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December 7, 2021

Centenary Time Capsule

As part of the school’s Centenary Celebrations, students and staff were invited to contribute to a time capsule which will be opened on the school’s 125th anniversary in 2045. After being presented to Ms Dunwoody at Senior School Assembly this week, it has been mounted in the breezeway outside the Fig Tree Café where it is hoped it will remain well protected from the elements!

In July 2020, Head of History Mr Ian Lyell, School Archivist Mrs Marian Jenkinson, and Community Programs and Events Coordinator Mrs Kate Daffy, delved into the 1995 time capsule which had been buried in the front garden as part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations. Sadly, during its internment, the seal on the small Perspex had been broken, meaning the contents were all water-damaged to varying degrees. Two audio cassettes, with interviews of Mr Abe Goldberg, a Holocaust survivor, and Mr Geoff Hannaford, a Vietnam War Veteran, were salvaged, with the contents digitised and transcribed. These have become part of the school archives. In 2021, two Year 11 History students, Maya Jones and Olivia Jones, re-interviewed Mr Goldberg and this interview will be included in the Centenary Time Capsule. 

To prepare the Centenary Time Capsule, students and staff from the Early Learning Centre, Junior School and Senior School were invited to submit artefacts which they felt captured the range of activities that take place at CGGS, what we value as a community, and what our hopes are for the future. Examples included copies of the books A Century of Stories and Holly Goes to Ormiston, recordings of Senior School Production, samples of Year 1 and Year 3 students’ work from our periods of remote learning, and many other photos, videos, documents and examples of student work. As most of the artefacts are electronic, they have been saved to a hard drive for inclusion. The artefacts chosen demonstrate the unique effect Covid-19 has had on our community, illustrating the way we have maintained the school’s traditions and sense of community even during periods of lockdown over the last two years, and how these activities reinforce our motto of Utilis in Ministerium (‘useful in service’).

We hope this time capsule will give those in 25 years’ time an insight into our school – the wonderful educational and co-curricular activities available, the caring and friendships, as well as a reminder of the difficulties we have all faced and overcome in the past two years.

Senior School Dad & Daughter Bowling & Pizza Night

After many attempts to hold this event, the CGGS Dads Group was delighted to finally hold the Senior School Dad & Daughter Bowling & Pizza Night last Friday evening.

Families from all senior levels came together for a fun night of bowling whilst dining on delicious pizza. Many new friendships were made as a friendly rivalry between dads and daughters caused much hilarity.

The CGGS Dads Group looks forward to hosting more events in 2022 where dads can network and meet other fathers from CGGS. There will also be fun activities in which dads can participate with their daughters.

For more information about the CGGS Dads Group contact Terry McAleenan (Year 10 Dad)

Christmas Wishes from the Parents and Friends Association

The PFA wishes all members of the CGS Community a joyous Christmas and a safe and relaxing holiday.

After another year interrupted by COVID restrictions, we were disappointed that our engagement with the CGGS community was limited and events could not be delivered.

We hope you all enjoyed your PFA Chocolate Gift and once again congratulate the winners of the PFA Lucky Hamper.

We look forward to welcoming you all back next year at the PFA Welcome Drinks on Friday 25 February 2022. This will be a fun night for parents to connect once again and celebrate our amazing CGGS Community.

Merry Christmas to you and your family…see you in 2022!!

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Connected Community

November 26, 2021

PFA Community Raffle

Are you a Lucky Ticket winner??

The Parents and Friends Association is excited to have launched the PFA Community Raffle to celebrate our wonderful CGGS Community.

Your daughter was given a PFA boxed chocolate bar to bring home as a gift from the PFA. Inside could be a Winning Lucky Ticket.

There will be winners from every year level from Early Learning to Year 12 and Professional Services, Junior and Senior Staff groups.

Be sure to check inside your gift to see if you have won!!

Some lucky winners have already been identified and have won either:

1st place Lucky Ticket – you win a $250 RedBalloon voucher and a Limited Edition CGGS Centenary Merchandise Hamper

2nd place Lucky Ticket – you win a Limited Edition CGGS Centenary Merchandise Hamper

If you are a lucky winner, be sure to email a photo of yourself holding the winning ticket to Susannah Jepson –

The PFA looks forward to reconnecting with the CGGS community and celebrating the lucky winners of the Community Raffle.


