seeing everyone online at 9.00am on Monday morning Zoom meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

100 Days in Foundation

On Tuesday 27 July the Foundation students celebrated their 100th day of School. The day marks a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the milestone of successfully completing 100 days of learning. The students participated in a range of activities to mark this wonderful achievement.

They worked mathematically to count to 100 in multiple ways, explored the story of Fancy Nancy’s 100th Day of School and considered all the things they had learnt and the wonderful progress they had made so far at School.

A highlight for all was a fabulous fancy dress day to celebrate their achievements.

Congratulations Foundation students!

Annabelle Vivarini
Foundation & Year 1 Literacy & Numeracy Teacher

Semester One Sustainability Squad

This semester’s Sustainability Squad have a done a great job taking care of the veggie garden by harvesting and replanting winter vegetables. Despite the challenges of lockdown, the students have continued to encourage sustainable living within the school community and facilitate great initiatives. One of our great initiatives included Nude Food Day where the winning class received a blueberry plant to look after. The squad was excellently led by Charlotte Russo, Chloris Ding and Yuxin Chen. The students’ passion for creating a more environmental school and appreciation for gardening has been inspiring. I look forward to working with our Semester Two Sustainability Squad class representatives and continue the important work that the team has completed so far this year. Here are the names of the students in the Semester One Sustainability Squad:

Year 1 – Aryana Perera

Year 2  – Claire Zhang

Year 3 – Laila Beiruti

Year 4G – Sienna Jack

Year 4Z – Claire Nguyen

Year 5G – Cathy Wang

Year 5S – Allison Stocker

Year 6C – Elise Orme

Ellie Zarfaty
Year 4 Class Teacher

Ormiston Reader’s Cup

During Term 3, the Junior School Library is running a book review challenge for all students in Foundation to Year 6.

To participate in the House Readers Cup, students are asked to read and review any book they borrow from our library throughout Term 3.  Students from Years 3 – 6 will enter their reviews directly in the Orbit website, while F- Year 2 students may complete handwritten reviews available in the library. Each review earns 1 House point for the students House and a personal point to their tally. At the end of the term, 2 students per house will be awarded a book prize and the winning house will receive the House Readers Cup.

We strongly encourage all students to join in this fun activity.

Sally Spencer
Junior School Library Teacher

Winter Warmth Appeal

The Student Council Representatives collaboratively worked as a team to design posters and create speeches to read to their class to officially launch our Annual Winter Warmth Appeal.

The appeal launched on Monday 2 August and supports Anglicare in their mission to assist those in need this winter. The appeal will run until Friday 20 August and we encourage families to continue to donate non-perishable food, nappies, toiletries and canned goods. Thank you for your generosity in these challenging times.

Craig Goodwin
Year 5 Class Teacher

GOING FOR GOLD – Ormiston Olympic Spirit Awards

Throughout the Olympics and Paralympics, classroom and specialist teachers are nominating students who exemplify Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect or our school values of integrity, commitment, respect, hope and courage in their onsite or remote learning.

All students who are nominated are awarded a digital medal, which is added as their Seesaw profile picture. Students names also then go in to a raffle to win a prize at Junior School Assembly.

It was amazing to see so many worthy nominees for our first round of awards this week and I offer a huge congratulations to last fortnight’s Ormiston Olympic Spirit Award digital badge winners.

Week 3 and 4 Digital Badge Winners

Foundation – Qianqian, Charlotte, Ting Xuan & Eva

Year 1- Alice, Kayla & Aurora

Year 2- Neesha, Olivia, Alessandra & Aadhya

Year 3- Alice X, Ivy, Stephanie, Annabelle, Lucinda, Matilda & Serena

Year 4- Isla

Year 5- Maddison, Minaaz, Kealey, Zihan & Ann

Year 6- Preesha, Samanatha, Yuxin, Lexi & Allegra

There was great excitement for our first raffle on Wednesday when our first group of prize winners were drawn. Congratulations to Preesha, Maddison and Ting Xuan. I can’t wait to add more digital badges to Seesaw over the next two weeks.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Junior School


Junior School

July 23, 2021

Foundation – Year 6 Remote Learning & Onsite Supervision

For the third time this year, I have been very impressed with the way our Ormiston staff, students and school community have transitioned back to Remote Learning with confidence and determination to do their personal best despite not being onsite at Junior School.

