So much in the world is changing

Being intentional about our design of education matters if we want young people to thrive.

In 2018, we commenced a journey to build a CGGS learning architecture to underpin all teaching and learning at the school.

Supported by contemporary research and practice, BY DESIGN now guides all teaching and learning experiences. It encapsulates the essence of CGGS – who we are, what we value, what we do and how we do it.

BY DESIGN is a way of viewing the world, anticipating change and leveraging opportunities. It is a way of making sense of things, adding value to community, practising wellbeing and taking responsibility as learners.

To read more about the CGGS BY DESIGN learning architecture, view the booklet below.

Case Studies

In the videos that follow, we showcase some learning experiences which were designed using the BY DESIGN learning architecture. We hope this helps you understand and appreciate this new way of looking at learning and preparing our students for their future.

Presented by Nirvana Watkins, Head of English and Anna Clarkson, Geography Teacher.

Presented by Dr Charlotte Forwood, Director of Learning Design & Development, Karoline Walter, Head of Geography, Micah Wilkins, Head of Digital Learning & Innovation, and Nektaria Toscas, Year 9 student.

Presented by Daniel Loff, Mathematics Teacher and Anthony Pasinati, Head of Mathematics.

Presented by Rachael Miller, Head of Art & Design, Liss Campbell, Art & Religious Education Teacher and Kalvin Perry, Art Teacher.