My Journey / Amelia Lemanis

Commenced her journey in 2009 / Prep

Amelia has learnt both French and Chinese (Mandarin) at school and enjoys participating in Saturday Language School to learn Latvian – her native language  /  A lover of all things music, one instrument just isn’t enough, so she plays three – viola, flute and trumpet!  /  Amelia is also a member of the Vivace Choir and was Year 6 Music Leader in Semester One, a role which saw her promote participation in music at Ormiston and also host the annual Music Concert  /  Amelia is determined to be a part of the inaugural European Music Tour in 2017 /  To keep fit, she plays netball and a highlight was winning the Grand Final in Year 4 – the teams first year of competition  /  Amelia has developed a love of reading since joining the School  /  Has been on four camps and every single excursion since Prep  /  Has also attended the Father-Daughter Camp twice, which she describes as ‘lots and lots of fun’!  /  Once shy of an audience, Amelia has certainly developed confidence – she would never have imagined herself on stage, performing to a packed Hall in three School Productions  /  Amelia has made many great friends at Camberwell Girls… some of her closest are in Year 6, while others come from lower year levels. She says that her friends are all unique, differing in their personalities and nationalities and that’s what makes them so special.

My Dream

It is my dream to reduce global warming and to help stop some of the unnecessary pollution in the world. I love animals and would love to play a part in environmental sustainability.

Last Words

I have learnt that anything is possible… if you believe in yourself.

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