It has been inspiring to see many members of the Ormiston community go above and beyond for others. I have seen and heard our community help others in need during this difficult time and many of our students continue to be there for others not only in their class, but in their year level. Our School values of Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Hope and Courage are evident in everything we do here at Ormiston, and I would encourage our community to continue to use these values during this lockdown period.

With over one week of Remote Learning completed, I would like to thank parents and extended family members for supporting our Remote Learning program. We have all got our fingers crossed that Foundation to Year 6 students will return to onsite learning next Wednesday 28 July.

During Remote Learning, we continue to have a group of students onsite to allow their parents to continue to work as essential workers within our community. Once again, an enormous Thank You to Lisa Williams our CGGS Swimming Coach for looking after this group of students during this difficult period. Lisa has been a wonderful support for this group for over the last 12-months and she has made a very positive impact on their learning.

As part of our continuous improvement plan at Ormiston, I encourage Foundation – Year 6 families to contact me via email, donohuep@cggs.vic.edu.au to provide feedback on the Remote Learning program. We are regularly making changes and any feedback is valuable for future planning.

Wishing all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Early Learning 3 Artists!

In Early Learning 3, we provide children with the time and opportunity to engage with different drawing tools and explore how these can be used to express their ideas, reflections and thinking. Drawing is one of the earliest forms of communication – a visual text that children develop. When children draw, they often talk and provide an explanation or narrative about their drawing. In the classroom, these words are documented by the child or the teacher through written language or audio recording. This is important because it creates a multimodal text: drawing, talking and writing – that is, visual, oral and aural. Whilst drawing provides opportunities for creativity and rich expression, talking and drawing together are powerful because the dialogue deepens the message and shows the increased complexity of the visual text – the drawing. As teachers, we value this dialogue because it demonstrates ‘thinking in action’ and provides opportunities for further understandings of the learner and the learning that is occurring. It also creates opportunities for the teacher to support and scaffold this learning, this means, the teacher can support and build on what the child knows and can do (Mackenzie, 2018).

Associate Professor Noella Mackenzie from Charles Sturt University believes that drawing promotes strong communication skills and young children learn to make sense of their world through drawing. Her research has explored the key relationships between drawing and talking, drawing and writing, and drawing, talking and writing.

If interested, you can listen to Professor Mackenzie talk about the importance of drawing in her conversation with Gareth Parker. The link is available here.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning 3 Teacher

Early Learning 4 Full-Time – Strengthening their Sense of Identity

The children are strengthening their sense of identity as they move forward with a new term and prepare for their transition into Primary school.

“Identity is unique to each individual, and defines who people are, what shapes their interests and how they come to view the people and events around them (DET 2016, p. 18)”.

The sense of awareness of personal identity involves both self-expression and self-awareness. The children have worked on their personal identity and awareness of self, which can be summarised in the statement ‘I know who I am’.

It is rewarding to see the children’s sense of identity grow as they express themselves in the medium of Art. The children have used balls, hoops, music, puppets, paper mache, coloured blocks, drawing and painting to express their ideas.

The children have focused on expressing their ideas through creating three-dimensional models and structures. These tasks assist in the development of co-ordination, communication and collaboration. In the classroom, the children are surrounded with interesting three-dimensional objects, both large and small, to stimulate new ideas and develop their awareness of form and shape.

Ramila Sadikeen
Early Learning 4 Full-Time Teacher

Early Learning 4 Part-Time – Bucket Fillers

This term in Early Learning 4 Part-Time, we have been discussing ‘bucket filling’. Bucket filling refers to actions or words that show you care about someone. The ‘bucket’ represents your mental and emotional self. When your ‘bucket’ is full, you feel more confident, secure, patient and friendly. The metaphor of the ‘bucket’ is one that young children can easily relate to and understand. It easily explains to children how negatives actions and words can ‘dip’ from your ‘bucket’, but that positive actions and words have the opposite effect and will ‘fill’ it.

Azalea – “Bucket filling is when you care for someone when they are sad.”