Old Grammarians provide inspiration at Service Learning Conference 

Year 9 enjoyed a Service Learning conference which focused on the value of being Useful in Service and connecting with the local community.

The school invited old grammarians who volunteer and serve the local community to present via video to the Year 9s about their work and contribution to the communities they serve.

The students were very fortunate to hear from: 

Amanda Mandie OAM (1977), Executive Director and Founder of the Koala Kids Foundation (2021 CGGS Inspiring Woman)
Amanda and her 13-year-old son Nick founded Koala Kids in 2005 with a mission that Koala Kids volunteers provide small things that make a difference for children and young people, their families and healthcare team during cancer treatment. As well as working tirelessly to provide moments of happiness for children and young people from birth to 25 years Amanda also manages Koala Kids’ large army of volunteers committed to its vision to touch every child and young person with cancer in Victoria and Tasmania

In the 2021 Australia Day Awards, Amanda was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to the community through charitable organisations. Amanda spoke with such passion about bringing moments of happiness and joy to these families undergoing treatment. 

Helen Parker OAM (1996), Founder and CEO of the Babes Project
Helen Parker established the Babes Project in 2019, after being confronted with her own experience of crisis pregnancy.  The Babes Project is changing the way Australians approach crisis pregnancy by supporting and encouraging women on their journey no matter the circumstances.  Helen shares her passion of ensuring every woman in Australia has access to help and support during pregnancy. She was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to pregnant women in need.

Diane Dick (1965)
Diane  spoke about her time volunteering in her local community where she first began volunteering on the Mornington Peninsula at a Neighbourhood House. Utilising her professional skills, she developed software to assist in the administrative running of the Neighbourhood House to allow the volunteers to focus on delivering eduational programs. Diane has moved to Perth and now offers her time in assisting a Dog Rescue organisation. She is a great example of someone using her skills to volunteer and serve. 

Andrea Brown (1984)
Andrea Brown started her volunteer career after leaving school by ushering at the theatre for the Royal South Street Calisthenics Society. Andrea has always had a passion for calisthenics since the age of six and she is currently the Chair of the Calisthenics Discipline and Deputy Chair of the Royal South Street Society. She is a great example of someone who serves in an area where she can use her passion and continue to serve the community she loves.

Elisabeth Sandbach (2012)
A strong advocate for volunteering whilst at school, Elisabeth continued on volunteering at university where she gave her time to VGen, a youth movement of World Vision Australia. VGen’s goal is to inspire, educate and empower young people about worldwide issues of social injustice and poverty. Elisabeth currently volunteers for The Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL) Program, a completely volunteer-run, not-for-profit, secular organisation which provides free tutoring and educational support to the Sudanese Australian community. Elisabeth works as a commercial lawyer and is the pro bono Coordinator for the  firm which has a strong commitment to pro bono work such as homeless law and refugee legal.

It was wonderful to see the way she continued to employ the CGGS motto of being Useful in Service after leaving school and use her professional skills in service once she became a lawyer.

Georgie Herbert (1998), Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation
After the death of her mother in 2017, Georgie commenced her journey in philanthropy to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. Georgie has worked tirelessly to raise funds and has personally raised over $400,000. After working many years at the AFL as Head of Commercial Operations, she joined the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund as Philanthropy and Corporate Partnerships Manager, continuing her philanthropic work. Georgie told the students her story of volunteering in sports clubs and the evolution of her service which has eventually become her full-time work.

Past Parents Group

CGGS recognises and appreciates the contribution parents make to the school and the friendships and connections that are formed whilst their daughters are at school. We are excited to announce that we will be launching a Past Parent Community group in 2022.

The purpose of the group is to continue the connections made throughout their daughter’s time at the school. We will be inviting current Year 12 parents who are leaving the school to be the inaugural members of this group. Please stay tuned for your invitation to assist in creating a wonderful past parent community group.

It will be a fantastic opportunity for you to maintain connections and network within the CGGS community.

Thank You to our Volunteers

We are very appreciative of the wonderful culture of volunteering within our CGGS community. In 2020 and 2021, we have not had many opportunities to meet in person; the Parents & Friends Association and Year Level representatives have endeavored to maintain contact and keeping our communities connected.

