Belinda Lemanis

My Journey / Belinda Lemanis

Commenced her journey in 2009 / Prep

Belinda has learnt French and Chinese and also attends Latvian School with her grandparents each weekend  /  She plays the clarinet and cello at school  /  Enjoys learning the piano and guitar – taught by her mum and uncle respectively  /  Extremely passionate about sport, she has played netball for three years – winning the Grand Final the past two years  /  Belinda keeps cool in the pool as a member of the swimming squad and has made it to the Divisional Competition for the past 3 years  /  Also a member of the water polo team and has represented the School in athletics (200m sprint / long jump) and cross country at a Divisional level  /  Has been on every camp since joining the School and says her favourite was Year 6 because she made new friends and was challenged ‘in a fun way’  /  This year she was elected Assembly and Events Leader, a role that saw her organise weekly assemblies as well as take prospective families on school tours  /  Has enjoyed participating in social justice initiatives and is already looking forward to joining the FROGGIES Environment Group next year  /  Enjoys discovering new iPad Apps  /  Loves that Camberwell Girls is very multicultural and that she is friends with girls from different cultures.

My Dream

I hope that in the future all people will get along and there will be no war. I also want to help people living in unfair conditions and help get everyone access to clean facilities, food and an education. I think that everyone deserves this and we are very fortunate to have all of these things and more.

Last Words

My grandparents came to Australia as displaced persons, with little more than some clothing and a bible. They were able to create very happy lives for themselves and their children with the help of charity organisations. I want to volunteer to give back and help others in need. These are my family values and also those of the School.

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