Isabella – “If you say something mean, you are dipping their bucket. If you say, ‘I love you so much’, you are filling their bucket.”

Eugenie – “When someone says, ‘I don’t like you’, you are dipping bucket.”

Emilia – “When I play with Azalea and Aileen, it fills my bucket.”

Scarlett – “When mum says, ‘I love you,’ it fills my bucket.”

This term, the children are learning to notice when someone is filling their bucket. Each time they or the teacher observes bucket filling, we put a glass stone in our classroom bucket. At the end of each day, the children are encouraged to recall when someone filled their bucket. Then we count how many glass stones are in the bucket. Learning about ‘bucket filling’ relates to children’s sense of ‘identity’. Children will learn how to interact with others with care, empathy and respect. They will begin to empathise and express concern for others and reflect on their own actions and consider the consequences for others.

Lilian Bishop
Early Learning 4 Part-Time Teacher

Junior School


Junior School

June 25, 2021

Year 5 & 6 Chapel – Caring for our Planet

Our fortnightly Chapel sessions with our school Rev Helen Creed form a very important part of our unique CGGS student wellbeing program called BRAVE (Being Resilient and Valuing Everyone). Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining the Year 6C Chapel Service in our beautiful Chapel. Rev Creed spoke about a very inspiring Nobel Peace Prize winner from Kenya, Wangari Maathai. She was the first person from Africa to win this prestigious award for her work in environmental conservation, democracy, peace, and women’s rights.

Over many decades, Wangari Maathai protested against deforestation in Kenya and, in 1977, founded The Green Belt Movement. This movement focused on empowering women in Kenya to plant one billion trees not only across Kenya, but other surrounding countries. Wangari Maathai was a strong and determined women who saw a strong need to create a greener and cleaner planet for the benefit of all people around the world. There is no doubt that Wangari displayed our CGGS school values of respect, Integrity, Commitment, Hope and Courage. I would like to share a famous quote by Wangari;

‘Every person who has ever achieved anything has been knocked down many time… but all of them picked themselves up and kept going… and that is what I have always tried to do.’ – Wangari Maathai

If any families from our school community would like to find out more information about Wangari Maathai, please click on this link. Wangari Maathai Tribute Film – YouTube

Boroondara Division Cross Country Championships

This year, we had three Ormiston students participate in the Boroondara Division Cross Country Championships at Ruffey Lake Park at Doncaster. The Year 5 and 6 students were Olivia Yang, Maya Waide-Hee and Charlotte Lim. The three students participated in their respective 3km races and performed admirably, Maya finished 27th, Olivia finished 29th and Charlotte finished 31st in their category. The course was very challenging with plenty of hills and each of our three students were very competitive on the day. I would like to thank Emma Hinchliffe for accompanying our students to this event yesterday.

Year 4 History Exhibition

History came alive at Ormiston last Friday as the Year 4s presented their research projects to the school. A mini museum was created in the Great Space for students to share their learning about the different perspectives of the settlement of Australia. Their exhibits were very creative and included written information, a digital display and a diorama. We congratulate all the students for their high standards, as part of this project commenced during remote learning. It was wonderful to see how proud and confident the students were when presenting their learning.

Ellie Zarfaty & Jasvindar Gill
Year 4 Class Teachers

Year 3 & 4 Author Visit – Remy Lai

On Wednesday 23 June, the Years 3 and 4 students had a wonderful virtual visit from author and illustrator Remy Lai. Remy is the author of the popular chapter novels Pie in the Sky and Fly on the Wall which are incredibly well-liked and regularly borrowed books from our library collection. In this event, Remy introduced her new graphic novel, Pawcasso to the students which is a story based on her own dog who also made a guest appearance via Zoom much to delight of our students.  Remy shared the processes involved in creating her work – beginning with an initial idea, basic sketches, story planning, editing and then onto final coloured copy. She also drew her wonderful characters live for the students and provided great drawing tips and advice. At the conclusion of the session our students were thrilled to have an opportunity to ask Remy questions about her writing, story ideas and favourite pets.