To thank our amazing volunteers, we enjoyed a virtual cheese and wine tasting where we tasted amazing cheeses from local producer That’s Amore Cheese and travelled to Italy to meet the wine makers from Salatin Winery in Veneto. The evening was bellisimo!

Connected Community


Connected Community

November 12, 2021

Remembrance Day

Thursday 11th November was Remembrance Day, a day when we pause and remember the 100,000 Australian servicemen and women who have lost their lives.

Mrs Kate Daffy, Community Programs & Events Coordinator was pleased to be able to introduce at our school assembly, Mr Mike Rosel, a Melbourne author, who spoke to our students about one of these servicemen. Mike Rosel has written several books about Australian military history.

Mike contacted the Daffy family many years ago to inform them he had stumbled on the astonishing, yet virtually-unknown, story of Captain Alexander (Alec) Little, Mrs Daffy’s great uncle.

In Mike’s book ‘The Unknown Warrior’, he explores the life of Captain Alec Little, who at the age of 19 paid his own way to the United Kingdom to join the Royal Flying Corps. Over his career, Captain Little was credited with downing 47 aircraft over three year period. He lost his life in combat in May 1918 aged 22 years old. This story was not well known within the Daffy family and it was very humbling for them to discover that a relative had served and protected the Australian way of life. For more information about this presentation please refer to the Senior School update.

Lest we forget.

Thank You to our Volunteers

We are very appreciative of the wonderful culture of volunteering within our CGGS community. In 2020 and 2021, we have not had many opportunities to meet in person; the Parents & Friends Association and Year Level representatives have endeavored to maintain contact and keeping our communities connected.

We look forward to thanking our amazing and generous volunteer community this evening with a virtual wine and cheese evening.

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Connected Community

October 29, 2021

The PFA proudly supports the Junior and Senior Celebration of Sport Awards

The PFA Friends of Sport were delighted to support the Junior and Senior Celebration of Sport events this year.

We were proud to provide the medals for all senior school award recipients and the glass trophy for the Junior and Senior PFA Sports Woman of the Year Award.

The Junior PFA Sports Woman of the Year Award was presented to Year 6 student Charlotte Lim and the Senior PFA Sports Woman of the Year was awarded to Year 10 student Isabella Tremewen.

Congratulations to both girls for their amazing contribution to CGGS sport.

For more information about becoming involved in the Parents and Friends Association, please contact:

Susannah Jepson
Community Relationships Coordinator

Inspiring Women Program – 2021 Honourees Announced!

During 2020, the school launched a new program to honour the inspiring women of Camberwell Girls Grammar School. This program provides an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women connected to CGGS since its inception.

We are pleased to announce the 2021 honourees, who will be honoured in a special ceremony in 2022. It is amazing to read about the wonderful achievements of our new honourees – they truly are inspiring.

To view the full list of the 2021 Inspiring Women and to nominate someone for 2022, please click the button below.

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Connected Community

October 15, 2021

The 2021 Father’s Day Challenge a HUGE success!

The PFA and CGGS Dads Group were delighted to see so many entries from junior and senior school families in the Father’s Day Challenge, held at the end of last term.

It was lovely to see dads and their children having fun with the Challenge, laughing and being active together.

Participants from junior and senior school were very creative with their activities. Some of these included: skipping competitions, bike races, netball and basketball goal shooting games, cook-offs, dance-offs, Lego building, Chess and Boggle games, backyard hockey, Mario Kart and board games, longest handstand, frisbee throwing and a speed milk drinking competition.

Results were very close for both groups this year.

The winners of both the 2021 Junior School and the 2021 Senior School Dad and Daughter Challenge Cup were….



We look forward to awarding the both the 2021 Junior and 2021 Senior School Cups to the girls when the community can once again come together.

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Connected Community

September 3, 2021

The Father’s Day Challenge is this Weekend!!

The PFA and CGGS Dads Group are excited to bring the Father’s Challenge to the CGGS Community this weekend. All fathers and father-figures should be recognised for the champions they are, so we will be holding the Father’s Day Challenge again this year.

In the Challenge, Fathers/father-figures and daughters can challenge each other in a friendly activity, game or sport this Father’s Day.

You may like to try a basketball or soccer goal shooting competition, a cooking challenge, a dance off or hula hoop challenge…anything is possible.

