A Consistent Pattern of Excellence

Camberwell Girls Grammar School has a long tradition of academic excellence. For decades, our girls have continually achieved outstanding VCE and ATAR results that have opened the doors of opportunity and further advanced aspirations and dreams.

10 Year Median ATAR Scores

10 Year Median ATAR Scores

VCE Results / Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 has continued a long pattern of excellence for Camberwell Girls Grammar School, receiving outstanding VCE results.

The group also achieved:

English (1)
Further Mathematics (2)
Physics (1)
Dance (1)

Dux of School 
Frances Lu & Jessica You   ATAR of 99.9

Dux Secondus 
Jennifer You   ATAR of 99.75

RM Westcott Award – 3rd Highest Score 
Claudia Yuan   ATAR of 99.5

Otto Yuncken Award – 4th Highest Score 
Sanjana Gupta   ATAR of 99.4

Class of 2017

Class of 2017
Find Success
Beyond VCE

Frances Lu
DUX of School

Bachelor of Arts
University of Melbourne

Since Year 9, Frances Lu has wanted to study arts and humanities. A work experience placement in Year 10 at a law firm cemented this and also inspired her to aspire to study law.

“I’ll never forget my work experience placement. The people that lawyers interact with and the stories that they hear really left an impression on me,” she says.

As a recipient of the University of Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship, Frances will initially complete her Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Law Degree.

What impact did CGGS have on you?
CGGS inspired me to want to contribute my skills and knowledge to creating a better world.

One piece of advice for current students?
Live in the moment and have fun, even when studying! Just try to enjoy every moment of your time.

Jessica You
DUX of School

Bachelor of Biomedicine
University of Melbourne

Jessica You was the recipient of the prestigious University of Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship, gaining immediate entry into the course of her choice – Bachelor of Biomedicine.

Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she wants to go straight into postgraduate medicine so that she can study to become a doctor.

While the road ahead is long, Jessica knows all the study be worth it.

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor and I feel I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream.”

What impact did CGGS have on you?
It has fostered in me a love for learning.

One piece of advice for current CGGS students?
Do the subjects you love. You’ll be much more motivated as you’ll be studying something you enjoy.

Cara Ellis
Dance/Performing Arts
Patrick Studios Australia

Cara Ellis was the 2016 House Dance Captain and the 2017 Sports Captain. She received a perfect score in Dance and successfully auditioned to join the full time Dance/Performing Arts course at Patrick Studios in Melbourne, one of Australia’s most recognised institutions.

For most of her senior school life, Cara was determined to become a Vet and had her sights firmly set on studying a Bachelor of Science, followed by the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

“Half way through Year 12, I decided to pursue my passion of dance and audition for this course. Even though I was successful, I never dropped my guard in other subjects as one day, I may choose to pursue Veterinary Medicine,” says Cara.

In partnership with Swinburne University, Cara’s course is based on the industry’s needs and is designed to train and develop dancers in the areas of strength, flexibility, technique and creative expression. An extremely physical and demanding course, she will spend five full days a week during 2018 at Patrick Studios.

What impact did CGGS have on you?
I learnt it is possible to achieve great results when you apply yourself and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Overall, CGGS has taught me that I am capable of achieving great things and that you should never doubt yourself, just give everything a go, because you never know what’s possible.

One piece of advice for current students?
Find a way to not feel guilty when you are not studying. Understand that it is necessary to take breaks and that you can still excel while having a social life or doing regular sports or pursuing whatever your passion may be outside of school.

Celeste Staaf
Bachelor of Engineering (Practice) Honours
Swinburne University

In her own words, “Never in a million years would I have thought I would be studying engineering!”

Whilst attending an Open Day at Swinburne University, Celeste Staaf realised that engineering actually combined her two loves of art and science.

Celeste is particularly interested in product design engineering and in the future, hopes to create innovative products that are designed and constructed with the betterment of not just human lives but animals and the greater environment.

“As an engineer, I hope to contribute to designing a better global future where everyone has access to clean water, man-made materials leave a minimal impact on the earth and, infrastructure can adapt to a growing urban population,” she says.

A new degree at Swinburne, Celeste is looking forward to the innovative and forward thinking structure of the course, which will see her working closely with industry professionals and mentors to solve real life problems.

What impact did CGGS have on you?
It equipped me with the fundamental skills to conduct myself professionally, which played a key role in my acceptance into the Engineering Practice Academy. My involvement in co-curricular and House activities provided me with the communication skills and confidence to deal with the everyday trials of life beyond school.

One piece of advice for current students?
Never feel pressured to do something you don’t want to do. Follow your heart, challenge yourself and make what you thought was impossible, possible.

Donna Chi
Fashion Design
New York Parsons School of Design

Donna Chi has always been creative and recalls drawing continuously since primary school. Her Year 12 Visual Communication Design folio was so impressive she was made multiple offers by institutions. 

New York will soon be home for Donna as she has chosen to accept the offer made by the prestigious New York Parsons School of Design. Later this year, she will commence a Fashion Design degree and once complete, she hopes to work as a designer for a global company.

“New York is such a diverse city and full of creative people, I can’t wait to get there and immerse myself in all it has to offer,” says Donna.

What impact did CGGS have on you?
All of the teachers gave me so much support and really encouraged me, which helped me find my confidence.

One piece of advice for current students?
Try new things and keep working hard until you are completely satisfied with your work. 

Dorothy Li
Bachelor of Health & Physical Education
Deakin University

Dorothy Li was the 2017 Sports Captain, so it will come as no surprise that she was offered a place at Deakin University to study a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education.

Becoming a teacher and working with younger generations has always been a passion of Dorothy’s and she is very much looking forward to the day she becomes a qualified teacher.

“Studying Health and Physical Education was a very natural choice as I’ve always been highly active and interested in sport,” says Dot.

Dot is looking forward to experiencing the new learning environment at university and of course, the opportunity of joining the diverse array of clubs.

What impact did CGGS have on you?
All the teachers at CGGS were extremely supportive and helpful, allowing me to gain confidence in myself as well as pursue my passion of becoming a teacher.

One piece of advice for current students?
Continue doing what you enjoy… whether it be sport, dance, music, drama or any of the co-curricular activities offered. This gives you a perfect opportunity to meet people from across all year levels, forming friendships.

Laura Cookson
Double Degree: Aerospace Engineering and Arts (Theatre Major, Performance Minor)
Monash University

To many, Laura’s double degree choice might seem like an odd combination. To Laura, they are the perfect pair… quite simply, her two passions.

Whilst she is not exactly sure what she wants to do when she completes her studies at Monash University in Aerospace Engineering and Arts, one thing is for certain, she does want to move to California.

“Not only is it where I’m from, there are also heaps of performance opportunities, as well as places like Silicon Valley, where I can hopefully put my Engineering degree to good use,” she says.

What impact did CGGS have on you?
The wide range of House and co-curricular activities really helped me to discover what kind of things I enjoyed doing. It also really helped me not just to decide what I wanted to study at university but also to discover my biggest passion.

One piece of advice for current students?
Do what you like and not what you think you should like because you’ve been told it leads to ‘better paying jobs’. You can find your version of success in anything you do if you work hard. If you love it, you’ll be motivated to work hard.

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