Sally Spencer
Junior School Library Teacher

Start of Term 3

I would like to remind all Ormiston families of the following important dates:

School Holidays – Monday 28 June to Friday 9 July

Staff Days/Student Free Days – Monday 12 July & Tuesday 13 July

First Day of Term 3 – Wednesday 14 July (EL3-Y6 students return to school)

I would like to thank our Junior School staff for all their tireless work throughout Semester One during both face-to-face and remote learnings. It has been a demanding time for everyone, and we hope that Semester Two will provide many new and exciting opportunities for all our Ormiston students. I wish all our families a safe and relaxing holiday break with their family and friends.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Junior School


Junior School

June 11, 2021

Foundation – Year 6 Remote Learning & Onsite Supervision

Once again, I have been amazed at the smooth transition from face-to-face learning to remote learning by our Foundation – Year 6 students, class and specialist teachers. The continued use of our online learning platform Seesaw and the video conference tool of Zoom has worked extremely well and all stakeholders are very experienced with working with these new learning tools. After each remote learning period, as a Junior School we will take the opportunity to review our programs and improve them if needed for the future.

Additionally, I would like to thank our school community for having a growth mindset and doing their personal best throughout the circuit breaker lockdown. Many thanks to our students, parents, extended family members (this includes grandparents, uncles and aunties) for having-a-go at the remote learning at home. Also, a big Thank You to our Junior School teachers for implementing such a very creative, engaging and unique remote learning program for the fourth time!

Finally, during remote learning we still have a large group of students onsite to allow their parents to continue to work as essential workers within our community. An enormous Thank You to Lisa Williams our CGGS Swimming Coach for looking after this group of students over the last two weeks.

I encourage Foundation – Year 6 families to contact me via email on donohuep@cggs.vic.edu.au to give me some feedback in regard to the remote learning program your child participated in over the last two weeks.

It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces when our students came back to School this morning. There was lots of energy and catching-up to do with friends and the Junior School teachers could not wait to get back into their classrooms.

I wish all Ormiston families a safe long weekend. Do not forget it is a public holiday on Monday 14 June and the School will not be open. Early Learning 3 – Year 6 students are required to be back at School on Tuesday 15 June.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

School Captain Prayer

I would like to share Chloe Lau’s Junior School Assembly prayer from a few weeks ago during Diversity Week. Chloe was able to express her own thoughts about diversity so clearly in her prayer, and it reminded our school community to always respect and appreciate the differences in each other. Here is Chloe’s prayer:

Dear God,

People in our school all come from different places, but that’s okay. Each one of us has different ways of reacting to the same situation, but that’s ok.

May you give us the love to respect everyone, no matter how many differences we have. Help us to learn to listen to others who may have a different background to us.

May you help us learn to create a world where all types of people are welcome. May you gift us with peace and harmony amongst all people throughout the world.

In Jesus’ name


Early Learning 3 – Positive Education – Being a Bucket Filler                                                                                                    

Positive education is a science informed framework for schools to encourage and support their students to flourish. It is made up of the domains of positive relationships, positive emotions, positive health, positive engagement, positive accomplishment and positive purpose. These domains are integral to student wellbeing and flourishing – feeling good: positive emotions and engaging experiences and doing good: functioning effectively, being connected, overcoming challenges. Keyes and Annas, 2009

During this term, the Early Learning 3 children were introduced to some of the concepts and language from Positive Education, in particular, that everyone has an invisible bucket. Through ongoing stories, songs and discussions, the children are developing an understanding about how their invisible bucket holds all their good thoughts and feelings about themselves; and how they feel happy and at their best when their bucket is full and overflowing. The children are discovering that when they choose to fill a person’s bucket, they in turn fill their own bucket too.

Recently, the children viewed a clip about being a bucket filler and participated in singing the associated song, Fill Your Bucket. This song focused on all the things the children can do throughout the day to fill someone’s bucket. If interested, this is the link to the Fill Your Bucket song. We also discussed ways we can fill another person’s bucket, for example, when we do or say something kind, take turns, smile, listen, include others, help and share.

Throughout the day, intentional teaching is used to explicitly teach and reinforce and highlight when children are being bucket fillers and the impact their words and actions have on themselves and their peers. At the end of the day, the children have some reflection time to think about who and what filled their bucket during the day, and they are encouraged to share their thoughts with the group.