Participants will be asked to upload results and photos of their challenge with their  daughter/children to either the Junior School Padlet or Senior School Yammer Page.

Results will be tallied, and a Junior and Senior Challenge Cup winner will be awarded to either The Fathers or The Daughters.

This is a wonderful way to interact and spend time with your children this Father’s Day.

Good luck!!

View these images from last year’s Father’s Day Challenge for inspiration and ideas for your challenge.

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Connected Community

August 20, 2021

Old Grammarians join Science Week

This week was National Science Week, and the students were very fortunate to have two old grammarians, both Engineers, join the Senior School Assembly to answer their questions.

Margaret Alousis (1994) and Caroline Rowland (2001), zoomed in to speak all things Engineering.

One of the first questions asked of Margaret and Caroline was the subjects studied at school to advance to Engineering. Both Margaret and Caroline said that subjects in the sciences and maths fields are important, but Caroline also said that her CGGS music teacher’s advice was to do subjects that you are interested in so that you enjoy studying.

Margaret went on to say that an Engineering degree is versatile, and the skills learned can be applied to a wide variety of jobs, careers and positions and the scope is limitless.

Engineering is a combination between science and maths and being creative. Problem solving is at the core of Engineering and Engineers look to designing, building, creating and inventing to reach these solutions.

Caroline started her career as a technical engineer and now Engineering has taken her to a field in business development, marketing and strategy.

We thank both Margaret and Caroline, (with newborn baby in arms) for their time and sharing their knowledge with the science class.

Cure Lockdown Fatigue

Just as we were dusting ourselves off and tentatively venturing out into the world again, we were thrust back into the uncertainty of lockdown. While we try to remain optimistic, it is equally understandable to feel despondent and bored.

While the Parents and Friends Association is currently limited in ways to engage the school community, we hope the following suggested unique lockdown activities engage your curiosity and alleviate lockdown fatigue and boredom.

Camp Out
You may not be able to travel further than your backyard, so why not recreate the camping experience in your backyard or balcony? Pitch a tent, tell ghost stories, toast marshmallows. The good news is pets are welcome and you can go inside if it starts raining.

Melbourne International Film Festival from your couch
The Melbourne International Film Festival brings you a selection of global cinema’s most scintillating films – available to view right from your couch.

Join Museum Victoria for their Virtual National Science Week Program
This year, Museums Victoria is bringing you a program packed with STEM and science research through online events, social media takeovers and challenges, in-depth stories and the chance to vote for Victoria’s State Fossil Emblem.

From now until August 22, you can tune in to one of the online events and learn from museum scientists and experts.

Take a Virtual Trip to the Phillip Island Penguin Parade
At sunset every night, the world’s largest colony of Little Penguins waddle up Phillip Island’s floodlit beaches to their homes. As visitors are unable to enjoy this natural phenomenon in person at the moment, the penguins will be brought to you right in your home.

Set up a treasure hunt
Treasure hunts are pretty easy, and depending on how many items there are, could last a while. Hide 10 to 20 items around the house or outside to keep kids occupied for a few hours. To make it more fun, draw a treasure map, and place messages with clues around each item to help find the next item.

Bring Melbourne Zoo’s animals into your home
Bring the zoo to life from the three Melbourne Zoo locations with live cams, keeper talks and other virtual updates.

Order at home meal kits from top Melbourne restaurants
Bring the experience of a restaurant home and cook with the family with these heat-and-eat meals that make dinner easy and fun.

Listen to amazing Podcasts
Lockdown can get a little tiring, so keep your mind sharp with this list of must-listen podcasts.

Paint and Sip – relaxing at home online activity
Find a well-lit space in your home to set up your painting station, gather some painting materials, enjoy your favourite beverage and discover your creative side.

Make your own Bubble Tea with DIY Kits
Grabbing a bubble tea might not feel like an essential reason to leave your house, but fear not, the team at Naröcha have got you covered. The CBD-based tea room is now selling DIY bubble tea packages fo you to concoct and sip at home.

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Connected Community

August 6, 2021

Old Grammarian turns 100!

Grace Lovell (Vale, 1934)

Grace Vale commenced her schooling at Ormiston in the 1920’s and left in 1934.

She recently celebrated a wonderful milestone, her 100th birthday. Grace has very fond memories of her time at school and to this day holds the school very dear to her heart. She can recall clearly her time spent with friends, her teachers and her time spent at Camberwell has held her in good stead for life.

Grace married and had four children, seven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren who were with her to celebrate this special day. She moved to Western Australia in 1953 where she still lives with her family today.

We send big congratulations to Grace on this wonderful achievement.

PFA supporting the CGGS community during restrictions

The Parents & Friends Association is proud to support the school community in a variety of ways. Although our contributions have been modified this year, due to the many restrictions we have all faced, the PFA continues to hold monthly meetings where parent volunteers plan and discuss ways in which they can connect and support the school community.

The PFA’s annual Father’s Day Breakfast is scheduled for Thursday 2 September.

All CGGS fathers/father-figures and students are invited to enjoy a fun filled Olympic themed Father’s Day Breakfast and participate in the Father/Daughter Cup.

Senior Students vs Dads Basketball Match

Junior Students vs Dads Soccer Match

The PFA loves supporting the Junior School Disco each year, where Foundation to Year 6 students learn funky dances and sing along to popular songs.

The date of this event has been changed to Friday 27 August, when we hope restrictions have further eased.

This year’s theme is Rainbow Glow, and each guest receives a Rainbow Glow Gift Bag, a bottle of water and an icy pole.

Our wonderful Year Level Reps recently attended the Term 2 Rep meeting to discuss the events they have planned and how they will support their families for the rest of the year.

Unfortunately, the recent restrictions have led to many year level events and activities being postponed, however your Reps look forward to socialising with you all again very soon.

The Friends of Sport enjoyed attending the House Cross Country last term, providing icy poles for the students and home-made treats for staff. They look forward to contributing at the Celebration of Sport Dinner later this month.

The PFA The Friends of the Arts is delighted to support the school’s Art program by funding a new kiln for the Art room. Art and Design Teacher Asia Kosowski loves teaching ceramics, and we hope many students are inspired to explore their creative talents and utilise the new kiln.

They also love supporting the dance, music and drama productions throughout the year, however, have been unable to offer their very popular pre-show refreshments. They look forward to being present at many more of these events in the future.

The CGGS Dads Group had scheduled Dad & Daughter events in Term 2. They were unfortunately postponed and have been rescheduled for Term 3 or Term 4.

The Senior School Dad & Daughter Bowling and Pizza Night will now be held on Sunday 22 August.

A new date for the Junior School Paper Planes and Pizza Day is yet to be confirmed.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop was  not able to open this month.

The volunteers look forward to assisting you with your clothing needs when we hopefully open again on Saturday 28 and Monday 30 August.

For further details about the Parents & Friends Association or how you can volunteer, contact:

Susannah Jepson
Community Relationships Coordinator

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Connected Community

July 23, 2021

Inspiring Women of CGGS

Last week we were so thrilled to be able to host the Inaugural Inspiring Women Ceremony at school to officially honour our 18 inspiring women.

The Inspiring Women program established in our Centenary year was designed to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women affiliated with Camberwell Girls Grammar School since its inception. Our intention is to honour women each year, with 100 honourees in total to acknowledge the 100 year history of the school.

Below is a list of the inspiring women honoured and their graduating year.


Ms Sarah Boyd (1998)

Prof Louise Brearley Messer AM (1957)

Ms Linda Bull (1985)

Ms Vika Bull (1983)

Colonel Michelle Campbell (1988)

Dr Evelyn Chan (2003)

Mrs Roma Drummond OAM (1943)

Dr Jackie Graham (1989)

Ms Frankie Layton (2006)

Mrs Bronwyn Lincoln (1981)

Ms Emma Race (1993)

Mrs Wendy Rainbird (1959)

Dr Julia Rhyder (2005)

Miss Margaret Schofield OAM (posthumous) (1931)

Ms Kate Sommerville (1988)

Mrs Jenny Vadiveloo (1982)

Mrs Noel Waite AO (1945)

The Reverend Doctor Raewynne J. Whiteley (1984)


Our CGGS Inspiring Women honourees will serve as a reminder of the inspiring women connected to the school and their profiles will inspire our current students. Their biographies now hang on a prominent wall at the school for all to see.

We congratulate our inaugural Inspiring Women.

The 2021 honourees will be announced shortly, to read more about the women honoured for 2020 and to nomination for 2022 click the button below.