Through teaching these valuable life skills, we’re providing the children with the capacity to learn effectively and build a strong foundation on which they can engage with and relate positively to their peers.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning 3 Teacher

Early Learning 4 Full-Time –Celebrating Diversity Week & STEAM Program

Diversity & Reconciliation Weeks
‘Values and attitudes, understandings of community and individual, and ways of communicating and behaving, all impact on children’s sense of belonging and acceptance. When children experience acknowledgement of and respect for diversity, their sense of identity becomes stronger.’ – Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Diversity Week led to Reconciliation Week with discussion and meaningful interactions with community members and elders. The EL4 children are experiencing a holistic curriculum with discussion, stories, songs and expression of art. They have engaged in examining their own identity and belonging by continuing to explore their own community.

In celebration of Diversity Week, the children were invited to dress in rainbow colours. This activity opened up the conversation of individual physical differences, the children identified what is similar and different in their physical appearance and created links to their place of birth. The different countries, languages and cultures are a rich source of information for the children to learn about. While exploring the backgrounds of others, the EL4 children were able to acknowledge the unique space the Wurundjeri people have within our School community. Murrundindi visited both classes via Zoom and the children discussed ‘Sorry Day’ and learned more about reconciliation.

The EL4 children also explored other traditional cultural events such as an Indian wedding and a Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon festival. The children were given an insight into these significant cultural events, enabling an appreciation of cultural differences and a strengthening respect for diversity.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) Program
This term, the EL4 children have continued to work with Penny Dumsday our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) Teacher. Mrs Dumsday assisted the children to learn more about our five senses and provided many different learning experiences. Additionally, Mrs Dumsday encouraged the children to ask questions, make connections with their prior knowledge and present ideas in relation to the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

As Ormiston is quieter than usual during remote learning for the Foundation – Year 6 students, the EL4 children have taken the time to enjoy the whole School yard with a purpose. Winter nature play has encouraged the children to look closely at the changes to the trees and to stay closely connected to nature which can be highly beneficial to student wellbeing.

Ramila Sadikeen
Early Learning 4 Full-Time Teacher

Early Learning 4 Part-Time – The Cycle of Nature

The cycle of nature continues on, regardless of what is happening in the news headlines or the stresses of the adult world. The children in Early Learning 4 Part-time have noticed and been curious about the seasonal changes that Autumn and Winter have brought. They share their observations and suggest theories about why particular things happen in nature.

We have practiced ‘mindfulness’ outside, using our senses to hear, feel and see the seasonal changes. Tuning into the sights and sounds of nature, draws children’s attention to the here and now and reduces stress and anxiety. Engaging all of their senses has encouraged the children to pay close attention to the small details.

The children have also used different art mediums to represent their Autumn and Winter observations. These have included drawing, sewing, collage and printmaking. Through visual art the children are learning to express their growing understandings about the world around them. Young children explore the arts with both a creative and scientific “eye”.  The artist in them seeks ways to express their ideas and the scientist wonders why things happen.

The children observed that some of the trees have started changing colour and are losing their leaves while others are not. They were introduced to the terms, deciduous trees and evergreen trees. They were encouraged to ‘wonder’ why some leaves change colour and fall from the deciduous trees.

Our STEAM Teacher, Penny Dumsday worked with the children to explore their wonderings about Autumn. Mrs Dumsday did a science experiment with the children to show them that leaves contain lots of different colours. They learnt that some trees draw the chlorophyll (which is the green pigment in leaves) back into the trunk to feed them over winter.

Every child learns differently – some prefer to observe, some listen, some engage actively, and others talk. With this in mind, it is important to provide multiple ways for children to engage in new learning. The three main ways that young children learn are auditory (listening), visually (pictures and images) and kinaesthetic (through doing). By engaging in a multi-faceted approach to learning, all children are able to understand and represent their learning.

Lilian Bishop
Early Learning 4 Part-Time Teacher

Year 4 – Exploring their Neighbourhood

Lockdown is always challenging but the Year 4 students still have lots to be thankful for. They have been exploring their neighbourhood on sensory walks to observe and appreciate nature. Leaves of different shapes and sizes have been collected resulting in the creation of gratitude trees.

Jasvindar Gill
Year 4 Class Teacher