Event Postponement

Due to the current lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the CGGS Centenary Gala.

While we know this is disappointing, especially for those who purchased tickets, we hope you understand this is a necessary step to help keep each other safe in these unprecedented times. Ticket holders have received an email today with details regarding refunds.

We will reschedule this event to take place in 2022 and will communicate a new date.

We’d like to thank all our silent auction supporters who came forward to help create what would have been a fantastic evening, they are listed below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kate Daffy in the school’s Foundation Office.

Kate Daffy
Community Programs & Events Coordinator

Junior School


Junior School

June 25, 2021

Year 5 & 6 Chapel – Caring for our Planet

Our fortnightly Chapel sessions with our school Rev Helen Creed form a very important part of our unique CGGS student wellbeing program called BRAVE (Being Resilient and Valuing Everyone). Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining the Year 6C Chapel Service in our beautiful Chapel. Rev Creed spoke about a very inspiring Nobel Peace Prize winner from Kenya, Wangari Maathai. She was the first person from Africa to win this prestigious award for her work in environmental conservation, democracy, peace, and women’s rights.

Over many decades, Wangari Maathai protested against deforestation in Kenya and, in 1977, founded The Green Belt Movement. This movement focused on empowering women in Kenya to plant one billion trees not only across Kenya, but other surrounding countries. Wangari Maathai was a strong and determined women who saw a strong need to create a greener and cleaner planet for the benefit of all people around the world. There is no doubt that Wangari displayed our CGGS school values of respect, Integrity, Commitment, Hope and Courage. I would like to share a famous quote by Wangari;

‘Every person who has ever achieved anything has been knocked down many time… but all of them picked themselves up and kept going… and that is what I have always tried to do.’ – Wangari Maathai

If any families from our school community would like to find out more information about Wangari Maathai, please click on this link. Wangari Maathai Tribute Film – YouTube

Boroondara Division Cross Country Championships

This year, we had three Ormiston students participate in the Boroondara Division Cross Country Championships at Ruffey Lake Park at Doncaster. The Year 5 and 6 students were Olivia Yang, Maya Waide-Hee and Charlotte Lim. The three students participated in their respective 3km races and performed admirably, Maya finished 27th, Olivia finished 29th and Charlotte finished 31st in their category. The course was very challenging with plenty of hills and each of our three students were very competitive on the day. I would like to thank Emma Hinchliffe for accompanying our students to this event yesterday.

Year 4 History Exhibition

History came alive at Ormiston last Friday as the Year 4s presented their research projects to the school. A mini museum was created in the Great Space for students to share their learning about the different perspectives of the settlement of Australia. Their exhibits were very creative and included written information, a digital display and a diorama. We congratulate all the students for their high standards, as part of this project commenced during remote learning. It was wonderful to see how proud and confident the students were when presenting their learning.

Ellie Zarfaty & Jasvindar Gill
Year 4 Class Teachers

Year 3 & 4 Author Visit – Remy Lai

On Wednesday 23 June, the Years 3 and 4 students had a wonderful virtual visit from author and illustrator Remy Lai. Remy is the author of the popular chapter novels Pie in the Sky and Fly on the Wall which are incredibly well-liked and regularly borrowed books from our library collection. In this event, Remy introduced her new graphic novel, Pawcasso to the students which is a story based on her own dog who also made a guest appearance via Zoom much to delight of our students.  Remy shared the processes involved in creating her work – beginning with an initial idea, basic sketches, story planning, editing and then onto final coloured copy. She also drew her wonderful characters live for the students and provided great drawing tips and advice. At the conclusion of the session our students were thrilled to have an opportunity to ask Remy questions about her writing, story ideas and favourite pets.

Sally Spencer
Junior School Library Teacher

Start of Term 3

I would like to remind all Ormiston families of the following important dates:

School Holidays – Monday 28 June to Friday 9 July

Staff Days/Student Free Days – Monday 12 July & Tuesday 13 July

First Day of Term 3 – Wednesday 14 July (EL3-Y6 students return to school)

I would like to thank our Junior School staff for all their tireless work throughout Semester One during both face-to-face and remote learnings. It has been a demanding time for everyone, and we hope that Semester Two will provide many new and exciting opportunities for all our Ormiston students. I wish all our families a safe and relaxing holiday break with their family and friends.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School